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Welcome Back, Welcome Home

by SaveTheDay 4 Reviews

Are y'all gonna welcome me back with open arms?

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Humor,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2008/07/10 - Updated: 2008/07/11 - 1715 words - Complete


  • As Of Yet, Untitled.

    (#) SeeStraightUp 2008-07-10 10:07:53 PM

    Your back! Yay! Sry I just really liked this story before you left. I do hope you conitnue and not just elave it there, although I would have to admit it would be a nice ending place if you don't have inspiration.

    Author's response

    I am back, for a little while at least. Wow, as much as I ranted and raved about leaving the story at different places, I never considered this chapter as an adequate ending. I'll have to re-examine that.
  • As Of Yet, Untitled.

    (#) linerlover 2008-07-13 10:30:08 AM


    sorry about that. aaanyways... nice to see you back. i kinda missed this story. and the whole mikey-frank ridiculousness. i was actually laughing the entire way through this, so much i almost cried.

    if you do carry on, i reckon you should actually give it a little more of a plot-- its a good story, a very good one at that, but it kinda sits around going nowhere apart from the two of them arguing, then being painfully cute together. so if you are carrying on, more soon? =]

    Author's response

    Yesyesyes, it came back. Lightning doesn't strike twice and all that, except when it does. And It did.

    Thank you! Mikey and Frankie make me os happy to write, I'm glad someone else enjoys them! That's making my day.

    Yes, Gerard and Egan are cavity-sweet, and so with this new chapter I've tried to make a little drama come out of the woodwork. I hope it's not too abrupt or forward. Thank you for your review!
  • As Of Yet, Untitled.

    (#) PlugInBabyx 2008-07-13 01:42:40 PM

    Oh gosh :D I love this series.. I've read it from the beginning in a little under a few hours. It's so original and well-written.

    I'd love you to continue - seeing as Egan's got more time with the sponser program, correct? I'm thinking that the entire year can't go perfectly happy and without suffering from the coming down - even with Gerard's and her romance. Just a thought :D

    You've got my support and admiration, yo, whatever you decide to do.

    Author's response

    Wow, all of it at once? Jesus, you're cool.

    Yeah, I've been getting that something more than fluff needs to happen from a few people now. I tried to inject a little drama with this new chapter--tell me how it goes, yeah?

    I love that I've got your support. You've got mine too, if you decide to, like, run for president or something ;]
  • As Of Yet, Untitled.

    (#) shysmile 2008-07-31 09:36:47 PM

    hell to the fucking yeah! oh how i have missed you! i go on vacation and when i come home i have a awesome chapter waiting for me. thank god your back. do you know what i've been reduced to reading? do you? huh?

    favorite line: "Shut the fuck up. That means ‘zip it’ in English."

    and yes i'm very much aware how annoying i am by quoting your own story back to you.

    i love this lovey-dovey stuff but i want some drama.

    hopefully you feel enlightened on your church camp thingy to write more. now i feel guilty for swearing in my review after remembering you are at a church retreat.

    Author's response

    Well I'm glad you had something to come home to! Truth be told, I missed your reviews--you're my favorite reviewer. I just had a really, reeeeeally long dry spell; SORRY!

    AHAHA! I love that line, I went back and reread everything, and that may be my favorite, besides the one about being violated with a drumstick.

    Dude, I'm all for the romance too, but I feels ya--the story needs more than fluff. Read the new chapter, it's starting to get somewhere I think.

    And thank you for reviewing! Yay! I love reviews! They motivate me!

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