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Goodnight Angel

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This is the part where anything could happen

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Ray, who was driving them all their annouced "We have arrived at the party guys" so they all piled out of the car. The cold air hit Kait hard as she didnt have a jacket. Mikey and Gerard both noticed and they each put an arm around her. She looked at them both and smiled "I love you guys, and thanks for letting me stay" they all smiled "We love you too Kait" chorused the brothers. As they got into the club the music was really loud and there was bright lights flashing everywhere. Adrenaline pumped through Kaits body and she ran over to the dancefloor. "Come on guys, come dance!" she said, but they all shook their heads and went and sat over at a table.

A little while later Kait came over to the table with a girl about her age. "Guys this is Lyla, I just met her and she is really nice" Lyla smiled and waved at them all "How come none of you handsome men are dancing" she laughed. Kait grabbed her hand "Cause their boring shits, now come dance with me" she pulled her away and they went back onto the dancefloor. "Wow I have never seen her have so much fun" said Mikey. Gerard agreed. They were all talking and having some drinks, and just enjoying there night, Gerard and Mikey kept checking on Kait to make sure she was Okay. Lyla and Kait were dancing when Kait pulled Lyla in and told her something "I know this may sound strange but I need you to dirty dance with me" Lyla looked at her "Your not gay are you, no offence its just I dont swing that way" Kait laughed and shook her head "No, I just need to get Franks attention. Lyla nodded and did as Kait asked.

-Franks POV-
We arrived in the club and Kait had ignored me and ran straight on to the dancefloor, I could see her dancing and she looked fucking great, I just wish i had the guts to go up and dance with her. She kept coming back to the table for drinks with this girl Lyla who she had met. I was chatting with the guys when I glanced over at the dancefloor and there was Kait and Lyla, dirty dancing with eachother, I was so fucking turned on I couldnt help but stare. Kait saw me and gave me a seductive grin. I smiled back, and my friend from below joined me once again.

The music had slowed down for the couples in the club. "Thanks Lyla, it worked" said Kait as they both walked back to the table. Kait purposley leaned slowly over past Frank to get her drink. "Slow romantic song, anybody wanna dance?" she said, glancing at Frank. Nobody answered her so she grabbed Bobs hand, "Thanks for volunteering" she said as she dragged him onto the dancefloor. Bob didnt have a choice so he followed her. She found a spot, making sure Frank could see and she placed her hands round Bobs neck. He put his hands round her waist and smiled. "Kait you know I think your great" she nodded and waited for him to carry on "But more in a little sister who I want to protect way" she knew that already and nodded. "I have always wanted a big brother, now I have 4" she said as she hugged Bob. "Dont you mean 5" he looked at her puzzled. "Well that could be true, but im not a fan of inceste" Bob laughed hard, "Awww Kaity Boo and Frankie sitting in a tree" Kait hit him on the arm "Bob" she blushed. The song was nearly over and Bob picked Kait up and spun her round "I shall be your fairy god mother tonight Kait, you and Frank shall be together" he said in a girly voice. He put her down and hugged her, they both walked back over to the table.

As the night went on Kait got very very drunk. She staggered over to the guys to get another drink but Mikey put out his hand to stop her "I think you have had enough" she just looked at him and slurred "Ohh mikey dont be such a spoil sport" and she reached for her drink and picked it up "Kaity Elizabeth Way put down that drink" said Gerard removing it from her hand. She knew when Gerard was being serious. "Sorry guys" she said and just stared at the floor. "Hey its okay, just dont want you vomiting on me" Gerard smiled at her. They realised they needed to leave soon, "Im just gunna go to the toilet then we can go" said Kait. She turned around to go to the bathroom but lost her footing, luckily Frank reached out and caught her. She wasnt impressed he had practically ignored her all night so she got up out of his arms "You get off me" she snarled. "Bob can you please come and wait outside the bathroom for me" she said. "Um sure" he got up and followed her as she took his hand.

When they had gone the rest of the guys looked at Frank. He looked upset and had his head in his hands. "Hey man dont worry about it, she is wasted" said Gerard patting his friends back. Frank just nodded and stood up with the rest of them. They were about to head for the door when Bob appeared, "Erm Gerard, I think Kait has collapsed, but I didnt dare go in" said Bob looking worried. Gerard and Mikey both rushed to the toilets, the rest of the guys close behind. Mikey walked into the Girls bathroom and saw Kait lying on the floor, he rushed over and scooped her up in his arms "Kaity look at you, your a mess" he half laughed. She wrapped her arms around his neck "Im so sorry Mikey" he carried her out "Dont worry about it sweety" he was so kind to her. Gerard rushed over and noticed her she had been sick. He stroked her cheek "Kaity your gunna have such a hangover in the morning" he beckoned for them all to follow him out to the car. Mikeys cell started to ring so Frank jumped at the chance to take over and carry Kait. They all got into the car when Mikey had finished his call and Kait was draped over Franks lap. Her head was in his arms and he was stroking the hair off her face. "Beautiful as always" he whispered. Suddenly she opened her eyes and nuzzled into his chest, she was crying.

"Kait why are you crying" Frank said looking puzzled. She looked up at him and he wiped her tears away. "Cause your being so nice to me and I dont deserve it, I have been awful to you all night" she put her head back down. Frank didnt mind one bit, he was just glad she was Ok. He put his finger under her chin and lifted her head up and looked into her eyes. "Its fine Kait, as long as your okay now" he smiled at her so sweetly. She closed her eyes again and layed her head back onto his chest.

They arrvied back at the house and Frank offered to carry Kait upstairs. He layed her down on the bed and covered her over with a blanket, not daring to change her, he knew what Gerard and Mikey would think. So instead he just kissed her on the forehead. He got up and before he closed the door he looked over to her and simply said "Goodnight Angel"
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