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Chapter Four: March - What's everyone's fucking problem?

by padfoot_001 8 Reviews

March: The new girl, the obsessive ex and midnight make out sessions. We're all doomed.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Drama,Humor,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way - Published: 2008/07/22 - Updated: 2008/07/22 - 8120 words - Complete


  • Gerard Way's Diary

    (#) XxlovefrankieroxX 2008-07-22 08:14:49 AM

    Well, I officially think I need to get a life. that whole 'lollipop is a sweet on a stick' made me laugh so god damn much my brother lobbed his trainer at me. When I explained wat was funny he told me to get a life and I guess my darling chav bro' might have a point there.... in fact naaah, who listens to chavs anyways?
    Ooops, I digress.
    LOVE the story, its so funny! Cant wait for the next update your awesome!

    Author's response

    Ha ha ha. Lobbed ... what a good word. And we say joggers - not trainers! Did it make sense though? Did I explain it so you could almost visialise it? Almost taste it?

    What does chav mean though? I'm curious. Sounds like a brand of car. Is your brother a warecar like michael jackson? cause that would be cool.
    Thanks for the review ... is love.
  • Gerard Way's Diary

    (#) ThreeCheersForMCR_x 2008-07-22 11:12:35 AM

    Oh-my-goodness-gracious-moi. That was my favourite chapter yet!

    Seriously, I was mesmorized by it! I couldn't take my eyes away from the screen. Or get my mouth to shut and stop making unattractive sounds come out of it.

    It was hilarious! Especially that scene with Gerard, Bert and Amy and the whole masturbating scenario. I haven't laughed so hard at a fic as much as I did then.

    And Bert and Gerard kinda getting it on was so hot I had to change my underwear ;) Nah only joking, but it was still effing hot!

    It was just all-round awesome...I seriously can't wait till the next chapter. No, seriously, I can't. But y'know, don't rush on my account. :) I'll still be here.

    -Emily xox.

    Author's response

    ha ha ha. I love how every chapter is your favourite chapter. It makes me smile like a goof-ball.

    AAAAAAAHAHAHAHA! Oh you crack me up like an egg. No changing underwear scenarios in this one, but soon. I promise, you'll be making even more unattractive noises, LOLz!

    I'm glad your still here. Sorry I took so long with this one, but I had to give your eyes, your jaw and those noises a break. xx
  • Gerard Way's Diary

    (#) ThreeCheersForMCR_x 2008-07-22 11:39:39 AM

    Oh yeah, and when I say 'unattractive sound', I meant as in 'laughing/snorting' sounds.

    I didn't want you getting any dirty thoughts. ;)

    Author's response

    Sorry ... my thoughts are always dirty.
  • Gerard Way's Diary

    (#) lilrainforest 2008-07-22 01:19:27 PM

    LOLOLOL. (:
    I really do love this story so much! It's just so original and Gerard's secret text messaging buddy seems just so cute =p
    But I'm pretty sure I have an idea who "he" is ;p
    Ahhh I don't know I just don't like the Gerard / Bert pairing... I never really have but the ketchup thing was hella funny!
    More soon pleaseeeee!

    Author's response

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh do ya now???? I was hoping it wouldn't be to obvious, but guess it is.

    Still, I don't think it's who you think it is. Or maybe I do ... I'm not sure what I'm talking about! AH HA!

    And don't worry, there's not too much more of the Gert stuff, bare with me, it needed to be done.

    Thanks for review :)
  • Gerard Way's Diary

    (#) ferardxXxgerarnk_tc 2008-07-23 03:13:37 AM

    from the moment i starting reading this sotry i have been giggling and now i'm just damn addicted to it like a crack whore. x]
    can't wait for the ferard to kick in for the the "not so secret" messanger to be uncovered
    must update soon

    Author's response

    Not so secret hey? Oh you all think your sooooo smart ... and you most likely are. LOL!

    I love you. Crack-whore is such a funny word.

    Thanks for sticking with me.
  • Gerard Way's Diary

    (#) warwornlipstick 2008-08-20 12:17:58 PM

    This was hilarious:]
    I wonder who Gerard's secret texter is.
    I already have an idea,but....
    I'm not gonna say.

    I love stories than can make me laugh
    and keep me interested throughout the whole chapter,and yours does just that.

  • Gerard Way's Diary

    (#) BeautifulxDisaster 2008-12-25 05:16:07 PM

    Haha this story makes me laugh xD and I can tell that you watch Family Guy. I love this story =)
  • Gerard Way's Diary

    (#) CarmenWayCobain 2012-02-11 05:03:22 AM

    This story was so good! I love the hot stuff in it!!!!!! Made me hornier than anything I've ever known! Thats sad I know. Just to picture Gerard Way doing that with some guy, just niave and its just so hot!!!!!

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