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At the restraunt

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2008/08/20 - Updated: 2008/08/20 - 841 words

As usual the guys ended up waiting for the girls to finish getting ready. Frank was wearing a smart black shirt with dark grey pants and black converse, Bob had on a plain white t-shirt and a black blazer with black pants and shoes, Mikey wore a pinstripe black and grey shirt and black pants and shoes and Gerard had on a navy blue shirt with black pants and matching shoes. By the time the girls were ready, it was well worth the wait.
Kait was wearing a short blue, strapless dress covered in sequins that was tied with a blue ribbon in the middle, it had matching black strappy stilletoes and her hair was straightend down past her shoulders. Next was Vanessa who was wearing a strapless black and blue dress that puffed out a bit at the bottom with a matching skull and cross bone purse, her hair was styled to spike out at the sides. Then there was Nikki, she was wearing a black seqiuned strapless dress that had a pink sparkly band across the middle, her hair was down and slightly curled and it rested on her shoulders. As they came into the living room the guys who had been chatting amongst themselves stopped and turned to look at the girls, Bob let out a whistle and the rest of them said nothing. "Yeah we scrub up pretty well dont we" said Vanessa. They all agreed and headed out to the car. Frank couldnt keep his eyes or hands off Kait on the way there, he was constantly looking at her or putting his arm around her, she just kept moving away and whispering to him "Save it for tonight baby" this was making him so horny. Bob couldnt help but stare at Vanessa either, she knew he was looking at her so she kept purposley flirting. Whereas Mikey was not looking but thinking about Nikki.
When they arrived at the restraunt they sat at the table Gerard had booked and were looking at the menus. Vanessa made sure she sat next to Bob and so she slipped her shoe off under the table and rubbed her foot against his leg, still talking to Nikki across the table as if everything was normal. Bob swallowed hard and tried to concentrate on the menu and not on the growing manhood in his trousers. Frank and Kait however didnt have to hide there attration to eachother, and they were sitting with their intertwined hands on the table while looking at the menu. As the night went on they were both becoming quite tipsy along with Bob and Vanessa who were getting quite friendly with eachother. "Frank" Kait giggled, he looked at her trying to keep a serious face "Yes Kaity" he said, "Would you come help me find my earring, I think I lost it in the bathroom" she announced trying to hide her girlish giggles. He nodded and followed her as she grabbed his hand.
They got to the bathroom and Kait pushed Frank inside, pulled him into a cubicle and turned to face him, their lips crashing together as Frank grabbed Kait around the waist and she pulled at his collar. He slipped his tounge into her mouth and she opened it to let him enter. When they were both breathless they broke apart and looked into eachothers eyes "I love you baby" said Kait pulling him in for another kiss, they broke apart again and he replied "I love you too Kait" he smiled. They decided they better get back to the table after Kait realised she wasnt actually wearing any earrings. When they sat down everyone knew what they were really doing so didnt ask any questions. Bob and Vanessa were both doing some major flirting, she had her hand underneath the table and was rubbing her hand up his thigh, which was making him very hard, and she noticed. He returned the favour by slipping his hand underneath the table and onto her bare thigh under her dress. He was rubbing her leg getting further and further up, she had to bite her lip to stifle a moan. Gerard looked at them both "You do know we have all noticed what you two are doing" he said smirking. They both brought there hands up and quickly put them on the table and they both blushed bright red. Everyone laughed at the fact they were embarrased and trying to deny it.

A/N- Sorry this is short and has a suckish ending, Im not sure what to do with this story. I have started a new story which is getting many reviews. Also I started a story a while ago but nobody seemed interested so I stopped and now Im getting reviews asking to continue which means I will be doing three stories at the same time lol. I will try my best to post everyday for this but I cant promise anything, but dont worry I will finish it :)
Love to you all xox
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