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Chapter 18

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Lizzy’s POV:

Alison, Jess, and I finally got home after the long dreadful day at the hospital. We spent the night at my house; none of us did that much talking. Joe, Kevin, and the rest of their family stayed at a hotel near the hospital where Nick was. I couldn’t sleep; I knew Jess and Alison couldn’t either. I mean, how could we, after all that has happened? As I flicked through the channels on the TV, every channel showed what has happened to us these past few day; showing Jonas Brother’s music videos, hospitals, soap operas with people kissing in the rain. It’s like the television was trying to taunt us, so I shut it off and through the remote on the ground. We all shut our eyes and attempted to get some rest, tomorrow we are picking up Nick at the hospital, and we don’t know what could be in store for us.

Nick’s POV:

I hate hospitals. They are just filled with sadness, nothing good ever happens. I have already been here for about 6 hours and I still have the whole night to go. The only thing that is keeping me from going insane is thinking about what happened between Lizzy and I. I am assuming we are dating now, so I can’t wait until I get out of here and I can see her again.

“Nicholas, is there anything you need? More blankets? Something to drink?” The nurse walked in, startling me.

“No, thank you, I am fine.” I answered.

“Alright, have a good night.” She said, smiling.

“Night.” I replied.

Joe and Kevin’s POV:

“So, I am guessing you patched things up with Jess, figuring you were like, making out with her in the middle of the parking lot.” Kevin laughed.

“Funny. But yeah, I did. Did mom, dad, or Frankie see? That’d be a little awkward.” Joe wondered.

“Nah, I don’t think so, they would have said something about it, and Frankie would have made fun of you.” Kevin told him.

“Good point. But dude, why haven’t you made a move on Alison yet? You are the last one buddy.” Joe made fun of Kevin.

“What do you mean the last one? Lizzy and Nick haven’t.” Kevin sounded confused.

“Yeah, about that, I caught them kissing at the hospital earlier, I was going to go check on Nick and they were lip locking, so I just walked away pretending I didn’t see anything, I didn’t want to ruin the beautiful moment, haha.” Joe informed Kevin.

“Aw. Go Nick. But anyways, it’ll happen soon between Alison and I; I am just waiting for the perfect moment.” Kevin said.

“You just need to have everything be so romantic, Mr. Romance.” Joe laughed.

“Yep, well, I gotta live up to the name.” Kevin joked back.
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