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Summer Moves Along

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This follows year five for The Untitled Story. Same tags as Year 5. See Chapter 1 for detailed Summary. Year 5 is required reading if you want an idea of what is going on.

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Chapter 3 – Summer moves along
Sunday, 9 June 1996
Potter Manor

Harry and Hermione were in the library with her parents again, tutoring them in wandless magic. They had decided to wait a bit to try and teach them to “pop”, so they could get used to the idea of doing magic.

Hermione’s parents were making excellent progress, and Harry was having plenty of time to think about how to improve the ADA.

Harry was currently thinking about the Marauder’s Map, and how it could be improved.
Monday, 10 June 1996
Diagon Alley

As the Grangers and Harry appeared in the alley, they looked around. As they made their way to Ollivander’s, Harry started chuckling.

“I can’t wait to see what Ollivander makes of this.” said Harry.

Entering the shop, Ollivander came out. Seeing Harry and Hermione, he looked pleased.

“I trust your staffs and wands are working well?”

“Yes. That’s not why we’re here, though.” said Harry.

At Ollivander’s curious look, Dan spoke.

“We’d like to purchase wands.” said Dan.

“Surely your daughter has told you Muggles can’t perform magic.” said Ollivander, raising an eyebrow.

“Oh yes, but there’s been a rather recent development on that front. She recently found that she isn’t as much of a Muggleborn as previously thought.” said Emma. Ollivander’s eyebrow went slightly higher.

“We believe we’ve found that one of the theories about Muggleborn witches and wizards coming from families who bound their magic applies to us. Both of my parents had bindings on their magic, and they apparently cancelled out in me.” said Hermione, trying to keep from laughing at the look on Ollivander’s face.

“I see… Well, let’s find you wands, then.”

An hour later, they left Ollivander’s, and Harry popped them to the Atrium in the ministry. After passing through security, they made their way to the office where Mr. Weasley worked. Entering, he looked up from some paperwork.

“Harry, Hermione! This is a surprise!” said Arthur. “And you must be Hermione’s parents. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“I have a question I was hoping you could answer about charming Muggle devices.” said Harry.

“You came to the right place, then. What did you want to know?”

“Would it be legal to add a conjuring charm to a muggle gun, so it doesn’t run out of ammunition? I was hoping that because it doesn’t alter the operation of the device, it might be legal, or at least a grey area.”

“Well, that would be in the grey area. However, we usually don’t mind, so long as it isn’t meant to, ah, ‘toy’ with the Muggles. As long as a Muggle wouldn’t notice the difference, you’re fairly safe.”

“Thank you, Mr. Weasley. I had figured as much, but I thought it’d be better to check. Certain individuals here are already out for my head, and I thought it’d be better to avoid giving them excuses.”
Monday, 10 June 1996
Potter Manor

Harry and Hermione were going through the first year textbooks with Dan and Emma, who were learning enthusiastically. After a while, Harry left the library to see if there was a potions lab in the manor.

“Blasted huge castle. It needs a directory. Geoffrey!” said Harry, giving up finding places on his own.

“Yes, Sir?” asked Geoffrey, appearing in front of Harry.

“Is there a potions lab in the manor?”

“Yes, sir. If you’ll follow me, I’ll take you there. It’s been kept stocked, though some of the ingredients are getting quite old. We haven’t been able to find any reasonably priced Basilisk ingredients in ages, so that might be running low.”

“Don’t worry about basilisk ingredients, Geoffrey. I think I know just where to find some.” said Harry, remembering the dirty great snake in the Chamber of Secrets.

After looking around the lab, he came to the conclusion that Snape’s lab was simply a reflection of his personality. This one not only had windows, but a view, and was anything but dark and damp. Thanking Geoffrey, He popped back to the library.

“Would anyone like to start on the Potions lessons? Geoffrey showed me a nicely stocked potions lab, complete with windows!” said Harry, grinning.

After a few hours of potions, Harry thought he quite liked the subject. He even found it enjoyable. From the reactions of the Drs. Granger, they found it interesting as well.
Saturday, 15 June 1996
Entrance Hall
Potter Manor

Harry looked out at the ADA who he had arranged to show around the manor, and tell them about his training ideas.

“Now that you’ve all seen the major parts of the manor, I’d like to tell you about some ideas I’ve had recently. I’ve arranged to supply you all with handguns, and train you to use them.” at this point, Harry paused for the inevitable questions.

“Handguns?” asked one member, looking confused.

“A Muggle weapon. It shoots a shaped piece of metal at high speed.” said Harry.

“Why use one? We are more than skilled at using magic, after all.”

“Tell me, how well can you dodge something moving faster than the speed of sound?” asked Harry, before continuing. “Not only that, but as far as I know, the ADA contains the only people who can produce a shield that deflects both spells AND physical objects. That’s why I used the freezing water in Hogsmeade. The water goes right through shields. Now, I know some of you aren’t going to be interested in having a gun. The training is optional.” said Harry.

“I’ve also decided to convert a portion of this manor into headquarters for the ADA. The grounds are perfect for PT, and if there is a need to relocate any families to a safe location, I should be able to house the entire ADA and families without issue. If this war heats up like I suspect it will, we will need to be able to coordinate attacks from somewhere other than a broom. I’ve started working on a project to that end, and hopefully, it’ll be finished by the end of the month. Any questions?”

“How do we get here if we can’t pop?” asked one member.

“You can use the floo. Just state the location as “Potter Manor” and when you arrive, give the password to open the grate. The password is currently ‘Wrecking Ball’.”

“Can we do magic here?” asked Ginny, looking hopeful.

“This property is under something similar to a Fidelius charm, but that does not have a secret keeper. Once you are in the place, you know about it, but you can’t tell others about it without the owner’s permission. It’s also unplottable. So yes, you can practise magic here without worry. I’ve been helping Hermione teach her parents magic for almost a week now, and we’ve had no notices from the ministry.” said Harry, motioning to the Drs. Granger, who were standing off to one side of the hall.

“I thought she was Muggleborn?” said Ron, looking surprised.

“So did we, up until the first of June. Apparently, she is the daughter of two families who bound their magic, and the bindings cancelled out when they tried to combine. We removed the bindings on their magic, and there you go.” explained Harry.

“Well, if that’s all the questions, you can go back to where you came from if you want, I don’t have any more announcements.”

As the ADA started leaving, Harry received a patronus message from Dumbledore. After sending a reply back, he walked over to the Grangers.

“There is going to be an order meeting tonight. Dumbledore said Hermione and I should attend. You might be interested in coming, too. It’d be a good time to ask Dumbledore about Hogwarts. I personally can’t wait to see his face when that happens.”

“I think we will attend. I would like to have some words with this ‘Dumbledore’ about his hiring practises. Some of Hermione’s letters haven’t exactly contained encouraging comments about some of the professors.” said Emma.
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