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Ain't No Walk in the Park [part 1]

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Mick and Bear have a bit of a bonding moment. But was it all a lie?

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Dear people; sorry for the long wait. I got a little too sick. There were problems within the family, and I've been waiting for a reply to a letter I sent to someone important. Cough cough But anyway. I promise to step it up and try to get back into the groove of things. But I am going to be going back home next week, and school will be starting too. So It'll be harder for me post new chapters as often. But I'll update every chance I get! I'd also like to thank all of you that are still reading this piece of trash, and for Chloe, for rating and reviewing more than anyone. My sister, for some of the ideas used in this story. I'd also like to personally thank Mick Mars. Why? Hmm.... I don't know. Oh, I've got one. For being so damn SEXY!!! XD Thank you all!
Sincerly, You're dirt bag lover;

Mick peeked around the corner. There it was. That dog. Sitting by the door. Wagging it's tail.

'Oh yeah. You just sit there and keep looking innocent.'

He cleared his throat and walked around the corner into the kitchen where Tommy was sitting at the table, drinking coffee. Mick wrapped his arms aroun Tommy and kissed the top of his head. The had worked out the whole Destroying the House thing when Mick had handed Tommy the records he'd bought him.

"Good morning baby." Mick mumbled into Tommy's short brown hair. Tommy giggled under his breath and lifted another cup over his shoulder for Mick. He was sipping from it as he sat down and took the rest of the paper Tommy wasn't reading. Which was basically everything exsept the comics.

"So," Mick asked, not looking up form the obituaries. "What do you have planned for today?"

"Well, I was going to go see Fang and Chloe today. They were doing some recording this month and their drummer broke her wrist. So Fang asked if I could help them out." Tommy replied.

"Well, that's nice of you." Mick said, almost surprised that Tommy would do such a thing for nothing.

"Well, that Chlose chick is pretty sexy!" Tommy smirked, and Mick shook his head.]

'I knew it was too good to be true.'
'What else did you expect?' Bear came trotting into the kitchen and sat beside Tommy's chair and looked up at him.
'Want out! Want out! Want out! Want out! Want out! Want out! Want out!'

Tommy ruffled Bear's ears before he stood up and put his bag over his shoulder. Just before he got all the way out the door, he looked over his shoulder and yelled into the kitchen, "Oh, could you take Bear for a walk today? I may not be back until later, okay?" Then he walked out, closed the door behind him and drove off towards the studio/Chloe's house.

"Okay!" Mick just replied to himself.

Bear got up into the seat Tommy was recently sitting in and looked over the piece of paper he had left there. Mick looked up from some random sotry about a car crash and looked at this.

'Cute.' He smiled to himself.

Bear reached his paw up and grabbed a loose piece news paper from the bundle in Mick's hand. Mick looked up and smile again. he pulled the piece out and pushed it across the table to the dog. His smile grew a little bigger when he saw Bear look like he was reading over it again.

'What do we have here?' Bear skimmed over the paper. One of the few skills he developed from his previous own, was how to read simple human words.

Pups Saved From - Home. Three Live, Five Deed

Bear looked up at Mick with a confused look in his eye. Mick looked at him. "What?" He asked. Bear just pawed the paper again and whined a little. Mick looked at the paper and read the head line. "Pups saved from hell home. Three live, five dead."

At that moment, Bear's ears shot up and he whined louder. 'What? How could someone do that!' He sait there and whined and barked. Mick reached out and petted Bear lightly on the head. Bear looked up at him with sad puppy eyes. "Don't worry dog face. I'm sure whatever that guy gets is too good for him." Mick read on. He put the paper infront of Bear again and ran his finger along the black print. "See, 'Man was sentenced to two years in jail, and $3,000 fine.' Trust me, for humans, that's pretty bad." He winked and the dog barked happily.

"You know, you're not so bad. For a dog that is." He petted bear again. 'Hey, you're not so bad for a human either!'

Suddenly Bear shook his head and ran off down the hallway. 'What am I saying? This man is going to seperate me from Tommy. I can't let him mess with me head like that!'

He ballanced himself on a wall and reached up and grabbed the leather leash down from its hook. 'I suppose I can kill two birds with one stone.'

Mick looked up from his empty cup when he heard the jingling of dog tags. He turned and saw Bear sitting behind his chair, callor in mouth, waiting to be walked. Bear gently set it down by his feet and whined. Mick sighed. "Alright! We'll go right now!" Mick yelped, slipping his boot on and then sliding the callor and leash around Bear's neck. The moment they stepped out of the house though, something didn't feel right. Mick looked up at the sky. 'Hm. Did it get colder out here? Oh well.'
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