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Back again

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"Did you hear?" Someone whispered, towards a girl with chin length brown hair and she turned towards them with a blank look in her blue eyes and asked," Hear what?" "That some of the students from the Night Class are returning finally! Want to know something else Sayori?" The person asked, voice dropping lower as if conspiratorily. "Hmm?" She asked, distant as she walked towards her class and the girl answered," Yuki Cross is going to be with them! The wierd thing is... she's going by Yuki Kuran, just like Kaname-senpai."

Sayori Wakaba froze, her eyes widening and she turned to the girl and asked," Are you sure?" "Yeah... that's what I heard anyways. Why? Oh... yeah, that's right, you were her best friend, weren't you?" The girl asked, kindly and Sayori nodded her head as she looked up at the sky and thought," Yuki..." Sayori then smiled before frowning and asked," Does Zero know yet?" "No one wants to tell him... I heard he hates her now." The girl replied before they sat down in their seats, going silent now that they were in the pressence of Zero Kiryu. The prefect.

He had chin length straight white blue hair and lavender eyes, and on the side of his neck was a tattoo, which no one asked about. "Since today is the first day back from vacation, we will go and greet the returning Night Class students that are returning since their departure last year. You will all be polite and keep your distance." The teacher said firmly and the students started giggling and chatting to one another, softly. They were eager to see the Night Class males once more.

Sayori smiled slightly as she thought," Yuki... you are so close to me and yet... I feel that you are still so very far away." She frowned towards the end and turned around to see Zero looking down at the table and yet to her... he seemed sad. She stood up when the teacher motioned them to follow him and Sayori waited until Zero passed her before she left and she walked faster to walk right beside him. "Zero-kun, will you be alright?" Sayori asked, quietly and Zero looked at her, glaring, before his eyes widened at her sad, knowing look and she continued on, with Zero now following, his eyes trained on her.


The group of vampires sat in the limo, staring out windows or at the ceiling or the floor, not looking at the female who was staring at her clasped hands. She had long, waist length dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes that had a ruby red tint. She was sitting next to a male who had shoulder length dark brown almost black hair and murky ruby brown eyes. They were Yuki Kuran and Kaname Kuran, both purebloods and siblings and also engaged to be married. Beside Kaname was a woman with short lavender hair and lavender-blue eyes.

Beside Yuki was a female with long light brown hair and matching eyes. Across from her was a female with orange hair in pig tails with blue eyes. Beside her was a male with slightly wild red hair and blue eyes. The male beside him had a book in his hands reading with the other male right beside him. They both had blonde hair though the one by the male with orange hair and amber eyes, was wild and he had green eyes, while the one holding the book had blue eyes. "Yuki-sama, are you sure you are ready to return to Cross Academy and face everyone?" The female beside her asked, frowning slightly with worry.

Yuki looked up and at her, startled, before sighing as she answered," I have to do this... I must face everyone. I will be alright, Ruka, thank you for worrying." Kaname looked out the window before looking at each individual and stopping at Yuki and said," We will be at Cross Academy in twenty-five minutes. Don't worry, Yuki, we will be there to help you get used to walking past humans." Yuki smiled at him, though it was tinted with sadness and worry as she said," I'm worried about seeing him again, Kaname-senpai."

Kaname wrapped one arm around her and pulled her to his side as he leaned his head against the top of hers and said, his eyes closing," Don't worry, Yuki, we won't let him do anything to you, I promise. I will never let anyone hurt you, not even him." Yuki smiled as she relaxed against him, and closed her eyes as he whispered, into her ear," Sleep, Yuki." Once he was sure she was asleep he looked at the male with wild blonde hair nad said," Zero Kiryu must not run into Yuki regularly. We must keep their meetings to a minimum if we can't keep them from meeting at all."

"Hai, Kaname-sama." He received from everyone in the limo but Yuki who was sleeping peacefully, the worry lines disappearing while she slept.


