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Yeah, Right.

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Ryan has a surprise visitor.

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-it is now a few days after the nasty break-up, around 3 pm-ish-

Ryan and Spencer’s laughter rang throughout the house, along with the melody of “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N’ Roses.

“I’m so gonna win!”

“Aw, SHIT! You cheated. You knocked the guitar outta my hands!”

Guitar Hero III.

Then the doorbell rings and kills the boys’ fun momentarily.

“Hold up, pause it” Ryan said and ran to the door with his guitar hanging from his shoulder.

Surprise filled him when he opened the door because before his eyes stood a young…girl. She had Ryan’s hair color, just more on the red side than his. She was slim and about shoulder-height compared to Ryan, with cool blue eyes.

“…yes???” Ryan started, “can I help you?”

“Oh, umm, Ryan?”

“That’s me…”

“Oh, my God!”

She suddenly hugged Ryan tightly as he called for Spencer.


“No, no, please, I’m not a teenie! Listen, I can explain. Please, just let me explain.”

Ryan looked at her with narrowed eyes. “What’s your name? How old are you?”

The girl bit her lip and answered, “I’m fifteen. And m-my name is…”

Spencer came into the picture and stood beside Ryan.

“Yeah?” Ryan urged her on.

“My name is…Amanda…err…”

Ryan and Spencer waited for an answer.

“Ross. Amanda Ross.”

After a few seconds Ryan started to laugh, followed by Spencer.

“What?” Amanda asked, clearly not getting the joke.

“Typical over-obsessed teenie—pretending to be related to one of us just to get to know us.” Spencer explained after his laughing died down a little.

“I’m not pretending at all!”

“Then prove it.” Ryan demanded coldly.

“I will. First, my last name IS Ross. It’s even on my birth certificate. Second, I have this.”

Amanda pulled an envelope out of her messenger bag and handed it to Ryan.

Ryan was now holding one of the many letters he had sent to his mother.

“I found it in my mom’s drawer. Lisa is my mom.”

Ryan looked over the letter as Spencer looked sharply at Amanda. Then Ryan looked up at Amanda again, now serious but confused, too.

“Come on in.” he said stoically and let her pass into the house.


A/N: reviews please! I hope you like it! And, yes, I know my chapters are short but don’t worry! I’m working on making them longer as time progresses.

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