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Chapter 1: No Pranks Allowed

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It's April Fool's Day, which means Derek is at his worst. What will he cook up this year?

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Caisey was a little scared. Today was April Fools day; which meant tons of kids would be playing pranks and the worst would be; Derek.

"Okay, what are you up to?" Caisey said to Derek.

"What are you talking about?" Derek asked.

"It's April Fool's Day," Caisey said.


"Surely a you have a plan for a prank."

"You'll have to find out."


"What?" he asked. "I never said I was going to pull a prank."

"I know you have one though, I know it," said Caisey.

Later, Derek's dad talked to him and Edwin.

"Now, I don't want you all doing a big prank like you did last year," he said.

"Aaaaw, da-aa-d," said Edwin, complaining.

"No Edwin no pranks this year."

"Dad," said Derek. "This i-his a joke right?"

"No, Derek, I'm serious."

Edwin and Derek laughed.

"You're a real joker dad," said Edwin.

"Yeah now what's the real reason you wanted to talk to us?" Derek said, stopping.

"No Derek," yelled George. "This year, I'm serious no pranks from you or Edwin. That's final!"

Then he walked away.

"Aww," said Edwin. "Great, now I won't get to-"

"Hey," Derek whispered, tapping his shoulder.


"He said we couldn't, but he never said Marty couldn't."

They looked at her, smiling and nodding.

"What you all looking at me for?" Marty asked.
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