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Two men, a lady and a baby (on the way)

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How will the guys take having to share her and a baby?

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Chapter 17

Frank’s POV

I couldn’t help but stare at her for a moment letting the words sink in. I got up and kneeled in front of her and wrapped my arms around her, she was shaking so bad.

“Its okay baby…everything will be okay.” I heard Gerard get up from his spot and then felt him kneel next to me.

“Frankie is right baby, we are going to have a baby so what if we didn’t plan for it….” Gerard soothed.

“We can make the best of it and we will be one strange but happy family.” I added with a smile. She let out a small giggle.

“I am sorry guys, I mean…”She stopped looking at both of us.

“Drew its not all on you I mean well one of us had something to do with it too. Your not alone you know both of us are here for you.” Gerard smiled looking at me then her. I smiled back at him.

“I love you guys. “ she smiled back and pulled us both into a hug then pulled away really fast and sat still a moment then jumped up and ran to the bathroom. Gee and I both giggled.

“So I guess we get to take turns holding her hair back?” He joked as we walked to the bathroom. That night we finally managed to get her to eat some soup and the three of us were curled up on the couch. Drew was sleeping using Gerard’s lap as a pillow and mine as the rest of the “bed”.

“What do you really think about this Gerard? I mean no matter which one of us it is?” I tried to make sure my words wouldn’t hurt him. He was quiet for a moment.

“I think it is a surprise yeah but a good one I mean if we all work we can pull it off and actually be a happy family.” I grinned back at him and leaned over to kiss him.

“I am glad you feel that way, I mean I am actually kind of excited, scared too but excited.” I gushed back he nodded and kissed me back slowly sliding his tongue in my mouth, and his hand caressed my cheek.

“Me too” He smiled as we broke away from the kiss.

Gerard’s POV

The next couple of weeks where full of us informing everyone that there was going to be a little baby on the way. Everyone was so happy, my mom was thrilled that she was going to be a grandma. The girls well they where ecstatic and that’s an understatement. Erica couldn’t stop crying, Tristen couldn’t stop bouncing up and down hugging all three of us and Hope well she was doing a bit of both. Mikey was the only one I was really worried about since he was still somewhat ify on our situation.

“Just think your going to be an Uncle Mikey.” Frankie teased patting him on the shoulder. Mikey smiled.

“I just hope the baby takes after Gerard, you and Drew are to freakin hyper, then again it would be funny as hell if he or she was just as high on sugar. We all laughed and everyone took turns making up stories about how we would all handle a baby. Then all of us ended up going out to dinner to celebrate. That night the three of us snuggled in the bed giggling about baby stuff. I laid awake listening to Drew’s breathing and Frankie’s light snoring. The thought kept creeping in my head can this really work. I mean a baby deserves a happy home where the parents love each other. Would our baby have that? I looked over at Drew, Do I really love you? I asked myself but I never could answer. The next night it was just Drew and I Frank was out with his band.

“Hey baby, do you feel like going out to dinner?” I asked her while we watched tv. She was laying on my chest and looked up smiling at me.

“That sounds fun let me go change.” She rolled off the couch and went to our room. I went into the bathroom to freshen up a bit. We met in the living room again, her wearing a very sexy black dress.

“I wanted to wear this before I got to big.” She smiled as she smoothed it out.

“You look great, baby.” I smiled and crossed the room to her kissing her lightly on the lips. I was surprised when she wrapped her arms around me and slowly slid her tongue into my mouth. I returned the favor.

Just as we sat down at the table my phone rang.


“Hey baby, what are you two up to?” Frank sang into the phone.

“I thought it would be nice to get Drew out of the house so we went out to dinner.” I smiled into the phone.

“Oh that was a great idea, well I was just calling to let you know I won’t be home until late so don’t wait up.”

“Okay, I guess we will see ya in the mourning then?”

“Yeah, I love you and tell Drew the same for me.”

“I will, love you too, bye” I replied and hung up the phone.

“Frank will be out all night and he said he loves you.” I smiled across the table at her she nodded in response. I watched her for a moment just taking her in. She really was beautiful. Maybe I was doubting to soon.
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