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Back to rock

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A short story based on a Pokemon Chronicles episode. Pokemon Chronicles spoilers.

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Disclaimer: Don't own Pokemon, Nintendo does.

A/N This short story is based off an episode of Pokemon Chronicles, where Brock leaves to join Ash in Hoenn.


The figure stood and admired his handiwork. It'd taken him six weeks of hard graft to completely renovate the place, no thanks to his parents. Well, it wasn't strictly a renovation truth be told, more like a 'put it back to the way it was before' makeover. Thank goodness for his brother returning for that short while or this gym would have become a laughing stock. In a way it angered him that his father would even consider making as crazy a move as he did, allowing his mother to just roam free and change everything on a whim. Geez he hoped he didn't end up as weak minded when it came to women as his father, but then there was that cute girl down the road. He shook his head again. No he must concentrate on this now, his brother was counting on him.

He had to admit he was nervous, the local Nurse Joy, a Pokemon Intelligence Agency agent was inspecting his remodelling as he thought, if this gym got shut down he didn't know what he'd do. The seasons new trainers would be starting out any day now, he just had to pass this inspection! The sweat dripped off his brow as Joy finally seemed ready to deliver her report.

"Well Jiroo," Joy smiled. "I'm happy to report that your field and gym are to the standards expected. As a PIA agent I was sorry to have to insist on the remodelling again but you were registered as a Rock-type gym, however did that dual type thing happen anyway?"

"Yes Nurse Joy, I understand, thank you so much, I can't wait to tell my brother when he phones. As for the dual type idea, my mother came home and dad just wilted like a grass type under fire" he sighed. "I'm sorry."

She smiled. "Just be sure it stays this way this time, if you want to change your gym's type you know the forms you have to fill out."

"I can assure you Nurse Joy that this will be remaining a rock type gym, with the standard two on two, no time limit rules applying, unless the challenges proposes something else acceptable within the Indigo gym rules."

"I'm sure Brock will be very proud of you Jiroo," she said handing him his certificate and turning to leave. "I wish you luck in the coming weeks."

"Thank you Nurse," he said, showing her out.

As the door shut, he first breathed a sigh of relief. Then...

"Wo-hoh!" he jumped with joy. "Onix, Geodude, Crobat, come on out!"

He threw the three poke balls he'd previously had hitched to his belt and the Pokemon, obeying their new trainer appeared.

"Well we passed guys," Jiroo smiled. "Now let's get to training, the trainers will start coming soon and we'll be ready."

The Pokemon roared their agreement.

"Let's make Pewter City, and my brother proud guys, and start a new era for this gym."


Heh, short and sweet, after writing chapter 6 of a Trainer's Journey, this just kind of came to mind.
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