"They are coming, so please everyone form two parallel lines and wait patiently. Remember what I said earlier. Be polite and keep your distance." The teacher reminded firmly and they did as he said, the girls squealing as the Night Students already there, came out from the Moon Dorms to greet the returning Night Class students. They ignored the squealing girls and bemoaning guys along with the two quiet students. Soon a white limo pulled up and everyone took a quick intake of breath as the door opened and the students stepped out.

There in front of Kaname, was none other than, Yuki Cross, who was now going to be called Yuki Kuran, which they had to remind themselves, as they watched with envy as Kaname gently put his hand on Yuki's shoulder. Zero looked up at everyone's gasps and his eyes widened as soon as he met Yuki's eyes, which widened. Time seemed to freeze between the two and Zero's eyes then narrowed as he glared at Yuki who flinched and looked away. His hand was itching towards his Bloody Rose, the anti-weapon, when he saw the vampires surround Kaname and Yuki.

Kaname met his eyes and then he looked forward and they started walking and were soon melding with the Night Class students already there. As they walked between the two lines, Yuki suddenly stopped when someone called out," Cross!" She turned to see who it was and then saw Sayori who was looking at her with sad longing, and she was soon distracted by two of the students. Aido and Ichijou. She seemed to whisper something to them before she walked towards Sayori with all of the Night Class students watching her protectively.

"Yori-chan..." Yuki said, softly, ignoring Zero's deadly, poisonous glare and Sayori smiled, suddenly relieved and she said, lightly," Yuki-chan will always be Yuki-chan. Right?" Yuki looked at her startled before smiling and nodding her head as she said, happy," Of course! I will always be your best friend, Yori-chan, even if we can't see each other that much." Sayori smiled and said," We will make time, then, Yuki-chan." "Hai!" Yuki said and before she could continue Aido called out," Yuki-sama, we need to continue on."

Yuki tilted her head, curiously while blinking at him innocently and then smiled sweetly at Sayori before saying," Alright! Bye Yori-chan, see you later!" With one last wave, she turned back towards the group waiting for her patiently and Kaname was smiling slightly, relieved that she had made peace with at least one old friend. Once she joined them, Kaname put his arm around her and the girls sighed, depressed, as they continued on towards the Moon Dorms and soon the gates was shutting behind them.

"Welcome back, Kaname-sama." One of the vampires said, as they all gathered in the lobby, while Kaname sat down, with Yuki beside him and his most loyal friends--subordinates, sat around, taking up the spots. He closed his eyes before opening them again, and turned his murky ruby brown eyes and said," Go back to your dorms and rest. It will be a busy night tomorrow." They listened well and went to their dorms, not asking why the other vampires got to stay behind with him and his precious Yuki, his sister.

"Kaname-sama.... can we trust them?" Ichijou asked, glancing after the vampires that had disappeared going to their dorms. Kaname sighed as he tightened his grip slightly on Yuki's shoulder, causing her to look up at him worried and he answered," We will have to wait and see. Some of them are still loyal to Ichiou who was loyal to Rido. If they try anything against Yuki.... Kill them. I will explain to Headmaster Kaien." Yuki put her small hands against his face and said," Also you, Kaname-senpai."

Kaname felt his lips twitch upwards slightly as he moved his hand and cupped her cheek as he said," If that is what Yuki wants." Yuki pouted before smiling brightly as Rima and Ruka each grabbed one arm and deftly, swiftly, moved towards the stairs and argue over who Yuki stayed with. Kaname watched Yuki disappear with Rima and Ruka up the stairs and once she was gone from their sight, Kain asked, seriously," Should we take care of Kiryu while we have the chance?" Kaname shook his head and replied," Yuki would be upset and angry if she knew we killed Kiryu."

Kaname's eyes glowed red briefly before he added," But we will watch, Kiryu closely." The others nodded as Ichijou jumped up and exclaimed," Now, I can go read my manga peacefully!" With that he ran up the stairs and towards his room, while the others slowly broke apart, heading towards their room, and soon Kaname was alone. He stared up the stairs, his eyes saddening as he thought," Yuki... I will protect you, no matter what."
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