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Starting Over This Time On my Own

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Rachel Simmons is a normal 19 yeard old girl but...Her parents are acoholics and cocaine addicts, she saves her brother but can she save herself from utterly falling in love with Ryan Ross? Obvious...

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Rachel grabbed her brother from her fathers grasp quickly and he struck her to the face with his palm open, she screamed and told him to go to the car and she would meet him there with his things. She grabbed him duffle back and ran down the stairs of her parents room apartment.

“Are you hurt?”She asked him worried as her eyes brimmed with tears.

“No, your lip...its bleeding.”He said to her.

“Oh, Micheal. I'll be fine.” She said smiling weakly as they began driving to her new apartment in town Las Vegas.

“Look I have to work tonight so, you have to stay home alone. Is that okay?” She asked him as they pulled into the parking lot.

“I'll be fine.”He said to her giving her a hug.

“Alright, make sure your in bed before 12.”She said to him smiling.

“Alright, have fun!”He said to her and she laughed.

“Oh I will try, trust me.”She said laughing as she pulled out trying to use concealer to cover the bruse that was forming on her cheek. She put on some lip gloss and eye liner once she pulled into the clubs parking lot. She sighed, backto the old rutin. She thought as she entered the club.

“Hey, Marcus.”She said smiling.

“Hey, we got some famous kids tonight, go get there orders.”Marcus said to her smiling.

“Will do...” She said walking over to their table she almost laughed when she saw who they were.

“Well, hello there sweet heart.” The one with big pouty lips said to her, she knew him as Brendon.

“What can I get you guys tonight?”She asked and the smallish one next to him looked down.

“A sprite?”He asked and she laughed.

“Alright, a sprite and...” She said.

“We don't drink much tell what you got...”Brendon said smirking slightly.

“Well, it depends are you wanting to get wasted or not.” Rachel said to grinning.

“Nah, not completely.” He said to her and She looked up thinking.

“How about a Margarita?”Rachel said to him and he grinned.

“Alright then, 4 Margarita's.” He said to me and I wrote it down. I went to walk away and he grabbed my hand and pulled me into his lap.

“Then maybe me and you can talk hm?”He asked her and she gulped.

“No, Im busy tonight sorry.” Rachel said standing.

“Well then would you mind telling me who gave you that lovely busted lip?”Brendon asked curiously.

“I don't believe thats any of your business.” She said walking off.

“Whats wrong?”Marcus asked.

“He is too touchy feely, he asked about my lip.”She said feeling it.

“Ah, he hit a nerve.”Marcus said to her shaking his head.

“Here are their four Margaritas.”He said to me and Rachel walked over and set the tray on the table. They all handed her money for their drinks and She smiled, the smallish one was staring at her.

“What? Something on my face?” She asked wondering.

“No, your beautiful.”He said to her and a faint blush touch her cheeks.

“Hey, wanna dance?” She asked him.

“Sure.”He replied grinning. She took his hand and they walked out to the dance floor his hands on her hips the whole time, her face was extremely close to his and the music seemed to stop when he quickly pressed his lips to hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he held her close to him, a tear escaped her eye knowing he was just in it to see if her could get in her pants. She pulled away and wiped the tear from her pale featured face.

“Hey, you alright?”He asked concerned.

“Im fine, just so you know. I'm not letting you get into my pants.” She said to him.

“I don't want in your pants, your beautiful, Im not like Brendon.”He said smirking.

“Can I get your number?”He asked her smiling softly.

“Yeah.” She said writing it down on a napkin and handing it to him.

“Call me later tonight.” She said smiling as she walked off, he went and sat down at the table.

“Dude, how'd you do that?”Brendon asked and Rachel laughed since she was at the table right next to them.

“Affection goes along way man, and besides It wasn't like I was lying to her.”Ryan said to him shrugging slightly as brendon glared at him evily.

When Rachel's shift was over she walked out to her car and began her drive hom, she pulled into the parking lot just as he cell phone rang. “Hello?”She answered.

“Hey, its Ryan.”He said to her and she smiled.

“You mean the guy I dance with cause you never gave me a name.”She said to him grinning as she walked into the apartment.

“Micheal, your supposed to be in bed.” She said to him and Ryan raised and eyebrow.

“Sorry my brother just moved in with me. Family problems.” She said to him and he sighed.

“Yeah those suck.”He said laughing a bit.

“Is that your boyfriend?” Micheal asked.

“No, he isnt my boyfriend, he is just someone I met tonight.” She laughed at Micheal.

“Oh, okay.” Micheal said going to the bedroom and going to bed.

“He sure is curious isnt he?”Ryan asked her.

“Just trying to protect me.” She said to him sighing.

“Ah, whats your name?”He asked her.

“Rachel Simmons.” She replied.

“That name fits you so well.” He said laughing.

“Really?” She asked.

“You look like a Rachel.”He said to her smirking to himself.

“You think so, hpmh, guess my parents did one thing right.” She muttered thinking he didnt hear her.

“Your parents that bad?”He asked her concerned.

“They were, I moved out, then I went and got micheal before I came to work.” She said to him quietly.

“The bust that from-” Ryan asked.

“Yeah, my dads a drunk, my moms a cocain addict.” She said to him.

“My dads a drunk to.”He said to her.

“It sucks, because when I was ak id they never had time for me.” She said sighing. “Never had the family life you see on T.V some time we didnt even have water.” She said sighing slightly.

“I know how you feel.” Ryan said to her feeling closer to her than before.

“Well, I have to work tomorrow, I have to do a photoshoot for a upcoming band, so talk to you later?” She asked.

“Sure.”He said and she grinned.

“Good night ryan.”She said.

“Good night rachel.”He replied then hung up.

Brendon walked in still with the pouty lips.

“I still hate you Ross.” He said and Ryan laughed.

“But Brennie! I love you!”He yelled hugging his friend and Brendon laughed slightly.

“If you loved me you would have gotten her to like me.”Brendon said to him laughing.

“She was abused, by her dad Brendon.”Ryan said softly.

“Seriously?”He asked shocked.

“Yeah, and she is doing out photo shoot tomorrow. She is taking care of her brother Micheal so he doesn't have to live with their parents.” Ryan told him so he would know exactly what she was going through.

“Well, then I guess you better work your charm on her George Ryan Ross. Or I will steal her from you!” Brendon said jokingly.

“AH! NO!”Ryan yelled at the use of his first name.

Brendon laughed and ran from him as he chased him around apartment living room, Ryan tackled him.

“Never use the first name again!”He said tickling him.

“Okay okay okay!”Brendon laughed as he shoved Ryan off him.

“Well, now that thats over, Im going to bed George.”Brendon said sprinting to his room as Ryan chased him again but failed when he shut and locked the door.
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