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Chapter 1

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Have you ever been in love with your best friend? I know I have, and his name is Nick Jonas. ~A Jonas Brothers fanfic~

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Wyckoff, New Jersey. Summer 2007
Basically Kevin, Joe, Nick, Frankie, Adrianna [Squirt], and I have been best friends since what happened in 2000. More like brothers and sisters! We do everything together. Eat, shop, watch movies, you name it! Of course, they got older and became known to the world as the Jonas Brothers but, they still take time off to be with us. But I wanted to be more than just friends. The truth was, I have liked Nick ever since we were little and I haven't told anyone except for my 2 best friends Lizzy & Kayla and Nick's 2 older brothers Joe & Kevin. They have always told me to tell him but, I have always said no because it could ruin our friendship and then things would feel pretty awkward.
"Goodbye! We'll see you in a week!", Nick said shutting the door. Well there goes the girl I'm in love with. Again. Another day without her being my girlfriend. Nick said to himself. Nobody is home! I could've asked her out and nobody would have known but us. But of course I was too worried about our friendship to do anything about it. Whatever. Nick started putting away the Playstation controllers when he heard the door open.
"Hey Nick," Joe said hanging up his jacket. "What have you been doing?? Playing Playstation by yourself with 2 controllers?!?"
"No, Joe. Gel came over and we played Playstation for an hour. Then she had to go pack up for Florida because she's leaving tomorrow morning and will be back in about a week." Nick said with dissapointment.
"Ohhh." Joe said ignoring the tone of Nick's voice. "So what are we going to do for a week? I mean we aren't on tour, we aren't working in the stuido. Videogames are kinda boring and Gel and Squirt are the only girls that aren't related to us that won't scream when we come within 100 feet of them."
"I don't know but I'm sure we'll think of something," said Kevin standing in the doorway. "Okay so, what did I miss?"
"Gel and Squirt are going away for the week." Nick said
"And we don't know what we are going to do for the week." said Joe finishing the sentence.
"Well like I said, we will think of something." Kevin replied.
The Next Day
Beep! Nick woke up from his cell phone indicating that he had a new text message. Who could that be? It's 8:30 in the morning! Nick looked down and hit view message. Hey it's from Gel! The message read: Hey Nick are you awake yet? He hit reply and quickly typed: I am now. When I got the message I wrote back: Oh I'm sorry did I wake you up?? He wrote: Oh no it's fine. I wrote: Oh well me and Squirt wrote you guys something and stuck it on your front door. It's for you, Kevin, Joe and Frankie to read. Ok well I gotta go I'm gonna get in trouble for texting too early and I'll try texting you guys later today. Hasta la bye-bye! Hasta la bye-bye. Nick said silently. Remembering what I said Nick ran downstairs and went out on the front porch and looked on the front door. The note said:
Hey guys! By the time you get to read this note we will probably already be gone. But we just wanted to let you know that we will miss you! While we are down in Florida we'll try to get something special for each of you. We'll call you whenever we get the chance. So yeah see you later! From: Gel & Squirt

Nick kept on staring at the same sentence over and over: "We just wanted to let you know that we will miss you!" Hmm just friends... Suddenly Nick had an idea. He threw the note down on the table, grabbed his guitar, and started writing.
"Okay so here's what I have so far," Nick told Kevin and Joe. And then Nick began to sing:
"There she goes again
The girl I'm in love with
It’s cool we're just friends
We walk the halls at school
We know it’s casual
It’s cool we're just
I don't wanna to lead you on
But the truth is I've grown fond

Everyone knows it’s meant to be
Falling in love just you and me
Till the end of time
Till I’m on her mind
It'll happen
I've been making lots of plans
Like a picket fence and rose garden
I'll just keep dreaming
But it’s cool cause we're just friends
"So, what did you think?" asked Nick.
"That was good." Kevin said.
"I like it!" Joe exclaimed.
"Oh yeah and Gel and Squirt wrote us a note. Hold on I'll go get it." Nick said walking toward to dining table. "Here you go. I'll go get Frankie in a minute so he can read it too." Beep! "Oh there goes my phone. Hey look it's Gel! And Squirt." Nick was about to hit view but Joe interrupted.
"Dude, Gel is like the only person you answer for besides our parents. Even when Kevin and I call you're just like 'I'm not gonna answer it'. Do you like her or something?"
"Maybe," Nick said blushing.
"Oh yes you do. Ha ha ha ha ha ha I knew it! See I'm smart." Joe said running around in circles and jumping up and down. "Oh dude can I tell her?"
"No no no no no no! It would ruin everything. Let's just keep it a secret between us okay?" Nick asked.
"Okay fine. Here give me the note. I'll go get Frank now since you are probably going to be on the phone." Joe said running upstairs with Kevin behind him.
With Joe and Kevin gone, Nick quickly grabbed his cell phone and opened up the text. It said: Hey! I found you guys gifts and I think you are going to like them. But don't text me right back because I'll be in line for a roller coaster for about 30 minutes and I wouldn't enjoy vibrating while I'm riding a roller coaster. Talk to you later :]
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