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“I think Fender just flipped himself around.”

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January 31,2007
11:59 p.m.

“What the hell?”

Brendon and I were laying on our bed when something weird started happening in the stomach region.

“Did I just see a hand shape?”

“Yes. There’s a foot.”

“I think Fender just flipped himself around.”


“Meaning your going to be a daddy soon.”

“Oh damn.”

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February 1, 2007

The next morning I woke up to use the bathroom. As I slid off the bed I looked over at my fiancé and smiled.

Standing up I noticed my stomach felt weird. Shrugging it off I waddled over to the bathroom. Just as I stepped inside I froze as I felt a rush of fluid. Looking down at my pajama pants I cursed.

“That is so not piss,” I said under my breath.

“Brendon? Brendon.”

“What,” came his sleep reply.

“My water just broke.”

“Well go the bathroom then. Wait, what?”

Brendon flew off the bed.

“Ok. Um. Mom!”

Julia ran into Brendon’s bedroom looking frantic.


Noticing Brendon’s hand on my stomach, Julia’s gaze drifted to me and then to my pajama pants.

“Oh no. Ok, Brendon call 911. We need an ambulance.”

“Can’t we just drive her?”

Julia shot her son a glare, “No, we can’t. With an ambulance she will get to the hospital faster than if we were driving. Now quit flapping your gums and go.”

After watching Brendon run down the hall she turned to me.

“Ok sweetie. Let’s get you changed real fast..”

Julia helped me change. As soon as she had she helped me down the stairs and onto the couch.

“Baby, are you okay?”

I nodded as Brendon entered the living room and sat beside me.

“Did you call Ryan?”

“Yes. I called your mom and Spencer too.”


“There’s the ambulance,” Julia said opening the door for the paramedics as they brought in a stretcher, “Brendon, you go with her. I’ll be right behind you with her bags.”

Brendon nodded as he followed the paramedics out to the ambulance and climbed in beside me.
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