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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama,Humor,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2008-08-03 - Updated: 2008-08-03 - 2723 words

Frank’s POV

“Ray, pull over, it’s in this house” I told Ray from the backseat

“Yeah… now you go get them” Gerard said when the car had already stopped and pushed me out of the car.
“Dude! What is it with you?! Always sending me to do these things?!” I asked him
“Because I want you to do them! Now go!” He said pushing me
“No man! You’re coming with me!” I said dragging him with me

“Hey frank! I was wondering…. Where are the girls gonna sit? I mean, we barely fit in that car” Gerard said after he knocked they door.
“uh oh…” I said realizing he was right, and when I was gong to say something, the door opened and Silvana came out.

“Hey guys!” She said with a big smile on her face” You wanna come in? Stephanie will be here in a few seconds ^^” she said moving away to let us in “Wow… to be honest… I never thought you’d call… but never mind… how you guys doing?” She asked
“Uh... we’re great thanks… and really? Why?” He asked
“Well… beca…” she started to say

“Hey Silvana, where’s Stephanie?” I asked not letting her answer Gee.
“Oh! She’s talking on the phone….” and just when she said that, she came out of the hallway with a phone on her hear and she looked pretty good, she was wearing a pair of old converse, tight jeans and a black and red stripped shirt, and her air just the same as yesterday in a ponytail.

“Hey guys! Sorry about that” she said as she hung up
“Its’ okay… no problem…. So… shall we go?” Gerard said already heading to the door

We were already on our way to the car when Steph noticed it
“Guys… how the hell are we gonna fit in the tiny thing?” She asked
“Yeah… we were wondering the same thing…” I said finally reaching the car.
“I know what if Mikey sits in the passenger seat with Bob and you four sit on the back seat?” Ray suggested
“NO WAY! Im not sitting with Bob¬¬… I know! We can sit the same way we were sitting on our way here, and you girls can sit on our laps” Mikey said like it was the most obvious thing ever, leaving everyone with an O.O expression on our faces
“Yeah, works for me… c’mon” Gerard said getting into the back seat.
“yeah! C’mon girls…” I said doing the same thing as him, after the three of us were sitting, Steph and Silvana got inside and Silvana sat on Gee’s Lap and Steph on mine.

“So… guys, where are we going?” Silvana asked
“Ooh! … Actually… we thought you could tell us where to go… cuz you’re the ones that know the place….” Gerard said
“Oh my god, haha.. well.. Mhm… let me think… I know! There is…” and I couldn’t listen to the rest of their conversation because I remembered I wanted to get to know Steph and well, just talk =D

“So… Stephie… who were you talking to earlier… I mean… cuz I heard something about the new song and ... well yeah ^^” I said
“What did you call me?” she asked
“Mhm…” I thought for 2 seconds “Stephie? What? Is that wrong?”
“Oh! Hell no! It’s just that the last time I was called that… I was in kindergarden” she said laughing
“Oh! I’m special then… ^^” I said
“hahahaha… sure you are ^^
“anyways… tell me… what new song?” I asked very curious
“Oh! mhm … I was talking with one of my best friends, one of the other girls of the band actually”
“Awesome! So you girls have a new song? When will we listen to it?” I asked her
“Umm… well I don’t know… it’s not finished yet…” she said a little ashamed
“Ha-ha okay, okay, but I wanna hear it as soon as its done okay” I said

“Anyways… where are you from? I mean because your accent is not from around here” I asked very curious.
“hahaha yeah, I was born in New York, but when I was around 12, I moved to Kansas”
“Oh! So all your family lives in Kansas now?
“Mhm... nope, my grandparents and aunts and cousins do. But we moved back to New York when i was 17”
“when you moved to California?
“Mhm… a couple of months ago” she said as she turned her head away and sadness appeared in her eyes
“Why?” I asked
“Mhm… well…” she thought for a moment “Silvana and I got kicked out of school… so we decided to come here and look for a job or something”
“Wow! why did you get kicked out??”

