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It Was A Lie When They Smiled, And Said, "You Won't Feel A Thing."

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Caroline's turn=o

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Frank's POV

"WHAT NOW!" Caroline shouted at me, "YOU JUST GOT CREAMED! HA!"

I smirked. That's what she thinks. "Well, I guess I just can't play guitar...spare me one last game?"

"If you're prepared to lose..."

She clicked on expert and chose "Devil Went Down to Georgia." I began with missing a few notes in the beginning and then I started to really play, and I hit every note. I beat her by 10,000 points! "Who's the winner NOW?!" I laughed sticking my tongue out at her.

"Y-you tricked me!" she put on a pouty face.

"Awww I sowwy!" I leaned in to her, "Lemme make it all better."

At that point I leaned in to close the distance between our lips. When I came in contact, it wasn't with her lips. It was her cheek. I opened my eyes to see she had turned away. I sat back up, "I-I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that."

She turned back to face me, "N-no. It's just that...well..."

"W-what is it? You can tell me."

Her eyes began to glisten. "well, my last ended we moved too fast."

"Oh. D-do you wanna talk about it? If you don't I mean, it's okay, but I'm here to listen."

She gave me a small smile through her tears. "Yeah, i-it might be good t-to talk about it..." she took a deep breath, "Well, I met this guy at a party, named Billy. He was really sweet and we began to hang out, but we moved reallyyyy fast, but I thought nothing of it, b-because I loved him. B-by the third date, we...uhm...well...yeah. And I went to call him the next day, a-and he b-broke up with me. He didn't even love me! He j-just wanted...ah!" she began to cry again.

I pulled her into my arms. "C, i-its okay, everything's gonna be okay. You're worth alot more than what he thought. He lost an amazing girl with his stupidity."

She looked up into my eyes. "Y-you really think that Frankie?"

I looked down at her and pulled her into a hug. "Yeah. I do."

She nestled her head into my chest and we fell asleep.

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