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Revealed secrets

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Gerard tells his secret and they get an un expected visitor.

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Okay so I decided this chapter is dedicated to Nataliee cause she is my most deidicated reader atm, so thanks to her for her encouragment (:

"You dont have to do this Gerard" Kait said as he was ready to speak. Gerard just ignored this and started to speak.

"About two years ago when I was still drinking I was at a party and basically I fucked this girl, like a one night stand sort of thing. Anyways about 3 days later she managed to get a hold of me and told me she was pregnant. I couldnt believe it, I mean I wasnt ready to be a dad so I told her that it wasnt my problem. I thought that was the end of it but then 4months later she called me again saying that she was going to be having a baby girl. I still couldnt process the news so I told her never to call me again. That was one of the biggest mistakes of my life." He ran his hands throught his hair, took a deep breath and carried on.

"One day this girl showed up to my house, I didnt have a clue who she was but she said she knew me and had something important to tell me so I let her in. She went on to tell me that the girl I had gotten pregnant was dead. I was shocked enough at this but then she told me that she had killed the baby aswell. I couldnt believe it, I had told the girl I didnt care but now they were both dead I was devastated. I found out that she had given birth and about a week later she commited suicide. Two men found her dead, baby in her arms and a note. The note was adressed to me. Four words written on it Now its nobody's problem
--------------------------end flashback---------------------------------------------------------------

Nobody knew what to say to Gerard. They could see how much it tore him up. Bob was the first to speak, "Dont beat yourself up about it dude, its happened and you cant help it now" Gerard shook his head, "Yeah but if only I had cared, She could still be alive, and I...I could have a daughter." They all sat in silence, not knowing what to say.

"Hey guys Its meeeeeee!" there silence was broken by a girls voice from the front door. Everyone turned to see who it was. "Well dont say hello or anything" she chuckled as she walked in. "Vanessa, what are you doing here? I thought you were on holiday for another two weeks" Gerard said, his mood suddenly lifting. "I missed my best fwendy" she joked reaching out her arms for them all to hug her. Everyone rushed up to her apart from Bob and Kait, who didnt have a clue who she was. Mikey noticed this and decided to introduce them. "Bob, Kait, this is Vanessa, Gerards best friend" Kait rushed up and hugged her, which shocked Vanessa. "Finally another girl" she laughed and Vanessa agreed. Bob stood their and akwardly stuck out his hand which Vanessa shook.

(By the way im making it that Vanessa has been on a trip to australia visiting family and when she had left Matt was still in the band, but now she has returned Bob has replaced him, thats how they dont know eachother, so anyway back to the story)

Bob couldnt help but stare at her. She has bleach blonde hair which was short and spiky. Brown eyes that laughed when she did and a tattoo of a Raven on her collarbone. She was quite tall and slim, wearing white skinny jeans and a tight blue top that showed off everything. Bob realised he still had a hold of her hand and she was staring at him staring at her, head tilted smirking at him. "So you going to give me my hand back?" she asked giggling. Bob immediatley let go and blushed. Vanessa made a mental note to flirt with Bob. "So you gunna stay with us for a bit then?" Mikey pleaded. She nodded "Of course I will mikey-kins." He laughed and playfully shoved her, which then turned into a mini wrestling match. Frank jumped at the chance "PILE ONNNNNN" he shouted before crashing on top of them both. The three were trying not to laugh so they could breathe and when Ray finally wrestled Frank back up to standing, Mikey helped Vanessa to her feet.

"Well Im gunna go upstairs, unpack my stuff and get settled, is that okay Gee?" asked Vanessa while picking her things up from the hallway. "Sure Nessa, just make sure your down here for about 9pm, were gunna watch a movie." She came back in and hugged them all before heading back upstairs to unpack. "Aw she seems nice, and it will be good to have a girl to talk to as well" said Kait as she sat down on the sofa next to Frank. Gerard, Mikey, Ray and Bob said they would head over to the store and get some stuff for the movie night. Kait snuggled up to Frank as they sat on the sofa. He leaned down and kissed her on the head and intertwined there fingers. She smiled and moved closer to him. Everything was perfect.
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