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Chapter 1

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Meet Milo...

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Chapter One

Milo awoke in the early morning hours, as he did every day. He glanced out his window and was greeted by a black oblivion again. It was the same view he had every morning, but when one wakes up at 4 am, there is little life stirring in the world.
He sat up in bed, the blankets spilling around his waist. He threw them back and swung his legs over the edge. He stood and stretched, reaching as far up as he could. He yawned as he walked across the hallway into his bathroom.
He took a quick shower and soon emerged wearing a green towel wrapped about his hips. He walked back into his room and over to his closet. He was met with a curtain of various colors, the majority of it being black. He selected a pair of baggy black pants and a tight fitting black t-shirt.
He slipped into the clothes quickly, adding a pair of combat boots as he went. He walked back to the bathroom and combed his hair, an event that always resulted in an askew mass that fell into his eyes. He brushed his teeth and walked back into his room. He grabbed up his school bag and walked into the kitchen.
A quick glance told him that his parents had not yet risen, giving him ample time to eat breakfast. He popped two slices of bread into the toaster and pulled out the peanut butter. It was a trick him mom had taught him when she used to run late for work. He walked to the back of the house and put his ear to the closed door.
He heard his father snoring and felt an over-powering sense of relief. He cracked the door and slipped in. He walked up to the pretty woman lying in the bed. He curling red hair had slipped across her faced and his grinned at the comedic pose. He placed a gentle hand on her shoulder and shook her until she stirred of her own will.
Her lids opened slowly, revealing blue eyes, dull with weariness and age, but a hint of mischief still dancing about the corners. She smiled at him sleepily and beckoned him out of the room. He silently obeyed her request and walked back to the kitchen, closing the door behind him.
He heard the water pipes open and knew she was taking a shower. He switched on the already prepared coffee pot and made up his toast. He ate slowly, waiting patiently for her to emerge from the room.
She finally did, garbed in a gauzy blue blouse and black slacks. She smiled at him as she walked in and walked over to pour herself a cup of coffee. She walked back to the table and placed a soft kiss on his cheek. When she had settled he offered her a piece of his toast, which she accepted gratefully.
He walked over to the sink, rinsed his plate and put it in the dishwasher. He gave his mother a quick kiss on the cheek and grabbed his bag on his way out the door.

He sat in class with a bored expression scrawled across his face. Absently he toyed with the small silver hoop that went through his lip. He glanced around the room and saw a girl across the row watching him intently. He smirked mischievously, brought his fingers in a V up to his lips and made a grotesque gesture with his tongue. The girl blushed and quickly looked away.
Milo chuckled and let his gaze drift around the room. In the corner of the back row sat a boy wearing a lettermen's jacket. The boy's eyes narrowed and he glared from Milo to the girl and back. He pointed to the girl and then at Milo. In the same gesture, he brought his thumb across his throat.
Milo watched the gesturing with mild curiosity and then smiled and blew a kiss at the other boy.
The boy jumped up, pounding on his desk and shouted, "F*ing freak!" The classroom became silent and the teacher reprimanded him. On his way out the door the boy whispered something about settling something, but Milo didn't hear it.
After the class period ended, Milo took his time packing his bags. He had a free period next so there was little reason to rush. Just as he slung his bag over his shoulder, the girl approached him.
"Hi, I'm Molly."
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