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It's the day off and Bob and Madison are up for some competition.

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Bob ran off the bus and couldn’t find any sign of them. He went to the parking area where he heard a door slam. ‘Her father’s limo,’ he thought. Problem was there were about fifteen black stretch limo’s. Then from nowhere came Verne with a hot dog and soda.

“Hey Bob. Where’s Madison?” asked Verne.

“I think she’s in the car with Mark.”

“That asshole. Brilliant lawyer, but he’s fucked in the head.”

Bob smiled. As they walked to the limo when Verne opened the drivers side door he could hear crying coming from the back. Verne unlocked all the doors and Bob opened the back door.

“What are you doing here? She doesn’t want to see you. Go back to your pregnant girlfriend,” said Mark seethingly.

“Maddie just give me five minutes, if you want me to leave after then I’ll go.”

She looked at Bob through her tears, “You couldn’t have destroyed me any more than you have.” She turn to Mark, “Can you leave us alone and come back in five minutes?”

“You sure?”

“Yeah.” She turned back to Bob, “You have five minutes.”

“What did you hear?”

“It’s not what I heard, but what I saw. I saw you kiss her the way you kiss me.”

“I’m sorry you saw that baby. I wish you had stayed.”

“Why so I could watch you grope her?”

“So you could hear me tell her that was our last kiss like that. That I love her but I’m in love with you. My mind is so fucked up right now. I’m so fucking confused. Should I be happy about this? Is it really mine? Part of my mind believes it could be mine and it’s a boy. When I touched her stomach and felt him kick. I felt a bond with that baby. I don’t know what to think or what I want. There’s only one thing that’s perfectly clear I love you and don’t want to lose you. You told me before that you believed in us; don’t you believe it any more?

She looked up at him shocked through her tears, “Of course I do.”

“So you forgive me?”

“There’s nothing to forgive, I guess I overreacted.”

“No I would have reacted he same way even worse.”

Bob tentatively moved in and kissed her softly on the lips. Before long it had deepened and their tongues were fighting a battle of dominance. Madison blindly reached for a button and the privacy window went up. Verne took his cue go out of the car and waited outside. Moments later Mark showed up.

“I wouldn’t go there if I were you,” said Verne with a smile.

“Madison told me to come back in five minutes.”

“I think she changed her mind. Last I saw she and Bob were making out then they put up the privacy window. Why do you think they would need the privacy window Mark?”

Mark walked away screaming in frustration, he then kicked a car who’s alarm went off. Verne just laughed at him.

In the limo things were starting to get hot and heavy, then Bob stopped.

“What’s the matter hun?” asked Madison.

“I just feel weird doing it in the back of your father’s limo. How pissed do you think he’ll be if we hijacked it back to my place?”

“He’s probably pretty pissed at you already, so let’s go for it.”

“We can’t you need to say good-bye to everyone and get your stuff. It’s your last day.”

“Back to the real world.”

“I just hope Ali’s gone, I don’t want her upsetting you.”

“You have to deal with Mark being in our lives, I’ll have to deal with Ali and possibly a baby. We’ll be okay.”

“More than okay. Can you tell me something? You knew she was coming didn’t you?”

Madison nodded yes.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because if I did I was scared you might start thinking of her and forget about me. Besides the person who told me wasn’t sure if her source was reliable and it could cause stress that might not need to be there.”

“Promise you’ll never keep anything from me. Whatever it is, we can deal with it together.”

“I promise.”

The bus was silent when they walked on board. Bob looked at everyone and said, “We’re okay really.” While Madison went to get her things that she packed previously, Bob approached William. “I’m sorry I hurt Madison, but you have to know I had no idea my ex was pregnant. If the child is mine I’m going to live up to my responsibilities as a father to provide food, shelter and love. But it’s Madison I’m staying with because I love her. You might think I’m a cad for not marrying the mother, but it won’t be fair to my son if I’m unhappy with whom I’m with, and I would be very unhappy without your daughter.”

