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Chapter 4: Return to Lincoln High

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D.S Coop and her other friends return from the trip back to school...

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“Can you believe it? We’ve been away from school for 3 weeks!” Victoria asked.
“Yeah…but it seems like decades.” Poppy replied.
Devon, with her fellow MVPs---Megan, Charlotte, Victoria, Emily, Tori, Sarah, Poppy, Kate, Jennifer, Imogen, Craig, Stanley, Guy, Jericho, Jonathan and Spike are back from the trip, on the bus on the way to Lincoln High.
It has been a week since Becky and Gerard had been going out, and they had been getting on as good as ever. Now today, Becky seems to have forgotten that it’s her best friend’s return date. While, Soph and co. remembers…sitting around a table together, at lunch time in the canteen.
“They are coming back today. Devon and cohorts…?!” Angelica asked.
“Yes, they should be here soon enough.” Dan replied.
At that moment, the bus drove into the school car park.
“Voila! Here we are!” Emily stated cheerfully.
They all laughed.
“Yeah…I can’t believe we are back!” Devon exclaimed.
The bus came to a holt.
“Come on! Boys and girls…off we go back to school!” the P.E head teacher stated.
They all got up from their seats, picked up their bags and trudged off the bus, once off the bus; they were relieved from the stuffy stinky bus atmosphere and smell.
“Hmm…fresh air! Nice!” Megan stated gratefully.
They laughed once more.
“Come on, let’s go back to school, get our stuff and go home.” Imogen said.
“Yeah…we are so gonna. I’m so jet legged!” Charlotte claimed.
“My bum hurt from sitting on the bus for hours!” Craig complained.
“Jeez! Be a man! You are a guy! You should be able to stand that!” Emily said.
Everyone laughed again.
“Heyyy! I’m a guy! I am strong!” Craig whined.
“A man who whines is no man at all!” Poppy stated.
They all laughed their asses off, and continue throwing jokes at each other.
“Don’t just hang round here!” the head P.E teacher-Mr. Brown said.
They walked on, arms round each other’s shoulders and walked off to the direction of the school building, talking and joking. They went to their locker room, got all their stuff ready and placed them in their own cars’ trunks.
“I need a cupa first.” Jennifer stated, slamming her Ford car trunk shut.
“I need to stay awake for my drive home.” Jennifer added.
They nodded in agreement.
“I agree, let’s go to the rec and pick up a cupa or two.” Spike said.
They went off to the rec centre.
“Where’s everybody? It’s dead silent here!” Imogen stated.
“Probably in the canteen. It’s lunch time right now.” Devon responded.
They went and got a cup of coffee each and some snacks to eat. They sat down in the common room, talking, chatting and resting.
“Nothing much has changed round here…” Jericho said.
“But there must have been some changes around here. Think about it, we’ve been gone for 3 weeks!” Jonathan said.
“Hey, anyone wants a game or two?” Vicky asked.
“Boys versus girls?” Craig asked.
“Sure. Why not? Us against you little wussies boys!” Emily replied.
“What shall we do then?” Sarah asked.
“Karate.” Emily replied shortly.
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