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A Shot To Remember

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Both bands are back in London and have a show, interview, and photo shoot to do. But later on Bonnie takes a midnight walk. What will happen? - Long Chapter.

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Author's Note - So everyone I'm back!!! Yeah your probably thinking ' I thought she was dead', ' Umm.. who are you?', or even ' .......'. Yeah I know lol But due to life and school and moving I finally have some time to work on this story and not only this but my 2 books I'm writing. So now please enjoy this new chapter and I hope you all enjoy it. Please don't forget to rate and review I want to know what you think. Long chapter I know but somewhat makes up for lost time right? lol

The buses were all set to go and we were on our way to London. I had just finished writing an apology letter to post on our band's website and I looked at the clock and it was 3:15. We should be arriving soon in London. I quickly opened a picture file and looked at it. I was so lost in the picture that I didn't notice Matty taking a sit next to me.

"Bonnie please be strong not only for yourself and us but also for her. Please, I know she is so proud of you. When we return bak to the states for our break we will visit her and bring her flowers. She will be happy to see you again along with the rest." Matty stroked my hair.
"Hey guys I just finished Halo 2. Yes that's right I own!." Bri entered the back of the bus and waving around the wireless Xbox controller.
"Jeez Bri why don't you scream it out the window" Kevin said and threw a pillow at Bri.
"You know what? I just might" Bri said and went to the window and opened it. "I JUST BEAT HALO 2!!!!!!" Bri screamed.
All we could do was to laugh and laugh and laugh some more.
"Guys by the way what song are we preforming tonight?" Kevin asked.
"I don't know, Bonnie I believe it's your turn to pick a song" Bri said.
"What do you guys think about taking that loan that Hayley said we could use. I'm thinking that I make a call and we preform Crushcrushcrush dedicated to Paramore." I said looking around at the rest of guys.
"I'm so up for it" Matty said. Bri and Kev agreed as well.
So we got out our guitars and Bri with his computer drums and we began to practice.

We arrived in London at the Kerrang! studio at 4:55. The rest of the guys and me rushed up to an interview room. While the guys of MCR were rushed up to a studio room. They had to do 101 damnations show. The interview was a simple one but kind of long. The same common questions like 'how did the band form?', 'How did I end up with older guys in a band', 'Explain the album', & some different question as well.

"So we have some questions submitted by some of your fans" the interviewer said.
"Alright bring it" Kevin laughed.
"First one, when are you planning to release a music video?"
"Well right now we are on tour and we get I believe either a week or 2 weeks off. Then we are on tour for Projekt Revolution. We have talked with our manager and maybe we will do one within that 2 weeks break." Bri explained.
"There are so many different genres on the CD 'Serenity' why is that?"
"Well all of us have grown up with different types of music. Bonnie grew up with latin & techno. Brian pure metal and punk rock. Kevin with rap and R&B. Then I grew up with some techno and also classical rock. So when we met we listened to everybody's tastes and we all just liked everything. So we wanted the songs to give a piece of each one of us. Music is music." Matty explained.
"alright, what did you guys do before the band started?"
"Well Bonnie was a student working hard school. Bri was at massasoit college,work, and had a previous band. Kevin went to school with me and Bonbon." Matty explained.
"So regular life. Now what is it like on tour with My Chemical Romance?"
" It's pretty awesome. They are the most funniest guys you will ever meet. They are odd but they are the good kind of odd. They are making this a wonderful experience for our band." I said.
"My Chemical Romance are a good band on and off stage. Any good touring stories so far?" the interviewer asked.
Bri,Kev, and I all looked towards Matty. And laughed we absolutly had to tell the tale of the cookie man.
We left Kerrang! studios and it was about 7:00 the concert was set for 8:00. We got into a car and left to the O2 venue. We had to go through soundcheck and some of our before show rituals.
We were in the middle of soundcheck when my phone started to vibrate it was text from Gerard.

'Tell Sean that the program just finished we'll be on our way. We will be there a little bit through half your show.'
I texted him back
'Alright will do. And you'll be able to catch our new covered song'
'I'll be looking forward to it.'

"Bonbon what's up? who was it?" Kev asked.
"Oh it was Gerard they just finished that show at Kerrang!" I explained.
"Bonnie, they just finished did they say when they are going to be here?" Sean the tour manager called out to me.
"Oh hey Sean, they said that they will be here no more than half through our show" I called back.
He nodded and walked away to talk to some technicions.
"Dude I want food!!" Frank whinned.
"You can something have a snack at the venue" Ray said.
Frank pouted " I want Bonbon's food. I hear that she and Matty make a mean Boston Cream Pie" he said and rubbed his stomach.
"Fat ass" Bob joked.
"Oh Bob, Bobby." Frank grinned widely.
"What did I say about you calling me Bobby?" Bob said his face was hard.
"What do you mean?? BOBBY.....!" Frank said.
"Guys not in the car do it when we get back to the bus. That way I can get it on camera" Ray said.
Gerard and Ray just laughed the whole time.

