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Its going to be okay

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Things get strange, in a good way

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2008-07-31 - Updated: 2008-07-31 - 770 words

Frank didnt know what to say. He just held Kait close, "Its going to be okay" he whispered. She pulled her head from his chest and looked at him, tears suddenly stopping. "Okay" she shouted "Okay?!" Frank knew he had had made a mistake, not meaning too, he tried to pull her back "Im sorry I-" Kate cut him off "Save it". She got up and stormed to the door then turned to him "My best friend has just died how the fuck can i be okay, you idiot" she spat and ran out the house. Frank slumped back in the chair and put his head in his hands. Mikey patted him on the back "Dont worry dude, she is just upset, you did nothing wrong." Gerard nodded in agreement then got up "Im gunna go make sure she is okay" he said while grabbing his coat. Frank shot up "Can I come please Gee" he said, his eyes practically begging. "He should go Gerard" said Mikey, the others nodded. "Yeah sure" Gerard tossed Frank his coat and they both left to look for Kait.

They hadnt been driving very long when they saw her, walking along the sidewalk in the pouring rain. She had no coat just some jeans and a tshirt which were now both drenched. Gerard stopped and he and Frank looked at eachother. "She is all yours" said Gee nodding towards Kait. Frank smiled "Thanks Man" and he ran out the car towards Kait. He caught up to her and he knew she was crying. "What do you want Frank" she said without even turning around. He pulled her around to face him "I wanted to make sure you didnt do anything stupid". She looked at him then just carried on walking. Frank followed her silently. "So you think because I run off like that im gunna hurt myself" she questioned looking down at the floor. Frank spoke before he thought, which was a bad move. "Yeah I did actually" he regretted his words as soon as they left his mouth.

She stopped and turned to face him. "Yeah well Im not like..." Frank cut in "Me?" she didnt need to answer him, he already knew she was talking about him. She turned away and carried on walking. Frank gave up and headed back to the car, he was about to get in when Gerard looked back to were Kait was. "Fuck" he said and was starting to un-do his seatbelt. Frank looked back and saw that Kait had collapsed on the ground, he ran back towards her and saw she was unconcious. The rain had totally soaked her and she was shivering like mad. Frank sccoped her up in his arms and took her back to the car were Gerard was already on his cell telling the guys to meet them at the hospital. He fastned Kait in the back, got in next to Gerard and they set off towards A+E.

They arrived and saw Mikey, Bob and Ray were already there waiting for them. Frank ran round to the door and picked Kait up and they all went inside. She was still shaking like mad and had started to come round. Mikey had gone to the reception and told them what happened. "They said we need to wait and be called" he said sitting down. They all sat and stared at Kait who was on Franks lap, blinking and trying to sit up. Gerard helped her to her feet and then they all rushed to hug her, Frank remained seated.

She looked at Frank who seemed to be in a trance. He looked up and just stared right through her. "Kaity Way" they heard a voice call. Kait turned to see a doctor calling her name, she looked back at Frank "Im sorry okay, thats all I can say" and she headed towards the doctor. Frank got up and grabbed her hand, she turned to face him and they looked into eachothers eyes. No words needed to be said, she just leaned into him and they walked hand in hand towards the doctor, both smiling. They both sat down, Kait was still shivering badly so Frank gave her his jacket. The doctor was looking through her clipboard and she peered over her glasses, "So Miss Way i see you have had a nasty fall and you seem to be suffering from very mild hypothermia. Kait gripped Franks hand. "Is this your brother?" the doctor asked nodding towards Frank. He went to correct her but Kait stepped in. "No this is Frank, my boyfriend"
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