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For Patrick

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Gerard sees a face in the crowd he thought he would never see again

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Gerard’s POV

I looked out into the crowd and saw her. Could it really be her after all these years? I have to get my thoughts together so I can say something about Patrick.

“Patrick was one of my best friends growing up his life was cut too short. Before he died we had lost that closeness and I regret it every single day. He even saved my life once. I won’t bore you with the details I just wish I was there to save his. Bob has put together a movie with the help of our guitarist Ray Toro. I hope you like it.”

I look up after the speech and she’s gone. Where’d she go? The lights went off and the clip started. I have to hand it to Bob and Ray they did a nice job. Since the day he asked Alyssa out I hated Bob, if that wasn’t enough he stole Patrick away from me as a friend. I often ask myself why he chose our band to play and me specifically to help out. I guess he never had the problem, I did. The clip was over and Bob thanked everyone for coming and that we would be playing at ten.

I slowly made my way to Bob and went to shake his hand. “You look good, you lost a lot of weight since school.”

“Thanks and thanks for coming,” said Bob. “It would have meant a lot to Patrick.”

“The truth Bob, why did you hire us?”

“Because even at the end he had a lot of faith and love for you.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked.

“Because you were too busy blaming me for his death.” He just walked away from me.

It was so fucking true. Bob was with Patrick when he was shot they were just going to Bob’s house after school. They got caught in the middle of a robbery the guy went to shoot Bob and Patrick got in the way. Honestly I think Bob never forgave himself but I know I didn’t and it was so much easier to blame Bob. I can’t believe ten years had passed already.

I decided to go outside and have a smoke before we started. I got out there and lit my cigarette when I noticed her standing there shaking.

“Alyssa?” I asked though I knew it was here.


I smiled that she remembered me.

“Hey it’s been a while. How’ve you been?” I asked. God I’ve missed her. She is without a doubt my one and only true love. I’ve dated girls since she’s left I am a guy after all, but nothing serious and nowhere near the way I felt for her.

“Good actually, I’ve been clean and sober for almost two years.”

“I’ve been sober a little over a year myself. We missed you at your parent’s funeral.”

“I didn’t know they died at the time,” she said.

“Where were you?” I asked wondering if I could handle the answer.

“Living on the streets,” she started to tear up.

“The whole time you were gone?”

“No the last two years I’ve been living with a woman in her forties and at the beginning my aunt in Connecticut. It’s the middle years I was homeless and high.”

I was so afraid to ask the next question, “Why did you leave? I was so heartbroken when you left.”

She looked at me with shock, “That’s why you were fucking Cynthia.”

I looked down guiltily, “You heard about that?”

“I saw it.”

“Baby it was only one night. I was drunk and I missed you so fucking much. Where did you go?”

Alyssa’s POV

Do I answer him or keep it a secret only for the father.
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