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Reaction at Hogwarts

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Tis chapter six. See chapter one for summary.

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Chapter 6 - Reactions at Hogwarts

As McGonagall entered the castle, having walked from Hogsmeade, she headed for the Headmaster's office. Reaching the stone gargoyle guarding the stairs, she said the password and soon reached the door at the top.

Dumbledore was again behind his desk, the mountain of papers slightly smaller than before. He was just finishing with one paper when he heard a knock.


Seeing McGonagall come into the office, he placed the paper on the significantly shorted "Finished" pile of papers and set down his quill.

"Have a seat. I take it this is about Mr. Potter?" he said, looking at McGonagall.

"Yes. He is quite a strange case."

"Oh? How so?" asked Dumbledore, his curiosity roused.

"The boy can Apparate, and has been successfully for at least 2 years already."

Seeing Dumbledore's eyebrows raise slightly, she continued.

"That's not the half of it. He has been using magic for at least 4 years with an incredible amount of control. I took him to Diagon alley to get some of his school supplies and some money from his vault, and we stopped in Flourish and Blotts. He picked up some 15 books, and when they got to be too heavy, he set them down, picked up a rock, and within 5 minutes had managed to control shrinking it and bringing it back to its original size. He then proceeded to shrink all the books as he moved his hand to put them in his pocket. I asked him if he'd done that before, and his response was 'No, that's why I practised on that rock before doing the books.' He then asked if he had done something odd. I think it's safe to say he regularly comes up with a use for his magic, and then just does it. I was treated to a most impressive display of wandless magic after I asked him how long he had been able to Apparate. Apparently, he has never splinched himself."

By now, Dumbledore was quite surprised.

"After he got his wand, I told him the rules about using it to do magic outside of school underage. He immediately saw the wandless magic loophole. I doubt he'll be in Gryffindor, most likely it'll be Ravenclaw."

Dumbledore was now very curious.

"Did he say what prompted him to start using his magic?" He asked.

"No, but he did put forth an interesting theory. He wonders if his ability to do magic without a wand so easily comes from working on control from a young age. I'm sure he'd be willing to discuss it in detail with you when he arrives on the first."
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