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Chapter 2

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Mikiru Alice Anna

Warning: I don't own Hunter X Hunter, but I own TOUYA!!! MWAHAHAH.. and also Anna, Alice and Mikiru. When reading you must know facts about Hunter X Hunter, or your not gonna get what the hell is going on.

The upcoming chapters might have lemon/lime whatever people would call it. There might be yaoi scenes or implication of yaoi coupling in the upcoming chapters.

FACTS: Anna, Alice and Mikiru are siblings that reside in only one body. The only way that people could tell them apart is their eye color. Anna is violet, Alice is black and Mikiru has sky blue eyes. Anna/Alice/Mikiru is the Vice Captain of one of the organization within the Hunter Association. This group of people handles the spy work, and information gathering. The Captain is Touya which is a self-proclaim LAST living Kuruta on the face of the planet. After hearing the fact that the Geneiryodan was only HIRED by the Mafia to kill the Kuruta tribe he had swore to kill them and be able to get the eyes of his tribe.


"Kurapika!?" said Touya in disbelief.

"Nii-san!? What are you doing here?" Kurapika stared in disbelief.

Touya reach out and touch Kurapika's face gently, and gave it a pinch.

"Ouch! Why'd you do that for?" Kurapika yelled as he slapped Touya's hand and gently rubbed his now swollen cheek.

"Yup. It's definitely not a dream, because even the dead could hear your loud shriek." Touya smiled heartily

"Enough chit-chatting and head to the nearest exit. If you can't find one, make one." Anna said impatiently through telepathy.

Ikuzo wake up michi naru mirai he
Sa mukau kaze ni hane hirogete
It's a futatsu to nai chikara umidashi tobi tatsu
Fuan PURASU PRIDE mune ni fly

Touya broke the chains that tied Kurapika from the wall, and carried him like a sack of potatoes. He kicked the door open that led to the hallway. The others followed his lead and run at top speed.

'I'm gonna be sick.' Kurapika brought his hand to cover his mouth to stop from hurling at the swaying motion his head made when his carrier was running at the speed of sound.

They took a turn to a corner and were met with three soldier ants. Touya rushed forward and materialize three wakizashi from thin air. He threw each one to each of the soldier ant forehead.

'whistles' "bull's eye!"


"Samayou sadame kasuka ni egao furete Dakiau kono shunkan" sang Anna.

She walked slowly to the door of the room and touched it with her right hand. As soon as she made contact with it, the door shattered into millions of pieces that scattered throughout the room. All the ones that headed towards Anna got burned and immediately turned to ash.

"Fukaku aisuru yuuki"

Anna started to sprint fast on her heels. (About 3 inches; now she's at least 5'2.)

"to kibou tsuyoku Kanjiru kono kioku ga"

She made two copies of herself. All of them looked almost the same, except the one on her right had black eyes while the one on her left side had cerulean eyes. They each separated in different hallways. Accompanying their singing was the sound of the band that shook and distorts the nen around each of them.

"Karamiau kokoro to KOKORO wo tsunaide Ugoki dashiteru"


On another hallway in the Chimera empire....

"135, 136, 137" one Feitan counted as he went off and cut off the heads of the Chimera Ants that come to their way.

"Haha! Your losing your touch Feitan, I'm already at 200 plus!" yelled Nobunaga.

Amidst all the shouting and blood spurting there were heads shaking in disagreement.

'tsk, tsk'

"Do you even know how to count Nobu?" ask Shizuku curiously.

The questioned man turned into a dangerously dark shade of violet.

"Easy now Nobunaga, remember that it's bad for people to get high blood pressure at a young age." Franklin said in a monotone voice that had a hint of concern.

"Haha. It's too late Franklin. His obviously old because he is complete impotent!" laughed Phinx.

"Why you!!!!" Nobunaga was about to lunged at Phinx if it weren't for Franklin restraining him.

Pakunoda was the first one to recover from laughing.

"Soo.. Dancho, I'm really happy that you finally got the chain-user's nen remove already, but I mean.... Doesn't that signals Hisoka's removal in the group?" Pakunoda whispered as she pointed at Hisoka.

"I know, I know, but the guy would just keep coming back. I personally think that his not the type of person who gets angry, but I rather not take the risk." Kuroro reluctantly admitted.

Pakunoda sighed.

"Also, as much as I'm grateful that you survive after giving them the memory bombs, I still think that there is still something yet to be known."

