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Bella Freeman had been in a very bad car accident that she could not even talk anymore! Her dreams was also shot in the air, because she wanted to become a singer. Can her best friend Joe Jonas hel...

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(I do not own the Jonas Brothers or their songs! I just own the plot and my oc Bella)

Head lights blinding, horns blowing for us to move out of the way, but it was to late I can barely move, my mom can barely move the car.

We were like a deer caught in headlights, so I did the only thing I could do.

I forced my sister head down to the floor board of the car, hoping for her safety.

The car slides off of the road in minutes, trying to dodge one another, but the driver was not very lucky, and neither was my family and I.

My sister shuts her eyes closed scared, while mom trying to keep us all alive the best she could.

My dad looks like he had just fainted and for me I was panicking.

The other car hit mom side of the car which pushes us right back on the high way, where another poor car barely manage to dodge.

The windshield was busted now. sadly.

The car come to a stop, and I know the terror so far has just begun.

My head started to pound, I look in the front seat in a flash, then I saw red liquid flushing down their bodies, my eyes widen in fear while shaking both my mom and dad, but they made no movement of life.

I reached back to my seat with tears in my blue eyes, thinking at least I could save one of my family member, when I looked over to my left side of me towards my sister, but she was too dead.

Blood travel down her forehead, and I hold my self down.

When the sudden realize of reality came to my face.

I was the only surviver.

Tears, continue running down my eyes.

It was amazing that I survive all of that at all.

I wish that the lord would of had killed me too, because their was no way I lived with this for long.

The pain in my head had gotten worse, than before and I could feel my self slowly fainting away.

This was all of my fault, I know it was.

If I didn't beg my mom for singing lessons with Joe, than none of this will had happen and mom, dad and my sister will still be alive.

Hearing, the police come at last, I let my self drift off into a painful slumber.

I opened my eyes and I was in the hospital.

I didn't feel nothing, guessing that the doctor gave me some some thing to numb the pain in my head and my body.

I silently look up at the doctor who was to busy writing something over my report silently that he can on his clip board that he always carries.

I laid lifeless and hopeless on the hospital bed.

I opened my mouth to speak, but to my surprise nothing came out at all.

Not a whisper, nothing.

I can't talk, then last night events returns to my mind, as I find more tears in my eyes once more.

They are really gone.

It was really my fault that they are all dead.

I took full responsibility for their deaths.

I didn't remember what happen next when I feel tears in my eyes fallen from my eyes and then the doctor looked at me scared.

The next thing I know is that the doctor had dropped his clip board and holds me tightly down on the hospital bed, the pain is returning to my body.

I guessed that I jumped on the doctor kicking and punching unexpectedly and he was holding me back down and begging for me to stop, but we both know that I can't.

I didn't even know how it had happen.

I'm a emotional wreck and I'm slowly losing my mind and to add it to that I'm mute now.

More tears fell down from my eyes, realizing that I can't sing.

Meaning that my dream of becoming a singer is 99 percent over now.

My body finally gave in, as I stop all movement of my body.

The doctor pulled back and grabbed his clip board from the ground and rushes out of the room in a hurry.

I can't blame him, I will do the same if one of your clients just hit and punched you unexpectedly.

Great, I'm becoming mental and soon I'll be in that crazy place.

Their was a knock on the room door, and I wonder who in the hell is there.

Maybe it was a nurse, or the same scared doctor from before.

The door open, revealing my best friend in the world a worry Joseph Adam Jonas.

I'm not that big in surprises anymore now, after the accident.

Then in a second he engulf me in a huge hug, that I could barely breath.

I just sit there, didn't hug back like I always do in the past, telling him their was something wrong with me other than the fact that I was in the hospital far.

“I heard what happen, and I'm sorry Bella.” Joe said in his really sorry tone of voice.

Don't remind me I screamed in my head.

I didn't talk and he take it the wrong way.

“You can talk to me, you know.” He said, slightly hurt.

My hands went in front of his face weakly.

I took sign language classes about four years ago when I'm in sixth grade in middle school.

Our English teacher forced us to do so, and I'm glad that she did.

I spell out a simple sent ice, that I hope Joe could understand.

I can not talk, but he only looks at me confuse, so I guessing he don't know sign language well.

“Sorry, Bella I don't know sign language. Maybe I could go get mom and Nick, they know about it. I don't know why you don't talk--”

I have a very annoyed look on my face, some best friend he is.

“Ohhhhhhhh you can't talk!” He said like a five year old who solve a really hard math problem.

I shooked my head in a yes way, a laughing grin reached my face, seeing Joe's impression.

Why should I be laughing now?

My family had died in a car accident and I was with them, but have survived a mere day ago.

I think that what your best friend Joseph Adam Jonas had affect on you.

Then his face trouble again and I broke out into a wider grin.

He really looks cute when he is thinking hard.

OMG did I just thought of that?

Bad Bella, Bad Bella don't think about him like that.

“This is a problem then.” He said, and I was surprised that I didn't lash out on him like I did to the doctor before.

Maybe he is my cure.
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