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" Can i have what you're having please? ".

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" and he teases her with food oh how she wants some ".

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Hi babies this is for you enjoy!

The next morning was quite lazy for little linden her eyes were heavy and seemed clouded up with tears her body hurted and she felt sick but the bed was good against her body and the covers were forever crisp and cool but when she stretched she noticed she was all alone Gerard had left hour's ago although he had went to bed at 5am thanks to trying to catch her. The dream she had had left linden feeling depressed and heavy the dream was of her mother coming to get her linden standing some ways away while her mother held open her arm's while linden ran into them being picked up off of her feet and kissed deeply this thing never happened in this dream linden was home.

She looked around and seen the small bunk walls there also was a notebook on the bed with a pen she wanted so bad to read it was he writing about her death in there was he drawing it instead? would he kill her after he fucked her or was he the kind to kill her first then fuck her then? she heard from high that Gerard could lose his mind sometimes being wrapped up so much in his music is that what he'd do fuck her while drowning out her screams to the others or use that to drown out her death screams from himself?.

Linden slowly got up the bus sounded so quiet but it was moving she used her left hand to hold onto the railing bar to keep balance she was so close to falling because when finally standing up she realized how hungry she had been Gerard had'nt fed her in the days that she had been here. Her stomach rumbled and growled and her head hurted she was over come with nausea she had to constantly swallow so that she would'nt throw up she was afraid to move her legs and did'nt want to sit back down she would only fall. So slowly she peered her head around the bunk bed curtain and looked out there she seen frank, ray, gerard and mikey bob was still sleep but these 4 were talking.

" When can we make our first stop i'm hungry? " mikey whined " for what? " said gerard " you'd been saying that for the last 2 hour's " " yeah i know because the driver won't stop he does'nt listen to me " mikey replied " simple question dude " said ray " what are you hungry for? " mikey sat up and stared at them babyishly " i want pancakes! " gerard smiled licking his lips " pancakes it is i'll tell him to stop at the nearest i-hop " and gerard got up going to the front of the bus " why do you got to be so childish mikey? " said frankie " grow up " " no! " replied mikey adoringly frank then stood up tickling mikey's sides.

The 2 giggled loudily frank's laugh sounding like a little girl's linden half smiled at this they did'nt seem crazy like gerard they came off as normal but maybe they were'nt maybe they were just like him especially mikey he was related to gerard.

Back at linden's house april had became upset storming out of the house she had got into her car and drove down to the nearby police station she had then ordered to see a cop right away and when he came she complained " what's wrong? " he asked trying to be nice " my baby she's gone " she replied " who? " " my daughter linden she's been gone for a day and a half now " the cop tried to calm her down " tell me how it happened? " he assured her sitting down by her. " okay not yesterday but the night before that my daughter and her friend had went to a my chemical romance concert her friend had left her alone for a couple of minutes after the concert had ended and that's when my daughter disappeared her friend said that when she returned my daughter was'nt there so she came home and told me we waited up to see if she would come home but she never did i think she might be dead! " and with that april started crying.

How had they killed her daughter? she thought did they shoot her after raping her or did they dehumanize her body to match their twisted fantasies? april imagined that she called her mother's name before dying and knowing her probably tried to run only making them beat her down more. They probably sunk into a deep angry frenzy while killing her probably stabbing her or just shooting her or maybe they hung her tying a noose around her neck and making a ligature out of her own hair it was long enough for that her baby she knew was dead she did'nt care what anyone told her anymore linden was too pretty whoever had her they certainly would'nt let her go they'd kill her just to keep her from returning home she hated whoever had her daughter...

But the shocking thing was that the police told her that they simply could'nt do anything and she yelled saying " what the fuck do you mean?! " and the cop answered saying " simple it takes us 3 days to consider a missing child in danger for all you know she might be simply staying at someone elses house " " but she does'nt have any other friends she only knew one " and the police stared at her mysteriousily saying " did this friend have something against her? " april's eyes grew wide she could'nt believe high would do something to hurt linden they were such good friends and linden trusted her but did april? so she beganned to second thought maybe high left little linden alone on purpose...

Bob had threw a pillow at mikey's head for falling into him sleeping on the couch the driver who was named kyle had listened to gerard when he had told him that mikey hungered for pancakes frank and the others always teased gerard about his respect he got from kyle they said that kyle had been inlove with gerard and that is why he obeyed gerard and none of the others. When the bus had stopped gerard had went off to get the band breakfast but not before he snuck back there and tied up linden's hands and feet and gagged her he then told frank, mikey, bob, and ray not to go back there and they being respectful to him did'nt. It did'nt take long for gerard to come back with 5 plates of pancakes and frank had gotten 3 funnel cakes, and bob got some cakes that was filled with fruits and cream, mikey had gotten a stack of pancakes 10 in all dripping with honey and syurp, ray got 4 pancakes with just honey and gerard had gotten 16 waffles and pancakes mixed kyle had gotten some egg's, toast, and eatable jelly.

After sitting up with the band for awhile to eat his pancakes gerard went to the bunk's of the tour bus and found linden laying up in a ball dark cirlces under her eyes but her hair cascading around her no matter what he did to her or what happened her hair always looked pretty. Gerard smiled at her sitting down on the bed next to her and he sat her up " what up with you? " he joked looking at her black rimmed eyes but she could'nt talk so he removed the gag and with that she looked up at him quietness would get her nowhere... " I'm hungry " she remarked trying not to sound as sick as she looked " aww that's right you haven't ate in a day and a half have you? " gerard said showing her his plate of food.

Little Linden's eyes became wide these pancakes and waffles were so fluffy and had been topped beautifully with golden butter and dressed in lovely syurp and honey the warmness of the pancakes kissed her skin and the supposed taste of them pleasured her tastebuds. Linden was so hungry and the pancakes only made it worst but now the ways inwhich gerard ate them killed her inside. She watched him slowly cut a piece of the pancake off and dip it in the lovely syurp then she watched him swirl it in the butter and dance it around her lips and eyes he let it only get so close to her lips that the heat itself kissed her but his voice was hypnotic and he simply said " beg me for it ".

Linden looked up at him he was certainly crazy now he would really make a 13 year old small and hungry girl beg him for food? he would actually sit up here and tease her with something that she forever did not have? yup gerard was the much of a psycho but a cute one at that. So to decide of life and death would she sit up here and be hard headed and die of starvation? or would she give in, beg him, and still be able to live in hopes of actually escaping oh what what should little poor linden do? and if you were in her place what would you do?.

In your reviews tell me what you think she should do should she fight to live or quit and die either way you decide i only need 1 review to make up my mind tell me yes or no oh yes here goes Gerard's picture enjoy:

Have fun with that remember one person tell me what she ought to do until next time bye!.
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