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Chapter 12

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Chapter 12:

Rachel POV

I walked into Ray and I's livingroom a hand on my belly I was exactly 6 months pregnant. I saw Brendon watching me and I smiled a bit then rubbed my stomach. Ryan wrapped his arms around me kissing my neck. I smiled a bit then sighed.

“So, how is he?”Ryan asked talking about his unborn son.

“He is great, Geroge Ryan Ross The 4th.” I said smiling, our son was going to have the most ridiculously long name. I put my hand over his as he rubbed my belly, I laughed when he whispered something funny in my ear.

“Thats gross, Ryan.” I said to him and he laughed.

“Well, of course.”He said smirking.

“So, how is the new album going?” I asked him talking about the new songs they had just started recording for the new release Pretty. Odd.

“Well, its going pretty well.” Brendon said to me and I looked at him.

“Oh something go wrong?” I asked looking at Ryan.

“Yeah the mic's broke so we have to wait and push the release date back somemore.” Ryan said to her sighing slightly.

“Our fans have been waiting for this for a while now.” Brendon said to me and I nodded.

“Your not going on tour while im still pregnant.” I said to Ryan seriously as Micheal walked in.

“Hey whats up?” I asked him and he smiled at me a bit then looked down.

“I think you should go down stairs, mom and dad are here....”He muttered to me and I covered my mouth. I looked at Ryan and then he grabbed my hand and began leading me down stairs.

“What do you want?” I asked them my voice low.

“We came to get Micheal.” My father said to me.

“Your not taking him anywhere.” I said to him a hand on my stomach.

“So your a whore now!”My mother laughed.

“No actually im married.” I said to her.

“Oh really like any man would want you.” My father repleid to me.

“I would.” Ryan said standing in front of me.

“So who is this fool?” He asked.

“Her husband now get out of our home.”Ryan said to them and I grabbed his hand.

“We'll be back for Micheal.” They said leaving the house and I hugged him from behind.

“We need to get a lawyer.” I said to him sighing.

“I know.”He said to her.

I hugged him tightly and kissed him softly.

“I love you.” I whispered to him.

“I love you too.”He mummered in my ear softly as he helf be close to him.

4 months later

“RYAN!” I screamed as I felt a pain making my stomach tighten and my back ache.

“Whats wrong?”He asked worried not sure what to do.

“Im going into labor.” I said taking some deep breaths.

“Okay wait here im going to get the bag.”He said and I nodded waiting for him to come back for me. He ran up the stairs and put his arm around my waist and helped me down the stairs we got intothe car and began driving to the hospital.

After several hours I sat in the hospital bed hold our son, George Ryan Ross the 4th. He cooed softly and I snuggled him making him fall asleep to the rythmic sound of my heart beat. Ryan walked in with some food and I sighed.

“Thanks.”I said to him and he took his son from my arms.

“No problem, eat up.”He said and I smiled and he smiled back.

I began eating the burger and fries, I looked at how Ryan reacted to having a son. I shook my head and laid down sighing. “You got him?” I asked yawning.

“Yeah, you sleep.”He said to me and I nodded closing my eyes letting sleep over come me.
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