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The World Is Ugly

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ok this will be in Gerard's POV unless i state otherwise.

I scuffed the lino floor of the waiting room with the toe of my shoe, staring at the vase of multicoloured flowers on the table infront of me; the only colour injected into the stark white of all the other inanimate objects.
Indeed, everything was white.

And this is supposed to help?

As a sudden cough intervened my thoughts, i shifted my trance-like stare to a pair of faded grey shoes, rooted to the floor. My gaze followed muscular legs dressed in black trousers, up to a shirt - pink? - loosly tucked in.
I settled my eyes on the silhouette of his face, the flourescent lights (as if to ensure i left this place blind) shadowed his features.
Squinting, i curled my lips down, craning my neck to see him properly.

"What are you doing?" he snapped gruffly.

Sounded young.

"Why are you pulling that face?"

"I, erm... I don't know..." I stammerd, sqiurming under his glare as he scoffed and ambled to the receptionist's desk, his features coming into view.
Muttering something to the lady, he leaned on the desk.

"Mr. G. Way?" She called, smiling and bearing her overly white teeth as if in attempt to eat me.

"If you'd like to follow Dr. Toro to his office."

"You mean i'll be seeing HIM!?" I gawped in disbelief, taking in his dark brown afro, that seemed to home thousands of tiny creatures.
Again, he whispered something into the receptionist's ear, making her giggle madly.

"Yes, Mr. Way," she said, still giggling, "Dr. Ray Toro will be your therapist."

I tore my eyes away from the pair only to see the person that followed a loud bang from the solitary door at the back of the room.
He seemed to ignore the whole room freezing as he walked in.

A stabbing sensation engulfed the pit of my stomach as i locked eyes with the mooded man who had just made his grand entrance from what i took to be Dr. Toro's office.
I willed time to speed up as he strode past me, our eyes still locked as if entranced, i sat paralysed to the white plastic chair.


His black fringe fell across his face at a gentle angle; a contrast to his sharp features.
The shaven sides of his hair dyed blood red.
The hollow gaze of his sullen hazel eyes that burrowed deep into mine made me feel very wary of him.
It seemed that even the receptionist and doctor felt this way, as they stiffened up and spoke very cautiously to him, as if treading on thin ice.

"Mr. Iero," the receptionist confirmed in a business like manner, "same time, tomorrow."
He stopped and looked at her, sending icey daggers in her direction while muttering an agreement.


the next chapter might be a bit more exiting for you guys;
flashbacks and all that jazz :)
so a bit more action than this...
dont give up on me already :)

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