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Shizuru's Story

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This is a story about Shizurus past. Learn how she became one of the most powerful fighters in many different worlds, and hid it from everyone. Will be crossovers.

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Six year old Shizuru Kuwabara opened her bedroom window and jumped out into the night. She was wearing sweatpants, tennis shoes, a black sweater, and a hat to tuck in her light brown hair. She was going to a park near by to train. Shizuru was born able to see the souls of the dead. Not only that but she can see and commutate with all sprits. Later on she realized she had sprit energy which she could form into attacks. This is why she is walking alone, in the middle of the night. But this would be the night that would not only change her life, but the lives of so many to come.

Chapter 1

"Well, well, what do we have here?"

Shizuru looked up to see a gang of teenagers standing in her way. There was five of them, and right away she noticed something about them. "I see that you guys are vampires."

The vampires looked down at her in surprise. Weather it was because she could tell they were vampires or because she had no fear in her voice, she did not know.

The leader of the group shook it off and said, "What makes you think we're vampires little boy?"

"Okay, first off, I'm a girl, second, I can tell that you guys have no souls, and I can see the blood lust in your eyes." Shizuru said still irritated that they thought she was a boy.

The vampires were surprised again by what this little kid knew.

"What I want to know is what you guys are doing here?" Shizuru asked crossing her arms. "I don't think we've ever had vampires around here, and you guys are no japanese, even though you guys speak it very well."

"Thank you." they said. Then one of them whispered something to their leader. The leader than waved his hand, then the five of them surrounded her.

"I know you guys are soulless and everything, but don't you guys have problem's fighting an out numbered person, especially a little girl?" Shizuru asked putting a sucker in her mouth.

"That's what little girls get for walking alone after dark." One of the vampires said.

Shizuru shrugged, "Fair enough," then she shot a blast of spirt energy at him, turning him to dust.

"You little bitch," their leader shouted. He tried to punch Shizuru, but he just fell over because Shizuru was too short. She quickly blasted him in the heart and he turned to dust.

"What are you?" the three remaining vampires asked backing away.

"I'm human if that's what you mean." Shizuru answered.

One of the vampires growled, "Come on guys, we've still got her out numbered. We can beat her if we attack her at the same time." But that didn't work, because when they jumped up, Shizuru just did her Big Bang Boom attack. (A huge blast of sprit enegry that's bigger than her and makes a banging noise).

"Impressive," came a voice, "You defeated five vampires by yourself. Who knows what you could do with the proper training." A woman who seemed to be in her twentys stepped out of the shadows. She had long flowing golden hair that went down to her ankles, chocolate brown eyes, and the figure of a model.

"You're a vampire," Shizuru said, "But your not like the other ones. You have a soul, and I can tell your stronger then them as well.

The female vampire smirked,"Yet's just say that I'm the kind of vampire that other vampire's fear. I have two forms. The one I'm in now, and another one which you should pray you will never have to see." When Shizuru just stared blankly at her she added, "I can also go out in the day time."

"Ah." was all Shizuru said.

They said nothing for several moments before the woman said, "My name is Aglaia."

"Shizuru Kuwabara," she said holding her hand out. They shook hands then Shizuru asked, "What are you doing here?"

Aglaia smiled, "I saw you fighting those vampires and now I want to train you to become even stronger."

"So you were just randomly standing there for no reason, and just happened to see what happened?" Shizuru asked rising an eyebrow.

"Wow, you are smart for a six year old," Aglaia said.

"How did you know I was six?"

"It's a... vampire thing."

Shizuru stared at her for a moment, then asked, "What kind of training did you have in mind?"

"That's not important, what matters now is if you trust me or not." Aglaia said.

Shizuru smile, "I do trust you, I don't know why, but I feel like we've met before."

Aglaia held out her hand. "So... partners?"

"Partners." Shizuru said. She may not have known it, but the power she would gain because of this woman would some day save many worlds from destruction.
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