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The New General Manager

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First in Nadia Chronicles Series: A new GM on SmackDown stirs everything up in the WWE, including one John Cena.

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Vince quickly made his way out to the ring with a huge smile on his face as he was ready to make the big announcement of the night. Things hadn't been going well lately with newly fired general manager, Kurt Angle so Vince thought it best he remained a wrestler.

All the fans still had one question on their mind: who was going to take his position? Grabbing the mic, Vince began addressing the crowd with the current issue, "Well as all of you remember last week, I fired Kurt Angle. So now it comes down to who'll the next general manager will be. With much thought and consideration put into this I've finally made my decision. The interviews weren't easy but I bring you, Nadia Harding!"

Soon came Nadia, she walked to the ring with a new theme for her. Her appearance, outfit, everything had surprised the audience and surprised Vince McMahon himself. When she entered the ring he cleared his throat, "'re, erm...well. What is with your clothes?"

All Nadia did was smile figuring that this was the response that she would get. Her interview had been the typical businesslike attire. Now she was in something else completely opposite. Vince was slightly stunned. This was the same woman that he had interviewed a few days ago. It was almost as though she had changed overnight.

"Hey, you got what you wanted in the interview. It's not like I wear that all the time. I thank Stephanie McMahon for getting me here; it's good to have friends in high places."

He cleared his throat again but as he did so he shook his head, "Obviously so, I wish you luck on handling these superstars otherwise you'll end up like the last manager."

Nadia nodded then shook his hand understanding, "Let's hope that never happens then."

She watched him leave the ring and when he was gone the fans started cheering her although she hadn't done anything yet. Then again, they were just thrilled that it wasn't someone similar to Kurt angle. Slowly a smile formed on her face, "Alright now to get down to business. Over the past few weeks Kurt Angle abused his powers especially when he stripped John Cena of his United States Championship. So I need those who I spoke with earlier to come on out here."

As she waited she slowly leaned up against the ropes and began brushing at her skirt to get rid of any wrinkles when John Cena was the first to come out. The crowd erupted at the sight of him and he smiled like it was the best thing in the world. He got into the ring and stopped when his eyes fixed on the new manager.

He finally grabbed a mic of his own, "Yo, yo, yo! Things are now looking better every minute. Look at this new general manager y'all!"

John pointed to her looking at the crowd to get a response which caused her to even smile. Then he turned back to look at her and gave her a simple once over, "I'm really going to like it here now that baldy's out of this job. Maybe after the show you and I could get together to discuss some things?"

The woman crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes at him. What kind of woman did she take him for? "That will never happen; things around here are staying strictly businesslike."

John understood that, or at least he thought he did, "That's cool, everyone calls it something. I could meet you in your office later so we can discuss some business as you like to call it."

Winking at Nadia didn't have the positive effect on her that he was hoping for. She stepped towards him, "Unless you want to get fired then I suggest you keep your fucking mouth shut."

Speechless was John and he stepped back as the others started pouring into the ring such as Rene Dupree, RVD, Kenzo Suzuki, Charlie Haas, Luther Reigns, and Booker T who had the United States belt over his shoulder.

All of them crowded around Nadia as she said, "Alright I know what's been going on in previous weeks and Booker, John technically never lost his belt. So Book I'm going to need you to give me the belt."

Booker T looked shocked but then smiled thinking it was a joke. Nadia held out her hand never taking her eyes off of him and he sighed handing her the belt that he had thought was rightfully his.

She put the belt over her shoulder seeing that John now thought that she was going to give it to him. "I'm not giving this belt to you either; right now this isn't anyone's belt. I'm putting all of you in a match, an over the top rope elimination match. Whoever wins, I'll present the belt to you and the match starts right now."

Quickly she rolled out of the ring and looked back at everyone but they were staring at her in disbelief. Shrugging, Nadia waited for them to do something and then sat with the commentators of SmackDown. She put her headset on and laid the belt out across the table so she could watch the fight.

Referees were summoned down to the ring and called for the bell. John and RVD turned around only to be closelined by Booker T and Rene Dupree. Charlie Haas was working on Kenzo Suzuki at a turnbuckle ignoring the attacks. John was picked up and was about to be thrown over the top rope.

"I'm Michael Cole and we're ringside with our new general manager, Nadia. What are your thoughts so far on this match?" Michael said turning away from the screen to look at Nadia.

Leaning back in her chair she stared at the screen then at the belt. "Whoever wins, wins. Simple as that. All these guys can fight and are qualified for the belt. The crowd's enjoying it, that's all I really got to say about that."

Tazz seemed to agree although Michael looked at her like she was crazy. "I can deal with that, spoken like a true general manager."

