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" Don't you wish you could be that pencil sharpener? pt.2 ".

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" As it's sliding in and out i'm imagining this is you ".

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Harrow here dudes sex with inanimate objects how low will he sink? enjoy dudes:

The drinking had begun and the vodka had been mixed and the band practice had ended hours ago but nobody wanted to go home. Gerard had beat everyone in the drinking contest and was still raring to go frank had hung back calmly drinking alone bob had constantly talked to him about how excited he was to be apart of their band frank grew fucking tired of this shit so he got up and hid in ray's room.

Outside in the livingroom adam and gerard flirted holding hands and cuddling all over eachother no one seemed to mind as they continued to drink away gerard silently though wondered where frank was but was too unstable to go and search for him plus adam told him not too he did'nt like frank that much. As the party progressed things grew wilder and adam beganned to dare people to do things by a tempting game of spin the bottle.

Mikey had the bottle unfortunately land on him 5 times which made him completetly shed his clothes. He sat there huddled up and naked but too drunk to care, ray had had to kiss bob, while bob had to suck ray's nipple they were all too drunk to care though. But when it came around to gerard's turn adam had something else in mind for him " this is what i want you to do " said adam slurring " i want you to fuck something anything " and gerard feeling confident and brave quickly agreed.

Excited ray and bob searched the house for something for gerard to shove his dick in and after countless times they found nothing but adam did when he searched gerard's art messenger bag. It was a silver wide mouthed pencil sharpener that could sharpen pencil's, led markers, and anything else ranging from small to really huge. Adam setted it infront of gerard on the nearby kitchen small table and told him to fuck it gerard smiled as adam unplugged it.

Frank from in ray's room heard it suddenly go quiet and wondered what was wrong so he crawled across the floor and opened it slightly. Gerard was some feet away but was facing frank while the others gathered around close up behind him gerard did'nt see frank looking because gerard was looking down slowly running his hands over the crouch of his jeans to prep himself. Frank could hear it like low, sweet, music was the sound that gerard's zipper made as it slid down and revealed pale, pretty, flesh and his erect member he slowly slid his hand down the shaft and around the tip producing beads of milk white precum.

Everyone stared hypnotically at the size of gerard's dick it was again very intimidating but at the same time mesmerizing adam lowered himself to his knee's and looked up at gerard and mumbled " make it last gee bear " and he kissed the tip smearing the precum on his lips and gerard turned to the pencil sharpener and holding it eased himself in. The sharpener was tight fitting around it the further gerard pushed in but he did pushing the tip of it upagainst the sharpener's razor's and moving it in soft, small, circles.

The hole swallowed gerard completely drowning him in pleasure and soaking him in sweat the others watched from the back of him as he shyly at first pushed in and out he held the sharpener from the back pushing it upagainst him in sharp and heavy breath's slamming his hips against it the table slightly rocking from his force. Gerard could hear the others in the back of him encouraging him to pound into it, to literally knock it from the table and fuck it in the middle of the floor but he tuned them out and his mind spaced to the pretty face he looked up to and caught staring back at him from ray's room.

Frank looked on with obvious curiousity on how performed and smart gerard was in moving his hips it was so erotic and heart beating with how gerard looked at him and his eyes sparkled when he seen him bravely looking on. Gerard imagined now that this was frank bent over the table with his ass in the air taking gerard's long and thick lenght as it came moaning deep and screaming loud scratching the wood off the wooden table. He invisioned himself kissing the back of frank's pretty neck and rubbing his hands upagainst the flesh of his slender hips he knew that frank had never probably did ass sex before so he on purpose went slow knowing frank was watching.

Slowly each pump was deliberate and gerard turned the sharpener around so frank could see his long lenght sliding in and out of it he drilled up into it and grunted each time cursing silently for more. Frank felt his own mouth go dry and his member stand on end in his pants he could'nt swallow properly anymore and now no longer could turn away and he found himself not wanting too. Everyone else in the room did'nt see frank sitting there in between ray's door watching- watching gerard fuck himself out of breath he gasped and made tiny crying sounds his words now ran together even making incoherent sounds to himself the others did'nt even try to understand.

Frank stared head on and now and slowly mouthed the words " Faster " and gerard nodded that he would and mouthed " Do you like it like that? " and frank said a silent " Yes " so gerard sped up knocking all of the stuff off of the table and onto the floor. Gerard had been keeping a steady rythym at first but now he completely lost it pounding into it from all corners possible and yelling curse words at it " Fuck you! " he yelled " You fucking bitch i suffered hell for 3 days straight when you left here not talking to me what the hell did i do?! " and frank instantly knew that this pent up sex anger was directed towards him.

Frank could'nt answer he knew he had been so selfish and came off as so mean he completly ignored gerard for 3 days and even ignored him today when he came over for the band practice. He had refused to talk to him mikey had told frank countless times that gerard had came over during the 3 days to see him but frank had not wished to see him at all and gerard left head down and ashamed the whole time. The others that stood behind gerard cared not for anything he said they were all just mesmerized by his skillful movements gerard deepened his pumps and cried so loud that his voice broke and he lost breath and his will to hold out filling the sharpener with his cum and love.

As gerard came he cried whinning like an amused baby and holding the sharpener so tight that his knuckles became white goosebumps filled the width of both his arms and his stomach felt like it had dropped. But in gerard's mind he imagined frank moaning in his ear and telling him to come again and he did obeying him fully and draining himself dry his eyes was tightly closed and his mouth was wide open and he hoarsely said:

" I love you, i love you, i love you, my god i fucking love you! " and it only grew louder when the last wave commenced knocking gerard from his unsteady feet to his knee's and kneeling over the ground pulling out of the sharpener and fully sobbing " I do " he said out of breath " I do ".....

Frank sat with his mouth open for a good minute then rushed quietly closing the door and thinking was it true did gerard really love him?.

The rest of the night went by quietly with ray, mikey, bob, and adam sitting in the livingroom watching a movie gerard had got up and went into his own room and cried himself to sleep in his unmade bed and dark room with the door shut and locked he could'nt face frank anymore not now. He had just openly admitted to frank that he loved him while fucking a stupid pencil sharpener he thought himself a stupid idiot and for a sweet minute he knew he was worthless of frank's love and trust he could never have him ray had told gerard everything about how frank had already had a girlfriend and how he was happy with her.

But oh what a lie and gerard beganned to cry again choking out:

" He'd miss me only if i died ".

Harrow here awww suicide is'nt the answer to shit but sometimes the thought of it soothes us especially when we feel worthless live guys live! um anyways review and tell me what you think about this... and who'd think you could have such fun with a pencil sharpener and release pent up stress and anger all at the same time? i did'nt but review anyway alright alright bye!.
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