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Life Was Perfect, Just Like Up On The Screen

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girls day outtttt xD

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Meghan's POV
"...Three!" Katie whispered, and we all pelted Caroline and Frank with water balloons.

As soon as the icy water hit them, they jolted up in surprise and anger. "WHAT THE FUCK!?" Caroline shouted, "WHY THE FUCK DID YOU DO THIS!?"

"KATIE AND GEE DID IT!" I shouted and giggled as I grabbed Mikey's hand and ran towards his room.

Caroline's POV
Katie and Gerard were so dead. "We are so gonna get you both back." I glared at Katie and Gerard who were laughing hysterically at the sight of me and Frank.

"YEAH RIGHT!" Katie laughed, "How ya gonna do that when I can read your mind, huh?"

"We'll find a way," Frank snarled, "Won't we C?"

I laughed. Katie didn't know I knew how to feed her false thoughts...every power had its defect! I glared at her in anger to throw her off and tossed a pillow at them. "You're going down...Now Katie, can we please head to our apartment and get some DRY clothes?!"

She finally was able to stop her laughter, "Sure C, just go get Meg kay?"

"ewww no! they're probably all like at the playground by now!" I made a disgusting face.

"At the playground?" Frank looked at me curiously, "They just went into Mikey's the HELL they gonna be at the playground?!"

Katie and I giggled, "No Frank..." I explained, "See, Me, Katie, and Meg have this inside joke that going to the playground means lalala-ing."

"Now what the fuck is a lalala!?" Gerard asked.

"Lalala means having sex," Katie giggled and rolled her eyes, "Idiots. Now someone please go get Meg, I'm looking at her thoughts right now, they're not at the playground."

I sighed and rose to my feet. I just wanted to get home and get some dry clothes. I walked down the hall to Mikey's room and opened the door. I opened to the sight of Meg and Mikey sucking face on the bed. "Couldya stop eating her Mikes?" I laughed, "I need her cause she has the house keys and don't argue with me cause I'm wet and want dry clothes and if you try to tell me otherwise, I will throw that bass of yours right into your head, got it?"

They broke apart and Meg got up and came to the door. "Let's go." she waved goodbye and blew Mikey a kiss as we walked back to the living room. "Come on, Kates!"

Meghan's POV
We headed back to the apartment, where we all went to take showers and get changed. I threw on a pink shirt with black skull pattern, a black skirt with studded belt, knee-high boots, and some fishnet armwarmers. Caroline came out in a Good Charlotte tour t-shirt, jean capris, and her lucky black and pink Adios. We sat down and watched music videos as we waited for Katie. When she finally emerged, she had on a pair of blue and green plaid shorts, a green BillaBong tanktop, and a pair of green flip-flops. "Kay guys, whaddya wanna do today?"

"I know!" I spoke up, "Can we go to the mall? I wanna get the new Alkaline Trio CD!"

"Yeah." Caroline added, muting the music video, "Plus I need a new sketch book for my project."

"Kay!" Katie perked up, "I can't wait to see it when you finish JTHM, Caroline!"

"I know!" I gushed, Caroline was an amazing artist, better than anyone I knew, "I wanna see it soo badly!!!!!"

Caroline laughed and grabbed the house key off the table. "You'll have to wait like the rest of the world!"

With that, we headed out the door and down the street and to the subway station. We took the subway to the mall. "Where do we go first?" Katie asked, even though she already knew the answer.

"Annabella's!!" Caroline and I replied with glee. Annabella's was a local art store that we loved. The owner, Annabella, was a friendly middle-aged woman who was always perky and willing to help. She was very close to us. When we arrived at the store, we rushed in and saw a woman with jet black hair working the register, "AUNTY BELLA!" we shouted and ran to give her hugs.

Of course, she wasn't really our aunt. We just called her that. After an exchange of greetings and a little small talk, Caroline and I went to find what we needed. After locating a sketch book, some charcoal pencils, and some other little things, we paid and made our way to the local record shop, Spark Tunez. I grabbed the Alkaline Trio, and soon we were just window shopping. We came to a formal dress shop and decided to go in. We spent the rest of the afternoon giggling away as we tried on the craziest dresses we could find. The best was the bright orange sequind dress with taffeta spewing out from the bottom in all directions and feathers. Finally, we made our way back home. All was well until Caroline's phone rang...

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