Clutching onto the ropes tightly was John who was refusing to fall to the ground and as he held on he kept his eyes shut. He opened them when he realized that no one was pushing him anymore and saw Booker T lying on the ground outside the ring. Looking back at the ring John saw a smiling Charlie Haas staring back up at him.

It was interrupted when Rene flung him out of the ring from behind. Getting to his feet, John started working Rene Dupree. RVD was getting pummeled by Luther Reigns when Kenzo shoved him out of the way to get a hold of Rob himself.

Luther turned him around and started yelling at him. Kenzo ignored all of his trash talking by immediately punched him in the face. They started battling it out and once Luther was at the ropes RVD clotheslined him but flipped over as well causing them to both be eliminated.

John had Rene Dupree in a corner when Kenzo began his attack on him, giving Rene the chance to regain his strength while John and Kenzo exchanged punches. Rene hit John and set himself up for the French Tickler until John low-blowed him.

Kenzo came around to John but was kicked in the midsection and received the FU. John turned around looking at Rene who was still knocked out and got in Rene's face saying and waving, "You can't see me!" He then gave Rene the Five Knuckle Shuffle. The crowd was roaring and chanting John Cena throughout the arena until Kenzo knocked him out.

Nadia watched in disbelief at the whole scene as Tazz said, "If it's one thing that SmackDown has to offer it'd be the United State's competitors. Each and every one of them truly has what it takes."

"They're not the only ones on the show that stand out." Michael Cole pointed out to Tazz.

"That's right, all of the superstars have something to show for it otherwise they wouldn't be on my show." Nadia replied to both their statements.

The three of them got up still a little dizzy but John was the first to get out of that state. He looked at the two near the ropes and at the same time he closelined them over the top rope to earn himself the victory. The referees got into the ring and pointed to John whose theme song started playing.

"Here is your winner and the new United States Champion, John Cena!" The announcer said loudly over the music. Nadia got out of the chair taking the belt that she had again put over her shoulder and walked into the ring.

John was already celebrating his victory by yelling at the crowd to get them hyped up. Once in the ring Nadia asked for a mic which she was quickly given and then turned her attention to what was happening in the ring. RVD and Charlie Haas were celebrating with John Cena by striking poses with the champ.

The sight put Nadia in a good mood but it ended when Booker T, Kenzo, Luther, and Rene entered the ring going face to face with the other three. Obviously none of them wanted to back down from each other so she walked towards them and stepped in between Booker T and John Cena who were in front of the opposing groups.

Pushing them apart was Nadia, "Didn't you get enough of that shit in the ring? Damn I thought that the match was enough. Booker T I'll just go ahead and lay it out for you. You lost, now get the hell out of my ring." Looking at the rest of the guys that were behind Booker T, "That includes every single one of you." None of them moved anywhere until she said loudly, "Now! You all heard what I said!"

They left the ring slowly seeing the others celebrate again, John finally stopped when he had a hold of the mic himself, "Yo Nadia, I think you know who won that match. So I think you've got something that belongs to me." He looked at the belt that she was now taking off her shoulder.

"Don't get too cocky Cena just because you won a match." She handed him the belt.

"Baby I'm not being cocky, I'm simply stating facts."

Nadia looked at him a little confused, "Baby? John you may have won the match, I'll give you credit for that but the last time I checked my name was Nadia, not baby."

"Come on," he said playfully. "You know you liked it. Don't play me like that."

A glare was forming on her face, "I'm not playing with you Cena. My name's Nadia got it?"

The mood had been killed. "Yeah I got it." His smile had disappeared quickly as she left the ring before he could say anything else.

Nadia heard laughter behind the curtain and saw some of the divas standing there. They ran over towards her with smiles on their faces.

"It's about time we have a general manager who knows what she's doing." Torrie Wilson proudly stated glad to be rid of Kurt Angle.

The others nodded in agreement but Nadia simply said, "I'm just doing whatever it is I need to. I'm not going to let this show get run down. Everything and everyone is handled fairly from now on. Nothing is going to be special just because they're crowd favorites; I'm just doing my job."

"I'm glad they brought someone in like you; things are definitely going to be interesting around here." Dawn Marie said smiling bigger than before.

The others started laughing and Sable added, "Yeah things are going to be interesting but I think some of the wrestlers around here are more interested in you. Would you agree?"

Nadia sighed knowing exactly who and what she was talking about. "If you're hinting John Cena, nothing is going on between either of us and nothing ever will. I'm not going to get emotionally involved with a superstar that works for me. No way in hell that's going to happen, especially if I want to keep my job."

John had gone back to his locker room to shower and change. Tonight he was going out with a few superstars to celebrate his victory. When he was ready, he took a minute to think. This new general manager was a pain in the ass with him but damn did he think she was hot. He smiled putting those thoughts inside him head. He was going to have fun with this one.
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