I wonder what song they are going to play. I can't thinking about her. Why can't I? I'm engaged and Eliza is beautiful and is going to be my wife soon. But my thoughts seem to drift off from Eliza easily and go straight to Bonnie. What is wrong with me?Gerard thought while he looked out the car window.
"Here we go...!!!! Never thought that you would do this. But your attitude I sure won't miss" I sang.
We were going playing 'Backstabber' this song Matty would be the only one playing guitar. I only did vocals for this. I walked around the stage. The crowd was amazing! Everyone jumping and moshpits going at it, & people crowd surfing. I jumped off stage and decided to at least shake hands and give high fives to the fans. Without them we wouldn't be here. I went to the side of the stage to get back on and while passing by I saw Frankie. I smiled to him and noticed that Gerard was right be hide him. The song ended and we had time for only one more song. This was the cover song.
"Alright well if you guys haven't heard we are playing a different covered song every concert! And we have a very special song for you guys. My very good friend, you might know her she is in a band. They are a pretty good band they sold a couple of CD's, and her name is Hayley Willams of.... Paramore!" The crowd roared at the name of just Hayley and Paramore. I'm going to have to tell her about that. "Well she gave us permission to cover a song from their album. Here here we go with Crushcrushcrush!"
Bri started up the drums and I grabbed my guitar quickly and Matty, Kev, and I started playing.
Dude thank god one of the crew members is recording this I'm so saving it.
"Dude you haven't even blinked yet. Gee? Gee?! Gerard?!?!" Frank cried out and waving his hand in front of Gerard's face.
"Huh?" he snapped out of the trance.
"Are you ok, man? You follow every one of Bonbon's movements." Frankie asked.
"I'm fine" he said looking at Frankie and then back to her.
"Gee, what are you thinking? What about Amandaiza and your wedding? Bonnie is so young too." Frank tried to explain.
"Frank I know I know! And you can't imagine how confused and lost I am." Gerard said. " I don't know what to do. We'll see what goes on Eliza is now in France and we will be there tomorrow night. Maybe Bonnie is right maybe I'm just scared of commitment." Gerard said.
The guys and I grabbed our stuff and were heading out to the van to go get some sleep on the bus. But when heading out Sean our tour manager stopped us.
"Hey guys" I looked at him "and girl" he smiled. " Gerard and the rest are still doing the signing they leave in about a half and hour but to let you guys know we are staying at a hotel instead. So here is the name and address. You'll head to the hotel ad the buses are in the back parking lot so you can grab stuff instantly. Go inside to the main desk and tell them it's reserved under warner brothers records. They will give you the keys and head on up to your rooms. Go ahead and order food if you want. I'll give you guys a call tomorrow morning." Sean explained and left back to the signing room.

"Well I guess we are going to Chateaux London" Brian said waving the piece of paper in the air.
We practically ran to the van to get to the hotel. We entered the van and went on our way.
"Dude I wonder if the pool is still open." Kevin said.
"Let's see if they even have a pool" I said.

