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It Begins

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One day in the office alone, Roy decides that it's about time to ask Riza on a date...many twists and turns follow. Read and find out what!

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Look After You

By: Brynn Parker


Disclaimer: I do not own Full Metal Alchemist. If I did, I would be the happiest person in the whole world and I would make new, romantic episodes. You know I would.


"Don't be too long, we have work for you here," Mustang called as Ed walked out of his office on the way to Rizemboul.

"Yeah, sure Mustang, I won't be too long," Ed replied, sticking his middle finger out over his head.

Al's metal face turned red (you know that happens all the time), and he quickly bowed his head before following his brother. Mustang sighed and Hawkeye turned towards him. "You'd better finish your paperwork colonel. The day's almost over, and you wouldn't want to stay overtime, now would you?"

Mustang chuckled at her and he thought he saw a hint of a smile as she turned back to her own paperwork, which was almost finished. He picked up the pen and continued to scribble his name onto the endless, mundane sheets of paper. "What's all this for anyway?"

"Something very important, I'm sure," she said, smiling a little.

"Was that a hint of sarcasm I heard from you?" Mustang asked.

"No colonel," she said in the exact same way, "I'm sure these papers are very important, so you'd better get to work and stop wasting your time talking to me."

"I'm not wasting my time," Mustang said lazily, stretching and leaning back in his chair, abandoning the paperwork, "We're carrying on an interesting, important conversation here. I mean, I really don't think I've ever heard anything humorous from you. This is a monumental event."

"Your funny," she said, turning and raising her eyebrows at him, "Now why don't you get to work."

It was obviously an order and not a question. Mustang silently wondered why she was always telling him what to do, when he was the one that was supposed to be giving orders. 'Probably so I don't do anything stupid...' he thought, remembering all the times when she'd warned him against some of the dumb, reckless things he'd considered. "What would I do without you..." he mused.

"What was that?"

"Nothing Hawkeye." He smirked, "Now get back to work."

She smiled for real and it made his insides twist up. Sure, he'd felt this way before, but that was when he was Full Metal's age...

He sat there and pondered for a bit until Hawkeye broke him out of his thoughts. "So I'm guessing you're done with your paperwork, colonel?" He glanced at her and she raised one eyebrow at him, half-smiling, "Thinking of some woman, I suppose..."

He regained his composure quickly, "I guess you could say so..." In one swift movement, he pushed the rest of the paperwork into the trash can and snapped, causing it to burst into flame. Shock, then anger registered on Hawkeye's face, but before she could even speak, Mustang caught her eyes, "Come out to dinner with me," he said coolly.

"Colonel, it's been a long day, I'd really like to get home, and I'm going to have to get you copies of that-"

"That's an order, lieutenant."

She rolled her eyes and turned back towards her own desk, signing the last paper. "Yes sir..." she muttered.


"Colonel, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm enjoying myself," Hawkeye said, smiling across the table at Mustang and leaning back in her chair, "I told myself I wasn't going to do this after that stunt you pulled in the office..."

"Oh, you've got to say that was funny," Mustang replied, "We should do this more often...and it's Roy, outside of the office."

"Oh, alright," Hawkeye said, "Then I'm Riza," she put out her hand sarcastically, "Nice to meet you Roy."

"I seriously didn't think you had a sense of humor until today," Roy said, "I'd like to get to know you better...Riza. How about dinner again, this Saturday?"

Riza smirked at him, standing up, "Let's call it a date."


Author's Note: I know that was really short, but it's just a starter for the rest of the story...for all you people that have read any of my other stuff (and you should if you haven't and you like EdxWin), I just couldn't stop writing. This whole fanfic writing thing is pretty addictive, you here's that Royai I've been talking about! I should be studying for my finals right now and instead I'm being some crazy fanfiction writing lunatic! MWAHAHAHAHA! So review, please, I'm not updating again until I've got lots of reviews! So review! Now! TIME TO REVIEW!

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