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Operation: Repossession

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Vanessa is in for a HUGE surprise with Katherine. Please send me reviews for more!

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Operation: Repossession:


Blog Title: Okay...

Okay, what just happened? This blog is apparently now property of Beach Radio Magazine. How did this happen, you ask? I'll tell you! Boss-Lady came over to me when I was coming back to work from my lunch break. She was smiling at me. I quickly became suspicious. "Oh uh, she's up to something!" I thought. I walked over to her with caution. I don't know what happened next. But this is what I gathered from out "talk":

Boss-Lady: Hi Vanessa!

Me: Hi.... Katherine...

(Nice little pause of silence)

Me: Uh... What's up?

Boss-Lady turned to my computer and pulled up Explorer. She typed in a familiar address in the address box. A page came up quickly. I recognized it right away. It was my own blog! I was panicking in my head. "Oh shit!" I thought. "I'm been discovered! And I was so careful too!" Boss-Lady turned to me smiling.

Boss-Lady: I see you have a blog here at work.

Me: Yes...

Boss-Lady: And you know the policy about personal blogs at work, right?

Me: Yes...

(Another nice little pause of silence)

Me: Okay, I guess I'll leave then.

Boss-Lady then held up her hand at me.

Boss-Lady: If you want to.

I look at her confused.

Me: What do you mean?

Boss-Lady smiled at me again. I became pretty worried. Oh-uh! She's planning something, I can just feel it. Well, here it comes. Another well-organized plan of Boss-Lady Katherine Delany the Great! Then, it came at me like an atomic bomb. With a huge smile on her face, Boss-Lady says... "I was thinking that we could turn your blog into the magazine's blog!" I stared at her with wide eyes.

Me: WHAT?!?

Boss-Lady just shrugged at me innocently.

Boss-Lady: I mean, why not? This should help us expand more in Florida. Majority of the population has internet now and with a blog for BRM, we'll be able to cover more ground. So what do you say?

Now, I have no f***g idea what happened next, but she somehow got me to agree to the latest scheme. So now, Beach Radio Magazine now has a new blog! Oh, but it doesn't stop there! Oh no! Boss-Lady decided to make some changes to my blog layout! The bright pink and black colors you see here are being changed to an ocean look. That's right! No more glam glitter bombshell and welcoming the childish beach layout. The upside is that I don't have to sneak around and post. Plus, I can add music to the blog as well! Wheee!!! But what am I going to do about my Prose posts? Guess, I'll have to do rollover text and secret password-protect links to the latest Rosie and Panda love updates. Wait, wait, wait! What is happening here?!? My blog have now been repossessed by Boss-Lady and BRM and I'm plotting how to work with it? I... I... I... just need to sit down!


Love, Aunt Nessa (And soon BRM)

P.S.: Rosie and Panda were on a lunch date today. Yay, this day wasn't a waste after all! Feels all happy inside

This is the Dawning of the Last of Our Lives on Holiday
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