“Ha-ha well, we’ve always been the trouble maker. One day we were in photography class, and mhm… I was wondering what happened if I mixed a couple of chemicals with electricity, and well… We blew up the whole room, it was stained with who knows what, and yeah… out =D and to top it all, the chemicals reached our eyes and we were blind for like a week
“Awesome!! xD I would have wanted to see that xD” I said laughing my ass off “oh my god xD … then, that’s when you met Silvana, in college?” I asked

“you ask lots of questions you know that?!”
"Yes, I pride myself on it!" I joked “I’m sorry! I just want to get to know you. :P” I said and smiled at her

“haha, okay… mhm… actually I’ve known her since we were 5…”
“you know each other since you were 5?! O.o” I asked surprised after a while of laughing
“Yep, even thought I lived in Kansas we still kept in touch and visited each other all the time. When I moved back to NY we started hanging out a lot more and we grew closer"
“wow… you’ve known her for a long time then :O”
“Yep… aroung 15 or 16 years ^^” she said proud of it

“Awesome!! So then, you must be 20?” I asked “You don’t look a day over 20”
“hahaha xD you think?!” she said laughing and blushing. God, she was really cute when she blushed. “yeah, well, I turned 21 last month, in February”

“AWESOME! I was close, wasnt I?” I said laughing. “Im turning 22 this October!” I said “you little baby xD, I'm older than you for… mhm… 4 months xD” I said
"October what?" she asked laughing
"31st. I'm a Halloween baby. And you're February..."
”3rd, meaning you’re not that big! Just three months apart! Not four!” she said laughing and suddenly Gerard called our names

“So guys, Silvana said that there is this bar that had just opened… we can go there and have some fun =D” he said
“Okay” both of us said in unison and all of them gave us weird looks

Several hours later, after almost all of us were totally wasted… cough, Gerard, cough we decided it was time to go and we left the girls at their house and headed to our hotel/house for the next week

“So what do you think?", Mikey asked us.
"They’re nice." Ray said.
"And don't forget hot." Bob added.

"So what do you think Frank” Mikey asked.

"They’re really nice."
"Is that all?"
"Yeah why?"
" I was just seeing the way you stared at Steph. When she was talking to everyone else" he replied
"I like Silvana." Gerard added in a drunken state and Mikey laughed.

"I have eyes where else would they go when she’s talking?" I said not paying attention to Gerard
"No, it was the look in your eyes."
“Ha-ha yeah man, you liked her didn’t you?” Bob asked

“No way, I mean I liked her when I first met her. But now that I got the chance to know her… she’s really cool and funny and I liked her… but as a friend! Nothing else” I said trying to stop them to start the interrogatory. “Besides, I have a girlfriend”

"Is she with you right now?" I said nothing. "My point exactly she never is when you need her."

"Lets get off the I think you should dump Jamia conversation I've heard it so many times."
"Maybe you should listen to what we're saying and we would quit talking about it." I gave him a look.
"Okay, but when she breaks your heart I don't want to hear it."

After that, the ride was silent, we quickly reached the hotel and said good night to each other and went to our rooms and straight to bed.

Silvana’s POV

It was already 5 pm when I decided to leave the ‘restaurant’ and go home and see if Stephanie was already up… ‘I don’t understand how the hell she can sleep that much… she’s been sleeping for over 13 hours… I can’t even stand 10 hours sleeping’ I thought

As I was thinking that, I didn’t realize I was already at the house, so I just opened the door and walked in.

“Steph!! I’m home!” I yelled… no answer, so I decided to go check her room and as always, I was right, she was still sleeping so I walked towards her bed and sat beside her.

“How could I’ve asked why you’d sleep so much… you’ve been through a living hell... I guess that sleeping is the only thing that makes you happy” I said looking at her face that looked so peaceful “God… you have no idea how much I want to help you” I said touching lightly her face and the moment I was getting up, the bell rang and I quietly left her room.

“Hey Silvana!” The guys said when I opened the front door.
“Hey!! Come on in!” I said letting them in, and all of us went straight to the living room and sat in front of the TV.
“So? What’s up? What are you guys doing here?” I asked as I was sitting down.