“Verne, why don’t you take Madison and Bob home it seems they have a lot to talk about.” He then turned to Bob, “I don’t think you’re a cad, I think you’re a man who knows what he wants but accepts his responsibilities. You never cease to amaze me with your character. You two have gone through so much and you still come back for more. I know you truly love my daughter.”

“Thank you Mr. Trenton,” said Bob as he shook his hand.

“Remember Bill.”

“I thought maybe I lost my Bill privileges.”

“As long as you make my daughter happy, it will be Bill.”

Madison got her stuff and placed the bag next to Bob. Then one by one she gave each band member a hug and kiss. She thanked each one of them and gave them a present indicative of what they meant to her. They were about to leave when Adam came running over, “Hey you weren’t going to leave without saying good-bye?”

“Of course not, we were just headed over,” said Madison.

Adam gave her a huge hug, “Remember what I said if you ever need a friend I’m there.”

She gave him a kiss on the lips, “Thank you.”

Bob looked at the rest of the band, “See you in Englewood.”

Gerard looked at his drummer, “You better be there.”

“I will don’t worry.”

With that they left and got in the limo. Bob gave them the address and they were off. They got to the house and Bob opened the door and reset and put in the alarm code. He set her bag down and scooped Madison up carrying her to his bedroom.

The next morning Bob woke up with Madison lying next to him. He softly brushed hair out of her eyes and kissed her forehead. He loved everything about her, her beautiful green eyes, her soft hair and how they could always work things out no matter what life threw at them. Madison started to stir and looked up, Bob just smiled at her then whispered, “Mornin’”

“Hmmm, I could really get used to this,” smiled Madison.

“We wake up every morning like this.”

“Not in a real bed and alone free to do anything we want.”

“And what do you want to do Miss Trenton?”

She smiled at him and he immediately got the hint.

An hour later they were lying in bed just cuddling, “What would you like to do today Maddie?”

“Stay here right here with you like this?”

Bob laughed, “I thought I was bad.”

“What do you do when you’re home?”

“Usually we get a bunch of friends together and go play Whirlyball.”


“It’s like bumper cars, basketball and lacrosse put together.”

“I never did bumper cars. Sounds like fun.”

“Yeah I miss playing it when we’re on tour.”

“Let’s do that then.”

“Wouldn’t you rather go shopping or have a picnic in the park or something like that?”

“No this sounds like fun. I feel like I missed out in so much growing up the way I did. I never went to a rock show until we went on tour with you, never really had a retail job, never got trapped in the back of a truck trailer.” She looked into his eyes, “Never fell in love.”

“Then Whirlyball it is. We need two teams of five.”

“I’ll tell you what we’ll each get four other people and to be fair two members of each team has to be girls, and then Mr. Bryar my team versus yours.”

“You don’t want to play on the same team?”

“Afraid of a little competition in the relationship?”

“Bring it on.”

Fifteen minutes later they had their teams. Bob had his friend Emo from the concert the previous night and his girlfriend he also got a hold of an old friend Steve and his wife. Bob, Emo and Steve have played Whirlyball together since they were young and won almost all of their games. Bob knew his team would kick ass since Maddie’s team probably never played before.

“So who’s on your team hun?” asked Bob.

“Elisabeth, Dad, Verne and,” she looked down and then raised her eyes, “Mark.”


“Now you promised to that you would accept him in our lives, and I thought this was a fun neutral thing to do.”


“The loser has to be the other’s slave for twenty-four hours.”

“Better go cut those pretty nails ‘cause I got some work for you,” smiled Bob.

Everyone met at the court on West Fullerton Street in Downtown Chicago. William decided to take one of his vintage cars out and Verne took his own car and brought his wife and son who were going to be playing other games that the arena offered. Steve and his wife Kathy were just thankful to get out for the day without their three year-old son Justin who was just a handful. To them whoever made up the saying terrible two somehow missed the threes because they were far worse than two. Emo and Connie were the last to arrive, she missed the show the night before because she was a med student and was on call.

