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Make A Wish

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Here chapter 1 of my story I held auditions for!! I did forget to mention in the character listing is that Anna Coffin is also Frank's younger sister, Except they have different mothers so her last...

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The phone/sidekick next to Anna's bed suddenly sprang into life blaring out an old Misfits tune. It was 4am in the small city apartment in Belleville, New Jersey. Anna groaned and sat up as her boyfriend Gerard, Who was lying next to her muttered some swear word under his breath. She reached over to look at the screen.
Frank calling
She sighed and flipped up the lid.
"Hey Frankie" She said as Gerard started to complain.
"Anna look I need help" Came Frank's urgent voice.
"What's happened this time?" She asked rubbing her eyes.
"I can't find her again" He said frantically.
"Frank she's a 5"7 girl, with loads of dark makeup and covered in piercings. She can't be that hard to find" She said while Gerard smirked next to her.
"Yeah well this time I've really done it" He replied sadly. She sighed again.
"Okay I'm comin' over. Just stay where you are" She said scratching her head.
"But Im in the bathroom" Frank replied giggling.
"Ewww Frank! Shut the hell up dumbass!" She yelled and snapped the lid shut. She looked down at the beautiful black haired man leaning on the pillow next to her, frowning in the darkness.
"Sorry Gee" She whispered taking hold of his hand and squeezing it. He stayed frowning for about half a second but then he smiled and put his arm around his tiny girlfriend.
"It's okay. Did they fight again?" Gerard asked resting his head on hers.
"Yeah" She replied sadly. "Its always the same thing though. They fight, She storms out, He cries, He calls me, We go find her and then they start making out right in front of me until I get too grossed out with seeing my brother's tounge down his irilfriend's throat and leave". He laughed.
"So there's a whole routine then?" He asked.
"Come's with the job of being the younger sister of a 20 going on 6 year old. She replied shrugging her shoulders. Gerard laughed softly and started playing with her bright orange hair.
"Remind me again why there's just one bright purple streak in your fringe" He said tugging the coloured hairstreak gently. She slapped him off playfully.
"Cos I LIKE purple" She replied sticking her tounge out at him. He rolled his eyes.
"You can definaltly tell that your Frank Iero's sister". He said poking her in the arm. She grinned and jumped out of bed and ran over to the wardrobe to get dressed. She pulled on a pair of old black skinny jeans with frayed hems, An Iron Maiden shirt and her battered old converses. She quickly tugged a brush through her crazy hair and checked herself in the mirror. She normally had brown eyes, but she wore bright blue non-presctiption contacts. Then she leant on the bed and kissed Gerard quickly.
"Meet me at Starbucks later?" She asked sliding her sidekick into her pocket. He nodded and kissed her cheek.
"See ya" She said as she turned and ran out the room, grabbing a black hoodie off the door handle as she left.
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