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Meeting in Starbucks

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~~~~~~~~Joes POV~~~~~~~~
I look in front of me and one of the girls are looking at me. When she seen that I was looking at her she turned away and was telling the guy what she wanted. We walked up right behind them. I think she new I was behind her because she got a little tense. She ordered a vanilla late. They walk away to a table and it's our turn to order. Kevin orders an iced coffee. Nicks not really one for coffee so he orders some kink of juice or something.

"What would you like sir?" they guy asked
"I'll just have a vanilla late." i said to him
"I didn't know you liked that kind." Kevin said
"Eh.. I wanna try something new." I said to him

We got our coffees and I walked,almost ran, over to the table beside the three girls. Kevin and Nick followed me.

"What's the hurry?" Nick asked
"I..just want to get a good seat." I said hopeing he'd buy it
"Uh..Joe if you haven't noticed all ready there is like no one here." he said
"Ya there is. Those girls sitting over there." I said looking at the girls
"What Ever. Lets just sit down." he said taking a seat

The one girl that looked at me earlier took another glance over at us.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Kaycies POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I look over at Joe Jonas and he was looking back at me so I turn my head back over to my friends like I did earlier like an idiot.

"Guys, look I told you that it was the Jonas Brothers." i said feeling all big
"Woah! OMG it is the Jonas Brothers and I care why?" Mandy asked
"I just wanted to proove that it was them." i said
"Welp you were right, now arnt your parents having a party Saturday?" Lily asked
"Oh, ya they are!" I said a little louder than I should have

Joe keeps looking over at me or is he looking at Mandy or Lily. Im gunna be sad if he is because he is my favorite Jonas Brother. Just them my ringtone "Burnin' UP" goes off. I try and get it out of my back pocket, but it's kinda hard since im wearing skinny jeans. I finally get it out and look to see who it is and its Mandy.

"Are you gunna pay attention to us or just stare at the Jonas Brothers all day."
"Sorr-r i got a little distracted by their beauty."
"What Ever."

She ends the call and I put my phone back in my back pocket.

"So like we were talking about the party. Who's all coming?" Lily asks
"Well, like everybody that my parents know are coming." i say
"That includes us right?" Mandy asks
"Yes, when I said everyone I ment EVERYONE." I said with a laugh
~~~~~~~~~~~~Joes POV~~~~~~~~~~
The girls phone rang and it was our song Burin' Up. She's totally a Jonas Brothers fan.

"Joe are you ok?" Kevin asks
"Ya.. Ya im fine." I say
"Well, your not talking as much as usually somethings not right." Kevins says
"I know what it is. That girl sitting in front of the other two girls has Joe's attention." Nick spills
"Oh what ever Nick." I try to cover it up
"Why don't we just talk to them." Kevin says getting up and heading twards the girls
~~~~~~~~~~Kaycies POV~~~~~~~~
I look over and Kevin Jonas is heading over to Mandy,Lily, and me.

"Hey ladies." Kevin says
"Hey." we all say back
"My brother,Joe, over there has been looking over at you." Kevin tells us

When Kevin Jonas said you he was looking directally at me.

"So, I was just wondering if I could get your name?"Kenin asks
"Umm.. sure. My name is Kaycie and theses are my two bestfriends Mandy and Lily." I said pointing them out
"Awesome and Im Kevin that's Nick and like i said earlier over there is Joe." he said explaining
"Haha I know who you guys our. I like your music." I said
"Thanks. I better be getting back to them over there and Joe." Kevin said turning around

"Wow did Kevin Jonas Just come over to us?" Lily said still shocked
"Yes, I do beleive that was Kevin." I said with a laugh
~~~~~~~~~~~~Joes POV~~~~~~~~~
I can't beleive Kevin just went over there to ask them their names. I am so embaressed. Kevin is walking back over to Nick and I.

"Well, The one sitting by herself is Kaycie. The other two are Mandy and Lily." Kevin said sitting down
"I can't beleive you went over there and asked them that." I said putting my head on the table
"If I didn't who would. I know you wouldn't." he said taking a drink of his coffee

I looked at the girls or should I say Kaycie,Mandy,and Lily now and they were getting up to leave. I didn't want them to leave only really knowing Kevin, so I get up and walk over to them.

"Hey I'm Joe." I said holding out my hand to Kaycie
"Ummm.. Hey I'm Kaycie." she said
"Im sorry about my brother,Kevin, coming over like that." i say apologetically
"Oh it's totally cool. It's not everyday that you get to meet a Jonas Brother or Jonas Brothers." She said with a laugh
"I like your laugh." I said not knowing that I just said that
"Thanks." she said a little weirded out
"Well, where are you guys going?" I asked

She looks at her friends and then looks back at me.

"We are probablly just going to walk back to my house."
"Well how far away do you live?"
"About 4 blocks from here."
"Hey well, we can give you guys a ride back."
"Oh you really don't have to."
"No, I don't, but I want to."
"Well, ok if you insist."
"Let me go tell Kevin what we are doing then we can leave." I say walking back over to my brothes
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