"I don't know whether it's a flaw or not but you always seem to have so much vigor to quench your thirst for knowledge Dancho." Pakunoda commented.

'thump, thump' The sound was heard from the hallway intersection right next to them.

"I think a more chimera ants are coming this way." Nobunaga smirked at the thought of more entertainment.


"Captain lets head to the south, because the Chimera ants are blocking out the west side of the castle."

"Okay!" Touya said as he look behind him to see his otouto, realizing that he already passed out from dizziness; a sweat drop run down the side of his forehead.

They all turned the corner and were met with more soldier ants.

'When will it end!!?' they all simultaneously thought.

Anna catches up to them as she materialized a gun from thin air and fired bullet enhance nen at the ants in front of them.

"Kagayaku hikari ga terashi Bokura wo ima yobi okosu Tachiagari oto wo tate Kizamu ano basho kara"

All of them felt the rush of adrenaline pumping through their ears. Blood was rushing so fast that they even heard the thumping of their heart as their speed increase.

"Kesenai kizu ato"

They took a sharp turn to the right.

"kodoku to fuan yurete Sonzai kara toozakaru"

There were at least a hundred Chimera Ants position to attack them the minute they step out the arch way that would ultimately lead them outside.

"I told you that we should have gone to the south!"

Anna fired a shower of bullets at the Chimera Ants. One of them however manage to get pass the rain of bullets and came up to Anna.

"Soshite furueru senaka ni tsume wo tatete Tashikameteru"

The ant came running towards Anna with top speed; aiming for Anna with a straight punch. Anna duck just in time to avoid it, and counter-attack with an uppercut. The ant flew upward; Anna jumped up and did a side-kick in mid-air, aiming her heel at the stomach of the ant. This caused the ant to be pushed backward and hit the wall of the vicinity.

"Fukai zetsubou ga osou Yami ni shizunda yoru demo Inori sae todoku nara Towa ni shinji tsuzuke yo"

Anna straightens her posture; smirking as she saw the shocked faces the soldier ants made.

"Come!" she waved her hand to urge the ants to attack her.

They all came towards her at the same time; leaving enough space unguarded so that Touya and the others could slip threw and manage to head outside untouched.


"What's that noise?" asked Feitan through the mask he was wearing.

"It sounds like a band playing." Shizuku answered; her eyebrow furrowed in confusion.

A limping figure staggered towards them. The group took a stance, about to attack once the figure gets any closer.

"Help.." the figure groaned.

The figure stepped in the light; the group simultaneously cringed at the sight of the most grotesque looking chimera ant they have ever seen. Other than the fact that he looked like a praying mantis, he had boils covering his entire body through the spaces between his scaly skin and his face was a bloody mess except the eyes that were almost falling out of its socket. His left hand appeared to be sliced off in battle and that blood drips out and stains the cement floor.

"Hel-" before he could finish his sentence, he had exploded into bits and pieces of flesh and bones.

The group looked at Hisoka accusingly.

"I didn't do it this time." Hisoka said while giving the group his notorious grin. "I believe that was my little kitty's work, she sure likes to explode things when she gets in tight situation."

"I don't even wanna know what you're talking about." Machi let out an exasperated sigh.

"Awww, come on!" Hisoka pouted.

The group all shook their heads.

'It's better Machi than us.'

Kuroro gave a cough and said, "Okay, minna we are heading to the exit, if there's no exit just make one Franklin."


Fraklin took a position in front of the wall right next to them. Shalnark being the one near him took a few steps back.

He positioned his hands to aim at the wall, and hit it with a thousand bullets per second. There was a cloud of smoke building as bullets hit the wall effectively breaking it down. He repeated this process until they finally made it out the castle.

The sight they saw wasn't what they expected to see. There were a lot of people running in circles as they were chopped into pieces by the chimera ants that was chasing them.

On the corner of Kuroro's eye, he seen a ruffle of blonde hair slumped under a tree. He rubbed his eyes just in case he wasn't just imagining the figure.

Seeing the unfamiliar action their leader did, they all followed his gaze at the tree he was staring at. People's jaw drop right down to the floor as they stared intently at the figure, everyone except Kuroro who had already recovered, Machi who was used to seeing things like that, Pakunoda who had personally met the person, and Hisoka who was still grinning like a maniac.

Sorry for the mistakes.

'Minna' everyone
'Hai' yes
'Wakizashi' small sword; about 12 to 24 inches
'Otouto' younger brother

>.< Once school starts again I won't be able to write as fast as I use to.

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