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Newsies/Cinderella crossover. Morrisella wanted to go to the ball but her evil uncle won't let her. [The basic Cinderella story with a Newsies twist!]

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Words: 1,105

So I decided to try and review this little crack fic! I revised it just a tad [and I literally mean a tad]. I think I added like 40 words and that's it. Anyway, I hope you guys get re-interested in this fic because I think it's worth a read!

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With each chapter, I'll type up a list [like the one below] to tell you who is who in the fic so you know exactly who you're dealing with.

Characters in this chapter:
-Cinderella - Morris Delancey (Morrisella)
-Stepmother - Weasel (Uncle)
-Lucifer - Pulitzer
.Girl Mice:
-Pearly Calves - Jake
-Spectacle Suzy - Specs
-Itsy Bitsy Itey - Itey

Once upon a time there lived a young boy named Morrisella. He lived with his mother who loved him so. Morrisella was a happy boy -- always laughing and playing -- until one day when his mother had become deathly ill. Morrisella was very saddened and stayed by his mother's side.

"Promise me, Morrisella, that you will mind your uncle when he comes," his mother asked weakly while on her deathbed.

"I promise, mama," he quickly replied with agreat amount of sincerity in his voice.

"Help him take care of everything," Morrisella's mother slowly continued after she hushed him.

"Promise me, son."

Morrisella thought for a moment as he stared in his mother's weakening eyes. "I will, mama. I promise," he said slowly and softly.

Morrisella's mother smiled weakly at her son as she closed her eyes from becoming very tired and exhausted trying to converse with her beloved son.

"Hurry with my breakfast!" Morrisella's uncle yelled from his bedroom.

Morrisella fumbled with a large tray of eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, pancakes, orange juice, and water and hurried up the stairs to his uncle's chambers.

"I'm sorry Uncle Wease," Morrisella quickly apologized when he entered the room and then hurried over to his uncle's bed.

"It's Weisel!" Uncle Weasel snapped before he dismissed the boy with a wave of his hand and began hungrily and greedily devouring his breakfast while Morrisella left the room.

With a soft sigh, Morrisella gently closed the door to his evil step...well, I guess I can't say step-uncle because it is his uncle, so let's start that one over. With a soft sigh, Morrisella gently closed the door to his evil uncle's room. He wiped his brow with the back of his hand and began walking down the hall and wiped the sweat that came off his brow and onto his hand on his dirty apron. Yes, Morrisella was wearing an apron along with akerchief wrapped around his head and tied with a knot on his forehead, trousers that had patches in them that were sewn on quite well, and a shirt that looked almost brand new that he received from his friends that had been staying in the house without his uncle knowing.

"MMMMMEEEEEEOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!" Morrisella jumped. He looked down and noticed he stepped on his uncle's cat, Pulitzer. Meeting the cat's evil glare and hiss, Morrisella forced back a smirk. He hated that cat and never bothered to watch where he stepped after Pulitzer showed who he really was: a spawn of Satan.

"Serves you right for laying in the middle of the hall," Morrisella said calmly to Pulitzer.

Pulitzer meowed as if he were trying to talk back while he passed Morrisella and slowly moseyed over towards Uncle Weasel's room. Morrisella happily walked back to the room and let the cat in, only so he didn't have to deal with him anymore than he had to for the day.

Quickly entering his attic room and closing the door, Morrisella untied his kerchief around his head and tossed it on his tiny little bed that resembled more of a cot.

"Mo-elly! Mo-elly!" Pearly Calves, Spectacle Suzy, and Itsy Bitsy Itey exclaimed as they ran out of their little mouse whole in the wall when they heard Morrisella enter.

"Girls?" Morrisella asked as he sat on his tiny bed. Well, technically they're male mice, but I think in this story it is okay to call them girls. I mean they're wearing tiny little mouse dresses, so yeah. They're cross-dressers because I said so and we need girl mice. Anyway, Morrisella bent over and set his hand palm up on the floor for the three mice to climb in.

"Mo-elly, we found a mouse! Not just any mouse, but a new mouse!" Pearly Calves exclaimed.

"Oh!" Morrisella exclaimed while he gently set his hand down on his bed for the three to stay while he searched for some little mouse clothes for a new girl mouse. He opened his little chest of tiny clothes and tiny pair of shoes. "She'll need a little dress, little shoes, and--"

The three girls burst into a fit of giggles. "No, Mo-elly! It's a he!"

"Oh! In that case, he'll need these pair of shoes and a shirt," Morrisella said and threw the dress and pink shoes back in the small pile of clothes. "And I can't forget the hat!"

"Mo-elly! He's in a trap!" Itsy Bitsy Itey exclaimed finally.

"Oh yeah! He's in a trap, Mo-elly!" Pearly Calves said after Itsy Bitsy Itey announced it.

"I just said that Pearly Calves!" Itsy Bitsy Itey snapped.

"She's right," Spectacle Suzy told Morrisella.

"Only because you didn't give me a chance to," Pearly Calves argued back.

"You could've said that to begin with," Itsy Bitsy Itey replied.

"She's right again." Spectacle Suzy moved her spectacles up farther on her nose.

"Girls! It doesn't matter who told me! It's been said," Morrisella calmed the two mice down and separated them because they had just begun a small little girly fight. You know where they're slapping the air in front of them and have their heads turned to a side and as far away from their hands as possible? That's exactly what they were doing. "Now let's get him out of that trap, shall we?"

"Yes!" All three girls exclaimed at once.

"I said it first!" Pearly Calves stuck out her tongue at Itsy Bitsy Itey.

"We said it at the same time!" Itsy Bitsy Itey returned the gesture.

"I began the word first!" Pearly Calves came back.

"No, you--" Itsy Bitsy Itey began but was cut off by a glare by Morrisella.

"Ha! I win!" Pearly Calves exclaimed triumphantly and crossed her arms in front of her chest and spun around with asmile on her face that had quickly faded when she saw Morrisella's stern look.

"If I hear one more word out of either of you about who said what first, I'll put you in a trap for a week with only one crumb of cheese. Got it?" Morrisella finally had enough of the bickering when there was a mouse in need of his help.

"Yes ma'am," the two girls said and Pearly Calves added, "o-gram."

Pearly Calves smiled the sweetest little mouse smile and batted her little mouse eyelashes when Morrisella glared at her for her addition to the girls' response to his threat.

"Now, let's go," Morrisella said as he set his hand down for the three girls to climb in again. Once the three girls were in his hand she set off in the direction the mice pointed him in.

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