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The Beginning of a New Life

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Chapter one of how my OC, Kitten, became what she is.

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A young human woman stumbles through a cold, yet flourishing forest, until she falls next to a tree. Nearby is a clearing, where two large demons are fighting. She hides behind the greenery and watches, tired and scared, but unable to move very far. The demons claw and tear at each other, rending flesh and breaking bones, until one, gravely injured, retreats. The other, also badly wounded, wades into a nearby lake, submerging itself completely. Curious, she snuck over to a group of bushes by the lake and peered silently. A man, almost human save for the wings, waded out to his waist, many open wounds quickly healing on his arms and back. He turned slowly, water dripping from his hair. What she noticed more, though, was a large gash across his chest. His skin swiftly sewed itself back together, leaving a large scar in it’s place. She gasped at the sight, watching flesh stitch across his chest.

He turned towards her quickly, his wings spread wide and menacing. “You! Behind that tree! You wish to fight me, too?!”

She shrunk behind her hiding spot, hoping he’d think she wasn’t there.

“Come out and face me!” He growled as he ran out of the water. She turned away, unwilling to see him indecently. She was afraid of what he’d do to her after seeing what he did to the other demon. Hearing his footsteps coming nearer, she got up and ran into the forest, exhausted though she was. Her heart pounded so loud in her ears, she couldn’t hear him anymore, but she kept running. She half-turned to look behind her and tripped into a cave, rolling onto her side, panting for breath and hoping she had lost him. After a few long moments, she closed her eyes and let out a heavy breath.

“Did you honestly think you could outrun me?”

She bolted up, but refused to face him, still intimidated by his indecent state.

“Face me, girl! Or are you too weak?”

“Y-you’re indecent.” Even to her, it sounded silly in this position, but she was scared, and it was the first thing that came to mind.

“Excuse me?”

“Unclothed. It’s impolite to look at another who is indecent.”

“You think because I was in the lake… Geez. I’m not that pathetic.”

She blushed profusely, “I… I never said you were, though I hardly find this to be an appropriate topic.”

“Appropriate? What’s so…” He stopped, confusion clouding his face. He’d only meant that he was a demon, and wasn’t so pathetic as to be without magic to afford him clothes. Realization suddenly dawned, and he laughed quietly. “And you call me indecent. What clan are you of? Temptation? Deceit? Lust? Or maybe something simpler… Mishap, Mislogic, or Misfortune?”

She blinked and furrowed her brows. “Clan?”

He sighed heavily. “Your demon clan, child. Are you truly that dense?”

“D-demon… clan?” she asked, frightened. There were entire clans of them? She shivered.

He puzzled over her responses for a moment, and watched the fear pass over her face.

“What is your name?”

“My name? It’s Genevieve. Genevieve Larcelle.”
“Hm… doesn’t sound familiar. Where are you from?”

“Versailles, in Europe.”

His eyes widened at this… she spoke of the human realm. But how did she get here, if she was just a human? The barrier wouldn’t allow that.

“How did you get here?”

“I… don’t know.” Her voice was soft and regretful, and she seemed to shrink into herself.

He raised a brow inquisitively. She was hiding something.

“Tell me.” surprisingly, his voice was soft.

She looked up hesitantly, then back down, finally noticing his choice of attire. He wore black, militaristic boots, dark pants, and a dark, sleeveless top, which molded perfectly to his form. A large black sleeveless coat hung from his shoulders down past his knees, and black, fingerless gloves adorned his hands. The man liked black, it seemed.

“It… it brought me here….after….” She choked up and shook her head vehemently, covering her ears.

What was this “it” she spoke of, and why would it bring a human here, of all places?

He knelt beside her and hesitantly patted her head. She flinched.

“Please, I need to know how you got here, and why. It’s important.”

“I… I can’t… it hurts…” She seemed on the verge of tears, and he sighed. He placed his hand under her chin and turned her to face him. He looked into her eyes stoically for a long moment, then released her, a look of utter confusion on his face.

“You’re possessed. But why would a demon possess you? You’re just a human.” He looked at her and stood, stepping back. She blinked.

“Demon, show yourself. Explain your actions.” he waited, watching as the girl stood, seemingly a rag doll being pulled along by another force. She faced him, and her eyes glazed over, just before her body began to contort, the bones inside her body breaking, stretching, and reforming. He winced as her unearthly scream pierced the silence in the cave.

After a moment, she no longer stood before him, but a large, white, werewolf-like demon stood in her place. Its tail was split into three prongs, each with a small gust of fire at the tip. Its eyes were whiter than snow, with flames dancing where pupils should have been. It bared its teeth wickedly and spoke in a rough growl.

“I need not explain my actions to one such as yourself. This female is my vessel, now, and forever shall be. Her power, though untapped, holds great promise to me, and I shall see that no other will have it for themselves.”

The man stared, slightly angry, at the demon. “Who are you, that you care who this girl even is?”

“I am the first demon, and shall be the last. From me, you have come, as have all of your people. None may destroy me, for I am great and powerful, and with this girl, I shall be invincible.”

“But she is human. She cannot harbor any power useful to a demon, least of all you.”

The demon grew irritated. “I have spoken, and shall not bother any further with you.” The demon diffused into a white cloud of dust, and disappeared, leaving the man alone in the cave.

“If that truly was the first… we’re in more danger now than they could have imagined.”
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