“Well… we’ve come to… hug ^^” Frank said randomly making everyone to stare at him with a ‘you jerk’ look… I found it funny because Stephanie always says that when she arrives anywhere

“No, honestly … Silvana, we came here cuz we need your help” Mikey said
“Uh huh…”
“Well… today, when we were having breakfast… we were talking and we realized that we’re sick of the hotel… and we don’t wanna spend our week off ‘living’ there” he continued.
“We were wondering if you could help us find a place on lease for the next week” Gerard said

“We, as in you had the bright idea and your friends joined?” I said quickly.
“Damn, you’re good” he said grinning “Mhm, exactly. The guys agreed” he said. I just stayed there for like 5 minutes, thinking until something hit me and left me wondering why I didn’t think that before

“Why don’t you guys stay here? There are only 2 rooms free… but we’ll figure something out ^^” I suggested
“what?! Really?! Would you do that for us?!” Ray said

“Sure! No problem! Well I have to tell Stephanie, but Im sure she’ll agree” I said pretty excited and then I heard tons of ‘yeahs’ and a ‘weeeeh’ coming out of Frank xD
“And… where is she?” Frank asked
“A nap?” Bob asked
“Mhm… nope, she’s been sleeping since we got home last night”
“what?!” Everybody yelled
“But it’s 5 pm!!” Frank said in shock
“How the hell can someone sleep that much?!” Gerard said
“hahaha xD who knows xD”
“Can we wake her up?” He said pretty excited with and evil grin on his face
“No fucking way!! She gets pissed when someone wakes her up!” I said and got a chorous of aww’s

We spent an hour and a half talking and joking and I found out that Gee and I have tons of things in common and we got along pretty well.
Then we heard something coming from the hallway and I turned around to see Steph walking down the stairs in her pj’s which was a black bra and a pair of dark red pj boxers.

“STEPHIE!!” Frankie yelled and ran to hug her and spun her around after checking her out
“haha, sexy” Ray said and whistled.
“Nah, she needs to lose the boxers and she will be sexy” Gerard said smiling innocently, I smacked him in the head
“I’ll be right back” she said blushing and run upstairs.within about 3 minutes she was back in a Rancid shirt and jeans.
“STEPHIE!! Its you again!” Frank yelled and spun her around again, then in a blink both of them were already sitting on the couch laughing.
“OH MY GOD! You are fucking lazy!!” Gee said “you still have a sleepy face!” She just smiled at him
“Hey dude!” I cut him off
“Yeah?” She asked
“The guys are looking for a place to stay for the two weeks and…” I started
“Really?” She said pretty excited
“Yeah!” Frank said
“Yeah… well… I told them…”
“Why don’t you guys stay here?” She cut me off and smiled
“Yeah… that’s exactly what I told them”
“What do you said?”
“Well… isn’t it obvious?! Duh! Of course we’ll stay here with you!” Frank said with the biggest smile ever hugging Stephanie
“Really?! Oh my god! That’s awesome!” She replied with a huge smile in her face and hugged Frank back. I was surprised, ‘this was the first time I’ve seen her smile… I mean for real, its not a fake smile… she’s actually happy’ i though as i smiled

After hours, the guys had already picked their stuff up and chosen their rooms; Bob and Ray had to share the room that was next to the living room and Gee, Mikey and Frank had to share the one next to ours

“Hey… why the hell do you have 4 bedrooms, if it’s only the two of you living here?” Gerard asked
“Because, we thought we could need them if our friends or Stephanie’s sisters visited her, that’s why they look so girly” I told him.
“Oh! You have sisters?” Mikey asked her
“Yep, 1 little sister” she said. I turned shocked to face her, she looked at me and then looked away. ‘Why she told them she had 1 sister instead of 2?’ I thought and stared at her confused

“Oh! And how old is she?” Gerard asked with an evil grin
“you perv…”she said giving him a dirty look “she’s 16 years old”
“Oh!” He said blushing
“Pervert ¬¬” she said joking

“And when can we meet her?” Frank asked
“Mhm… she lives in NY…” she said and her face turned sad
“Oh” he said noticing it as well

We kept talking for a really long time… and I noticed that Frank and Stephanie were in a different world, talking of who knows what.
It was already midnight when we decided we should go to bed, and so we did.

Frank’s POV

I was in my bed, pretty tired but yet I didn’t feel like sleeping, plus I couldn’t because Mikey and Gerard were already sleeping and Gee was snoring xD which made me regret chose to sleep with him

I was thinking about Steph, she was an awesome girl… and man! I liked her! ‘But, jeez… I better leave it there… in friend terms… is better off that way’ I said to myself.

But there’s this thing… when I look into her eyes…. They are beautiful as hell... But they showed so much emotion. So much sadness.

She doesn’t seem the type of girl that feel that way… she looked and acted happy and so full of life… I don’t get it

“Man, she’s perfect” I whispered and with that thought and her image in my head I fell asleep.


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