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Sunday arrives and Prose decides where they stand on their budding relationship. More romantic action for everyone! Please, please, please review me!!!

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To Rose's surprise, Pete stayed the whole night. Tony never did that! After sex, he just up and left. No questions asked at all. The woman awoke with a heavy revelation. If a man makes a woman cum so hard like she did last night, he had to be a keeper! That was it! Rose just had to have him, Ashlee or not!

Sunday was nice today. Pete and Rose hung around the house all day. Rose loved these kinds of days. No Keisha to fuss her out of bed for church. No Davis to harass her because she was bored. No Tony to call her up when he was horny. It was just peace and quiet. And what made today even better was that Rosie was with her crush for the day.

The day was kept simple. The duo just talked and watched some TV. Rose of course went out and picked up lunch for them both. The pair stayed in for dinner. Both seemed to have the same question on their minds. What are we exactly? They had slept together four times already. But yet, they weren't really in a relationship. This question of where they stood kept on haunting them throughout the day. It finally came out in the night. Pete asked it aloud.

"So Rosie," he said to Rose as she was washing dishes in the kitchen. "What are we really?" The water cut off so abruptly. The journalist froze hard at that question.

"What do you mean?" she asked him trying to stay calm. Pete was standing at the dining room table looking into the kitchen.

"Well think about it," he went on. "We've slept together more than once. We're hanging out today. But yet, I have a girlfriend and you have a boyfriend." Rose finished the dishes in a rush and drained the water.

"And your point is?" she forced herself to ask aloud. Pete fidgeted a little bit. There was just no way to ask the next question without sounding really blunt and tasteless. But it came out anyway.

"Are we f**k buddies?" he blurted out. Rose whipped around to him in flash with wide eyes of shock.

"WHAT?!?" she asked aloud mortified. Pete just kind of shrugged at her.

"Well," he said. "Are we?" Rose had never really thought of that one before. This was one of those questions that one never has a chance to study for. It just happens like a random pop quiz. Pete was watching his potential girlfriend waiting for an answer. She didn't know how to answer at first really. So, she just shrugged and shook her head.

"I guess..." she replied. "We are. Why?"

"Oh," Pete replied. "No reason." Rose just turned the light off in the kitchen and headed back into the dining room.

"Why?" she asked him adding onto the question. "Do you want us to be more than that?" Pete smiled at her in charming way.

"Do you?" he asked. Rose paused at that question. She never really thought about that very much until today. But what could she say?

"Do I what?" she asked in a sweet little way.

"Do you want us to be more than friends or not?" Pete asked. Right then, Rose decided to play a little bit of a game with him. She smiled at him wickedly.

"Depends," she replied. Pete raised his eyebrow at her.

"On what?" he asked. Rose shrugged at him sweetly. She leaned in close to him so that they were now inches from kissing each other.

"How well you are good to me!" she replied in a sensual way. Pete just couldn't resist her anymore. Every thing about her had been teasing him all day! Her long sweet-smelling ponytail, home lounge-wear, curvy body, sweet personality, and sexy carefree charm to her. It was making him want to dump Ashlee and start fresh with Rose. He finally couldn't take it anymore. The emo babe quickly kissed her on the lips. Rose was pleasantly surprised by this response. "Ooo!" she thought happily. "I wasn't expecting that one!" Rosie herself couldn't resist either. The kiss sprung to life more aroused passionate feelings for him. The woman happily kissed him back and flung her arms around his neck.

Rose led him back to her bedroom again. He pushed her back onto the bed in a playful way. His possible girlfriend looked up at him smiling.

"And what are you going to do with me tonight?" she asked in a lusty way. Pete looked at her in a mischievous way.

"I want to see how much of a slut you are tonight!" he said to her bravely. Rose looked at him like a little angel.

"But what if I'm not?" she challenged him. Pete kissed her again on the lips.

"Well then," he answered her. "We'll take all night if we have to!"

"But I have to work in the morning!" Rose argued sweetly.

"So?" the hot man challenged her. Rose smirked at him in a charming way.

"I'm not going to get any sleep tonight, huh?" she asked him at last. Pete shook his head at her like an innocent little angel. Strangely, Rose found herself smiling at that.

"Okay then," she replied. "Lead the way!" Petey kissed her on the lips in response. She kissed him back. The hot story added another chapter to itself. Pete quickly worked Rose's shirt off of her lovely body. She slipped her tongue into his mouth as he felt up her lovely chest. He let his own tongue play with hers in a fiery way. The passion was turned up high once again for them. The possible couple stripped down in a heavy rush. Pretty soon their clothes were all over the floor and the hot game was in full swing.

Pete climbed off of his sweet Rose and walked over to his jeans. He reached into his pocket and drew out a condom. His possible girl got really excited and quickly spread her legs for him. The emo hottie smirked to himself as he unwrapped the condom and slid it on. He mounted Rose again and slid himself in.

The man didn't even bother to hold back this time. Pete was thrusting into at full force this time. Rose moaned out happily. This time, Petey felt a little adventurous. He really wanted to push his new girl to brink of happy madness. The demonic angel grabbed his little angel by the thighs and angled her upwards to him allowing him to pump even harder. Rose was really screaming out in joy now. The pleasure was building up very high for her. She was grabbing onto the sheets for dear life. Rosie felt her mind being dragged away to newer heights of ecstasy. Tony used to be like this, but he had given up all together. Maybe she wouldn't have to stray if her other man had put in as much work as Pete did. Too bad for him! Too bad for him! Not only had Pete helped rediscover the joys of oral, he was now helping her rediscover the true meaning of pleasure between the sheets. Rose definitely had to keep him around now!

"Oh Petey!" Rosie cried out. Pete looked down at her grinning as he kept on pumping harder and faster.

"You're enjoying this, aren't?!?" he yelled out to her.

"YES!!!" Rose screamed out. "OH YES!!! OH PETEY!!!" Rose's arm slipped down to the side of the bed in blissful surrender. Pete had conquered her and won. The demonic angel himself was smirking at his work. He knew right away that he had hit a jackpot! Just a few nights and subtle romantic moments like this and she was as good as his. Leaving Ashlee would have to come later. He would work on that when the time came. Right now, Pete had to focus on pleasuring Rose to the fullest.

The first ride went for what felt like forever for Rose. After the first climax, Pete collapsed next to her looking hot. Rose looked to him smiling.

"That was really great tonight!" she breathed out. Pete looked at her with more mischief up his sleeve.

"We're not done!" he said quickly. His Rose looked up him surprised.

"We're not?" she asked.

"No," the demonic angel replied.

They went on three more rounds for the night. Rose was really blown away by all of this. First excellent oral, now he was really taking time working her to the point that she was lost in deep madness. Pete was a great keeper indeed. "Screw it!" she thought. "Petey's mine, Ashlee!" The moment may have been sweet and romantic, but on the outside there was a little bit of a damper on the other side of the door. Rose's younger half-brother, Davis, had gotten home from his friend's house for the night. He was walking back to his own room not to wake up his sis when he heard the loud passionate sounds. Curious, Davis peeked inside. What he saw shocked and disturbed him to the core. This was something that no kid of any age should see their sibling doing at any time of their lives! Well, Davis got a front row seat, buddy!

That's Why I Say Hey Man Nice Shot

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