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" She comes in between us and tears us down ".

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Your not happy with just killing her you have to kidnap her again too?.

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Harrow here this is my update for this story don't worry i haven't forgot about it enjoy:

Gerard stood there hands behind his back arms and eyes casted down and everyone stood around him they wanted to know why it was that he had a 13 year old girl in his bunk bed frank especially is that why gerard did'nt want anyone to go back there?. " Are you going to tell us? " frank said looking quite serious " yes " gerard answered looking up at him then all of the others and he started:

" You know last night when we had the party? well once you all went to bed i went out to take a smoke and stopped in the park nearby the bus and that's where i found her. She was out there wrapped up in a bag lying there just bleeding with that gash on her forehead i was worried for her so i took her back to the bus and put her in my bunk and i was going to tell you all about her but it for a minute slipped my mind. "

Frank beganned to slowly smile along with the others and mikey said " i knew you were'nt a killer " and the others agreed and silently gerard breathed. He had on the spot fabricated that lie he guessed that's what you got when you could both sing, draw, and create stories and they brought it. But seriousily gerard never meant to cost her harm though he just wanted her to respect him and stop denying him so much and if she could do that he would be kind to her and would smuther her so much with love she would drown in it.

Gerard and frank and brian schecther the manager accompanied linden to the hospital and stood outside the door as the doctor talked with brian about her condition the doctor talked about how frank had saved her because if she was to stay there anymore she would have died. Then brian asked about why she had'nt moved in the past 3 days and he said her body had given out because she had'nt been fed in 3 days or bandaged up in days constantly bleeding.

That evening april had left the house of michelle's and high's she was pissed off at them because they did'nt seem to care anymore but the police called her down to their offices and told her that they could now carry out their search warrant to find her daughter this made her estatic!. They told her that they would start off interviewing all those that lived around her and little linden and those that had any contact with them, they also said that they would investigate any possible enemies and put up sign's and cash rewards for tips on where linden might be they would also they said send out undercover cops to watch for her.

Back at the hospital frank and gerard had fell to sleep and the security for the hospital had stopped making their rounds and slowly linden had finally woken up. She was dizzy and her mouth dry and her forehead had been banging with pain but she felt alright she looked around her surroundings which were white walls and a white hard floor the air was too clean and it was somewhat cold. No one was here with her and finally linden did'nt feel so scared she reached up and slowly touched her head to feel the papery feel of a bandadge and the out print of a cut she then looked down to see that she was dressed in a white robe linden realized she was in a hospital.

Gerard woke up with the realization linden might try to get away so he sat up for awhile and looked around the building was quiet and cold the people at the front desk had went home and it was only the patients and a couple of security left here now. Gerard stood up and put his hands in his pockets he had to go and find her or atleast stand outside her room he could'nt let her go he had slowly fell inlove with her now.

Harrow here quite short i know but this is for all of you enjoy here goes the picture i owe go ahead stare at it and review!

Bye review okay until next time.
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