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Chapter 2: Untitled

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The day after...

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The next morning, she woke up earlier than usual, she finds herself in his tight embrace, and she turns round to face him to find him still sleeping like an angel. She smiled and kissed him lovingly on the lips, when she pulled back, he chased after her for a longer kiss.
“Good morning, sleepyhead.” Courtney greeted and laughed.
“Good morning, hun. Thanks a lot for the welcoming morning kiss. I deserved that.” Gerard stated, his head still on the pillow, wide awake and looking at her.
“Sure you did…last night was AMAZING!!!” Courtney stated.
“Hell yeah…just like every night.” Gerard said.
“Anyway, I should get up now and get ready for work. Solving and profiling homicidal psychopaths…” Courtney stated and sat up in bed.
He looked at his girlfriend, from the top downwards, he laughed out loud. She turned to him, looked at him quizzically.
“What’s so funny?”
“I wonder what your colleagues will say about that.” Gerard stated.
She looked at herself up and down, down her neck, chest, breasts, tummy, and thighs and down more…Gerard had left a great deal amounts of hickies all over her from last night. She rolled her eyes.
“You’ve left hickies all over me!” Courtney stated.
“Yeah…to mark my territory.”
“Yeah…of course…I’m your territory.” Courtney said.
“You certainly are…sugar.”
“What am I supposed to say to my colleagues?” Courtney asked, getting out of bed.
“Oh…that’s easy…just say that you and your boyfriend consummated like bunnies.” Gerard replied.
“Well…won’t they be surprised.” Courtney said.
She starts putting on her work uniform.
“Why? Oh yeah…they don’t know you have a b.f, they still think you are single.” Gerard said in understanding.
She nodded.
“Baby, why don’t you tell them?” Gerard asked.
“Honey, it’s because it’s my own privacy. I don’t have to tell them everything.” Courtney replied.
“But they all got to know sooner or later.” Gerard said, with urgency in his voice.
She turned to him.
“Are you alright…what’s wrong, dear?”
“I hate it for people to think you are single and they start flirting with you.” Gerard replied.
She walked over to him, cuddled him and kissed him dearly.
“Fine…how about today if people start asking, I will just say that I do have a long-term serious boyfriend, but I won’t say that it’s you…okay?” Courtney stated, while kissing him sweetly.
“You promise? Pinky promise?” Gerard asked, holding out a little finger for her, with a puppy dog face.
She laughed, she responded by intertwining her pinky finger with his, and sealed the deal.
“Yes…pinky promise, baby.” Courtney said.
“Why won’t you say who?” Gerard asked curiously.
She turns round to face him.
“Because…FYI…my colleagues friends are all extremely huge fanatics of you and the other guys. If I tell them, it’s going to sound unbelievable, and second, if they really believe me, they will go crazy after me.” Courtney replied.
“OK…”Gerard responded in understanding.
“So what are you going to do today?” Courtney asked.
“Well, it’s a day off today. So…very likely…Mikey, Frank, Ray and Bob are going to come over and do stupid guys’ stuff…” Gerard replied.
“Well, I’m off now, honey.”
She walked over to him, kissed him lovingly and dearly.
“Have a nice day at work, sugar. I love you, and I will be missing you loads.” Gerard said.
“I will be missing you loads too. I love you and have a wicked day with the boys.” Courtney stated, they kissed for a long time.
“Don’t worry…I will.” Gerard said.
They kissed each other good bye; she gave him a wink and left for work.
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