We arrived sooner than I expected and the guys all rushed and just grabbed their pj's and bathing suit and went right inside. I went on the bus and grabbed my pj's swimsuit and also my favorite photo. I went inside and the guys waited for me.
"Come on Bonbon! we registered already and they have a pool." Kevin said.
"Alright, alright. Last one up to the room has to do a bellyflop." I said and began to run to the elevator.
"Bye it was nice meeting you" I said. and I looked around.
Some girls were hugging Matt and took a picture with him.
"Frank can I get a hug?" a fan asked.
"Yeah sure. Have a good night, drive safely." replied Frank.
"Umm.. Gerard I drew this for you, I hope you like it" A fan came up to me. And she handed me a drawing of me but two of me. I was with black hair and dressed for 'Revenge' and my reflection was me in blonde hair dressed as the black parade.
"Wow thanks, this is really good and well... I like a lot. Thank you" I replied. It was a pretty sweet picture.
We left the room waving goodbye and we exited the venue and got into the van. Sean had already told us that we were spending the night at a hotel. We arrived very quickly and we went to the bus and grabbed some clothes. We entered the hotel and registered.
"Hi we have a reservation and it's under Warner Brothers" I said to the woman behide the desk.
"Oh my I can't believe it. Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay. The other band already registered and I believe are at the pool. You will probably see them the elevator that are closest to your room are just past the pool." she said.
I grabbed the keys and room number and we walked down the hall. I could smell the strong scent of chlorine and I knew we were near the pool. Plus that I heard some yelling and laughing that helped me out too. We walked by when we saw the pool and there was Matty & Kevin yelling for a bellyflop. And Bri I'm guessing having to do it. And Bonnie waiting in line. Bri jumped of the diving broad and... splash
"Oooooo. that's gotta hurt!" we all said in unison.
Bri swam up and got out of the pool. Dude his stomach was bright cherry red. We all had to crack up laughing. Matty was now cheering on Bonnie. Bonnie was on the diving broad and closed her eyes. I guess she was trying to relax? What was she going to do? She opened her eyes and jumped off and did an airal into the water. She swam up and well...screw it! She looked good and a bikini.
"Looking good Bonbon!" it was Frank's voice.
Frankie decided to open the door to the pool and call out to Bonnie. Bonnie looked over wide-eyed.
"Frankie!" she laughed " what are you....wait. I look good?" she asked
"Hell yeah senorita!"he grinned childishly.
"Frankie!" me and the rest of the guys called out in unison.
Bonnie just laughed.
"Guys let's go we have to wake up early we have a interview with another magazine." I said. We all headed up to our room. Eventhough I would love to come down for a swim
Well that was interesting. I smilied to myself. We were in our room and I was on my laptop. Kev and Matty were asleep. And Bri was watching TV and trying to recover from his bellyflop. I was in London and I hadn't taken many pictures so far. So I grabbed my camera and went to my laptop. And left an away message. I walked by Bri.
"Where are you going Bonbon?" he asked
"I'm going to take some pictures." I said
"Bonbon it's kind of late it's past midnight" he said
"Bri come on I'm not a little kid and you know how much I love London."
"Please be carful bonbon, please"
"I will I got my card and cell phone on me I'll be fine"
I gave him a kiss on the forehead and went off.
12:22 my clock said and I was still up. I stared into the darkness while the rest of my band mates slept. I decided to go on my sidekick and see if Mikey was still awake. I saw his away message.
'Well it's been a busy night and well time for sleep'
I laughed softly.
Then I noticed that Bonnie was on but she was away. I read her away message.
'London is beautiful at night and I'm not leaving without some pictures. Out for a midnight walk.
She went out? well she didn't leave too long just 5 minutes ago. Maybe....
I walked around and had my camera around my neck. I saw a pilar that had archangels and goddesses on it. I took a picture and continued to walk and I reached Big Ben. I took pictures but I wanted to take picture of London Bridge and the Eye of London. I walked and reach half point of the bridge and started taking pictures. It was beautiful I love London. I looked at the Eye of London and thought about Gerard. I smiled to myself, well he saw me in my bikini, that's interesting. I laughed softly. Until...
"What's so funny?" I turned at the familiar voice and saw that it was Gerard.
"Gerard?! Wh..what are you doing here?" I said.
"I saw that you were on a walk and I couldn't sleep so I decided why don't I join Bonnie?" he said and smiled.
"AIM, right?"
He nodded " Can I see the pictures you took?"
"Sure here" I handed him my camera.He looked through them.
"Wow these are good"
"Bonnie you know that you and me haven't taken a picture together yet"
"oh..." I blushed a bit but hopefully it's dark enough that he didn't notice.
"Can we?"
"uhh.. sure of course."
"I'm excuse me?" Gerard stopped a person and talked to her."Bonnie she is going to be kind enough to take the picture."
I handed the woman my camera and went to join Gerard. I though that maybe he would drap his arm around me but that wasn't the case. Gerard wrapped both his arms around me and all I could do was to put my arms around his waist and lay my head on his chest he gently placed his head on mine. flash flash
I went and got the camera and thanked the woman. I looked at the photo and I loved it I really loved it.
"Can I see?"
"" I said and playfully.
"Oh come now" he said
I turned and face the water and then I saw an arm on both sides of me. He looked at the photo over my shoulder.
"I like it."
"no" he said I was a bit shocked and I turned to face him. He was so close " I love it"
We looked into each other's eyes. My breath shortened and I felt like I could melt. I looked away and there on his hand on that finger was the ring. The ring that symbolizes a promise, a promise to marriage and love to another woman. Gerard followed my movement.
"It's getting late and you have an early interview and I need sleep."
He was silent for a moment and I kept my sight on his ring to remind myself of resistance.
"Alright, let's take a cab."
Gerard got a cab and I looked out my window and said not a word until we exited the elevator on our floor and we parted with goodnights. I got to my room and instantly went to my computer and uploaded the picture. And I tried to figure out a good caption then it hit me...

'Gerard and me in London - A Shot To Remember'/]


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