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Foolish Tale

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Life can be such a fickle thing, to think, that the greatest journey...Can begin with a childish bedtime story, also known as, a fairytale. What happens when Albel chances upon Sophia telling Peppi...

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Far From A Fairytale

By: LilyGinnyBlack

Prologue: Foolish Tales

Disclaimer: None of the characters, settings, or etc belong to me; they all belong to Square Enix and Tri-Ace.

A/N: Hello, everyone! This is my first attempt at a SO3 fanfic, so sorry if it isn't all that good, or if the characters are OOC. Though, I did take some of their personalities from the manga, rather than the game, since the manga elaborates more in that department. And the time setting is just before they head out for the Firewall. Oh, and this is an Alphia fic, I've become entranced by this couple now, though, I have nothing against Alnel. I even like quite a few Alnel fan fics. Anyway, enough with this really long author's note please enjoy the fic. : )


Silence, the night was voided of all sound, and sleep was starting to befall upon everyone...or almost everyone. The exception being three people: Peppita, Spohia, and Albel; one not wanting to sleep out of pure stubbornness, the other trying to calm the young and bubbly girl into rest, and the last one not wanting to visit old, painful memories in his dreams. Thus, the latter of the three stopped his walking of the darkened halls when he heard two voices behind the closed door next to him.

"Come on now, Peppita, you need to get some sleep! We're leaving bright and early tomorrow, you don't want to slow us down, now do you?" It was the voice of that foolish girl, Sophia. The only one Albel was finding himself opening up to along this journey, even if, it is only slightly. Why? Albel knew the reason, but he let his pride govern over his words, not his heart. Never was Albel the Wicked going to let his frozen heart melt, and never would he wear his heart upon his sleeve.

"I won't go to bed unless you tell me a story." Albel's ears could easily hear Peppita's energetic voice through the door. She was the only other member, besides the older girl, of this mismatched group whom didn't bother him as much as the others. It was a surprising fact that was, even to himself, shocking. His mind still was unable to grasp the fact that he was finding himself attracted to the two most opposite people in this little group, one-as a little sister, the other-something he knew, but was not willing to admit.

"Oh, fine. I'll tell you a bed time story, even though you are too old for them." Albel heard a sigh escape from Sophia's lips as the words found their way to his ears. His blood-red eyes sharpened with interest. His mind shifted through what tales she would tell, though, he didn't doubt that it would be a tale unknown to his mind.

So, Albel let his weary body lean against the wall, as he listened to a tale of true love-of princes and princesses, of magic and evil, of good vs. evil, and of 'Once Upon A Time's' and 'Happily Ever After's'. Albel wondered who created such rubbish, a fool-no doubt-, who was incapable of dealing with the harsh world of reality. That was the only answer, for, who else would weave such a story full of dreams. Life could never be so innocent. Yet, he still let the soothing voice of Sophia wash over his closed eyelids, each word like a lullaby, forcing sleep onto his tired body.

What little that was now being spoken behind the closed door, Albel still comprehended, even in his state of just in between being awake and falling asleep. "Do you have a prince or knight in shinning armor, Sophia?" Peppita slurred as slumber laid strongly over her.

Sophia didn't reply right away. She stayed quiet until Peppita had fallen off to sleep and then, "I used to have a knight in shinning armor, I used to have a prince, but then...he changed...and so did I. I want to be a princess and I want a knight to protect me, but not overprotect me, because...Life just isn't like that. I've learned that now."

A smirk slipped onto Albel's thin face and his eyes opened up to the dim night that surrounded him. She was a maggot, for anyone other than himself was, but now he knew that she wasn't a fool. He walked off down the hallway and to his room, he was prepared for tomorrow, and his past would not haunt him tonight.

Meanwhile, Sophia smiled sadly, her eyes holding a soft glow as she looked down upon the sleeping girl. "I had known that you were there, right outside the door, Albel. I also know that you aren't standing there anymore...But, I wonder, how much of that fairytale...did you actually hear?"


A/N: I know that this chapter is really short, but first chapters usually are, and this is a prologue, as well. I'll try to update as much and as quickly as I can, but I'm also writing a Furuba fic (Kyo/Tohru), though, I'm almost done with it. Please tell me what you think of this chapter in a review! Ja ne. :D

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