Emo pulled his best friend by the shirt and pulled him back, “Are you two okay?”

“Yeah, we’re good.”

“That was so fucking intense last night. Do you think you’re the dad?”

“We’ll find out when he’s born. Right now I want to forget about the whole thing and kick my girlfriend’s team’s ass.”

Emo high fived Bob, “You know it.”

It was hilarious watching Madison’s team get it together on the court, while Bob, Steve and Emo were playing like a precision team racking up the points and showing no mercy. Twenty minutes into it though Madison’s team now mastering the whirlybugs caught on fire. After an hour of play the score was almost a tie with Bob’s team winning only by two.

William spoke to the group, “I’d like to take everyone out for an early dinner at Kinzie Chophouse around six.”

“We’ll have to ask my mom if she can watch Justin for a while longer,” said Kathy.

“If you have a problem give me a call, here’s my card and we’ll get someone you can trust to care of them.”

“Thank you Mr. Trenton,” said Steve.

“We can’t have two fifths of the winning team not present.”

With that they all left to get ready for dinner. At six o’clock everyone was there they had just ordered appetizers when Madison saw from the corner of her eye Ali. She excused her self and approached the woman.

“Hello Ali we were never properly introduced, I’m Madison.”

“I’m sorry about last night,” said Ali softly.

“Why did you wait seven months before telling him?”

“Bob didn’t leave me much choice, he changed his number, moved even his mother wouldn’t give him my messages. After a while I just stayed in and never really went out.”

“You’ve been going to your doctor appointments right?”

“I did at first but I can’t really afford them now, besides I don’t really think this is any of your business.”

“It affects Bob so I’m making it my business,” said Madison. “Is that why you came back into his life so he can take care of you and your baby?”

“No I’m actually leaving town in a few weeks to have the baby, I just thought he should know before I leave.”

“So your plan is to tell Bob he’s a daddy and then just leave him?”

“What else can I do I don’t the luxuries you have. I’m doing all I can to keep my baby.”

Madison for the first time felt sympathy for the woman that caused Bob so much pain. “How come you’re here.”

“If you must know I had an engagement here but he cancelled because his kid was sick.”

“What kind of engagement?”

“You don’t want to know, honey.”

Madison opened her eyes wide, “You’re sleeping around even though you’re pregnant?”

“A girl and her baby’s gotta eat. Don’t tell Bobby though I want him to think I can be a good mother.” Ali knew she was feeding Madison bullshit, but she didn’t know what else to do. When Mark called her he just wanted Bob to see her and rattle his cage a little, but Madison changed it all when she approached her.

“Why don’t you join us?”

“I really can’t.”

“You need to eat right?”

“It will just be weird.”

“If that’s Bob’s baby like you say it is then it will always be weird. Let’s get it over with, besides you already know half the table.”

“And they hate me for hurting Bobby.”

“I’m sure they don’t hate you and now that you might be carrying his baby, they might feel differently.”

“Bobby’s lucky to have a girl like you, I would have dragged your ass outside and kicked the shit out of you if the roles were reversed. You’re a really classy lady. It’s what Bobby deserves.”

“Thank you,” Madison smiled weakly. “And Ali I want you to start seeing a doctor again I’ll pay the bills and take care of the medical expenses on these conditions. You leave me and Bob alone for the rest of the pregnancy. Bob will see you twice a week when you get further along if possible. If the paternity tests show it’s not his you are out of our lives forever. Deal?”

“Thank you.”

“Lets get something to eat.”

Madison brought Ali to the table to everyone’s shock, especially Bob’s. It was awkward at first but by the time the entrée came everyone was enjoying each other’s company. Bob and Madison both took turns feeling the baby kick. Mark shot glares at Ali throughout the night. When it was time to go home Mark offered to give her a ride home.

“So what was that all about? You and Madison are now best friends?” screamed Mark.

“She saw me so I made up some shit and she invited me over. Ever hear the expression of keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer. Besides we have bigger problems.”

“Like what?”

“That paternity test, the baby isn’t Bob’s.”
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