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Chapter 9

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Hehe a twist

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A/n: This one is a bit short sorry :( Forgive me?

Chapter 9:


Rachel POV:

I walked into the kitchen and began washing my dishes, I putthen on the dryer stand and sighed. I walked out of the kitchen once my dishes were done and I admired my ring. I wished my parents were able to accpet this, or even aknowledge me, but I knew it was worthless. I felt two arms wrap around me and I leaned back into the arms.

“So, you like it?” Ryan asked.

“Most deffinately”I said to him and he grinned.

“Good. Pete helped me pick it out.” He said to me.

“Really? Thats cool.” I said kissing him on the lips.

“Yea.” He said kissing me again.

“Rachel...”He whispered in my ear.


“I love you so much.”He said to me and I smiled.

“I love you to Ryan.” I said to him and he grinned.

He held me close to him and I sighed listening to his heart beat, it was in a rythmic beat and I smiled to myself. I couldnt believe I was getting married to George Ryan Ross. It amazed me to no extent and I couldnt wait to tell everyone the news but right now I should tell Ryan.

“Ryan, I need to tell you something.” I said to him and he looked at me and smiled.

“What is it?”He asked me curiously with his eyebow raised.

“You remember when we uhm, slept together in septermber...” I said to him and he nodded.

“Well, we uhm didnt exactly use protection so we're going to be parents.” I said to him and his eyes got wide and he smiled then kissed me deeply and his hand ran over my stomach and I smiled into the kiss. I wrapped my arms around is neck and he snuggled into my neck.

“Really?”He said to me and I nodded.

“Thats amazing.”He said to me and I smiled.

“Here.” I said handing him the sonagram photos.

“Thats our baby.” I said to him pointing at it and he grinned.

“Wow. Its beautiful.”He said kissng me again and I laughed.

“A baby.”He said shaking his head.

“You took it better than I did.” I said to him laughing.

“Really now, how'd you take it?”He asked.

“I almost passed out.” I said to him and he grinned. He held me close to him as Micheal walked in, he saw us hugging and shook his head. “Ya'll hug to much.”He said to me and I laughed.

“AW! Micheal wants hug too Ryan we have to hug him!” I said rushing over to Micheal wrapping my arms around and Ryan hugged him too.

“AH! Im under attack!”He yelled and Jon bursted htrough the door and we all fell to the floor.

“Ah!” I yelled laughing and I got up.

“You can jump on me!” I said laughing and Jon raised and eyebrow.

“And why not...”He aks curious.

“Cause I'm expecting.” I said to him and Micheals eyes got wide and Ryan grinned. Jon touched my stomach.

“It can barley move yet Jon, Micheal, Your going to be an uncle.” I said to him and he smiled.

“Thats cool.”He said and I laughed.

“Dude, your going to be a dad.” Jon siad to Ryan.

“Arnt you scared?”He asked.

“A little but, I'll be okay.” Ryan said and I sat next to him.
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