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Ch.8: Mission Complete

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Bullets, handcuffs, and darkness

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"You fucking liar! I going to kill you!" he screamed. Right when he said that I was already at his feet. He was ready to pull the trigger so I grabbed him by the ankles and pulled, so he went face down to the floor, but before he hit the floor...he pulled the trigger.

The bullet hit the wall that was in front of him and ricochetted(sp?) and right when he hit the floori was standing up and got hit. The pain...UNBAREABLE, but I couldn't let anyone else get hurt.

I jumped on his back, ignoring the pain as best as i could, and kicked the gun out of his hand. I slowly got up off of him, pointing the gun at him, "Stay down or I'll shoot!" I screamed, mostly 'cause of the pain, "Put your hands behind your back!" He did. I got the pair of handcuffs from my back pocket (they work wonders). "Ember, here, catch!" I tossed her the gun,
"Quick-E-Mart!" That was code for, do what you do in a Liquor Store hold-up.

"Okay, everyone OUT NOW!" she screamed, "Single File." While she was doing that I started searching him...a pocket knife, another gun, and....a joint? Already lit...

"Get up now! Or my friend over there will shoot you!" He did. I pushed him up against the wall and handcuffed him. I looked behind me and there looking dumbfounded was My Chemical Romance, well except for Gerard....he was crying.

"OH MY GOD! Thank you so much! You saved my life!" The rest of MCR cleared their throats, "I mean OUR lives!"

"Stop crying Gerard, it's alright. Everyones fi-" and then I blacked out.

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