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Luna asassinates Fudge.

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Luna POV

You know what they say. The quiet ones are oftentimes the wildest. It was one month after my father was killed at the hands of the ministry's heliopaths. That was the night that that bastard Fudge paid for what he did.

Revenge is sweet

Now, you may think I sound crazy. Yes, this talk of revenge will be oftentimes spouted by You-Know-Who until Harry Potter relieves him of his head. Now, you may be wondering how I know this will happen. Most divination is useless. But if you use dragon bones, it is very accurate. This was how I knew that Fudge and his family would be at home that night.

I prepared for the deed by casting a silencing charm on my feet, a disillusionment charm on myself, and a masking charm for my scent. Then, I crept up to the front door. I used an alohomora charm to unlock the door. I then entered, heading ever so carefully to the room where that bastard was spending time with his family.

I then used the reducto spell to destroy the door, and used the full body bind on Fudge and his family. Now, the manner in which the deed was performed may sound overly cruel and violent, but this is what happened nevertheless.

I began by dragging them all to the pompous fool's overly large bathroom. I propped them up so that they might watch me work. I began by snapping their wands. I then drew knife and drained his child of blood after killing the child with the Avada Kedavra curse. I collected the blood in the bathtub. You may ask why I killed the child painlessly. The answer is simple. My quarrel was with the father, not the son. And the child must not be held responsible for the mistakes of the father. Then, I skinned his wife, although I was very careful to skin her slowly while again collecting the blood. To finish the deed, I bound Fudge in rope and undid the petrification spell so I might hear him scream as he dies. I then finished the job by drowning Fudge in his family's blood.

You may think that I went over the top, but you must remember the most important fact of the matter.

Revenge is sweet.

A/N: The last of my old chapters. Oh, and FYI, I wrote this story originally on under the penname Anarchist X. I will take any suggestions for the next chapter. Anything from death ideas to preferred characters. If you want to write your own chapter, I will post it and give you full credit for it.
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