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Recap: Okai so last chapter Hidan introduced me to the Akastuki members, and YES I know Konan isn't in it. (I hate her) and then deidara told me that Leader (Pein) had a mission for me.

"Woot! My first mission, CHA!" When I stopped my happy spree I jumped off my bed and got my cloak and ring on. "See ya later!" I ran out of the room with a big smile on.

Two minutes later I came to two but doors and slightly opened one. "Hello?" I opened the door and peeked in, then Leader spoke. "Come in, Sisongo." I opened the door the rest of the way and walked in.

Standing infront of the Leaders' desk were the two men from before, Itachi and Kisame. Itachi looked at me with the 'Don't Talk To Me' look, so I ignored him. "Sisongo, i'm assigning you a mission. But since you're new, and not farmiliar with anything in this world, Itachi and Kisame will be helping with training you and helping you with missions." He stated.

"Hai, Leader sama. But what is my mission?" I asked.

"Your mission find Orochimarus' hideout." He stood up and handed me a scroll. "You'll need to read some of this before you leave, you're dismissed."

I took the scroll, nodded, and headed back to my room where, oddly, Tobi was still sitting in. Noticing hoe heavy the scroll actually was I let it fall on to the floor.
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