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When a new URTV is created all hell breaks lose between Nigredo and Albedo. Rubedo is caught in the middle and the new URTV is just plain confused.

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Alisa walked down a narrow hallway holding onto the shoulder of what looked like a little girl. "It'll be okay I promise. I'm sorry your not able to meet your dad, but at least you can meet your brothers." The little girl looked extremely tense. They turned and walked though a nearby door. "Hi you guys. I'd like you to meet Aiko." the three boys in the room looked quite confused. "She's the new model. Remember?" Alisa said smiling. "Hi." Aiko said quietly. "Well don't be shy Aiko they are your brothers." Aiko took a step forward. "Well aren't you three going to introduce yourselves?" The one with the red hair spoke first. "I'm Rubedo." then the other two spoke. "I'm Nigredo." the boy with the black hair said. "And I'm Albedo." the last boy responded somewhat nervously. "Well I'll leave you four alone." Alisa said walking off a small smile on her face. The four stood in silence for awhile. "So your model 669?" Nigredo asked. "Yes." the little girl said smiling. "So what is it exactly that we do here all day?" she asked looking around the room which had nothing, but several capsule like things. "Well right now we're trying to help this girl get better. We were about to leave before you showed up." Rubedo said. "Do I go with you?" Aiko asked. Rubedo nodded. "Are you ready to go?" She nodded and got into a capsule near Albedo.

In what seemed like a blink of an eye they were in what appeared to be a house in the country. Rubedo lead them upstairs to the girl's room. "Aiko this is Sakura. Sakura this is Aiko she's a new model." Sakura smiled at Aiko. "It's nice to meet you Aiko. It'll be nice to have a girl to talk to." Aiko smiled back. "It's nice to meet you too." she said bowing. Nigredo gave her a weird look. I wonder why he's staring? Aiko thought she'd noticed he'd been staring at her since she'd appeared. "You don't have to bow Aiko." Albedo said looking at her. "She can bow if she wants Albedo." Nidgredo practically snapped at Albedo. Which was strange Aiko had heard he was the more so peaceful of the three. Aiko and Sakura both seemed confused she looked at Sakura and they both giggled. Most likely thinking the exact same thing. Boys are weird. "What?" Rubedo asked confused. "Nothing." Sakura said. "How about we go on a walk or something." Aiko suggested just standing around was indeed very boring. "Sounds like a good idea." Rubedo said they walked outside into the nearby field. Aiko thought it felt very odd. She'd been in a lab for weeks. It hadn't been easy to pull off. Making a female clone of Albedo and Rubedo. They had to find a female URTV clone her and then merge Albedo's,Nigredo's, and the female URTV's DNA. Or something complicated like that. "Are you okay Aiko?" Nigredo asked slightly worried. "Yes I'm fine I was just thinking"

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