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Chapter 4: Confessions of a toddler pranker

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"Der-ek!" Caisey yelled when she woke up. Whipped cream had been sprayed all over her walls. There was chocolate pudding in her hair that was so brown it blended in. She got up in her pajamas and walked, just to find that there was tons of butter and banana peals all over the floor. "Woah!" she slipped. "Ouch." So she crawled out instead.

She went downstairs and looked for George. Caisey found him and told him about her room.

George shook his head. "I thought I told him not to do pranks."

"Well George, you should know by now that Derek's not one to follow rules," she said.

George then ran up the stairs. "Derek!" he yelled.

"Dad, what is it? It's Saturday, come on," Derek said when George reached his room.

"Did you pull a prank on Caisey?" he asked.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Derek said sarcastically.

"A-a-ah," said George. "Derek, did you pull a prank on Caisey?"

"No," Marty said from behind him.

"Ah," said Derek. "Hi Smarty."

"Der-EK!" yelled George.

"Derek didn't do it," Marty admitted. "I did."

"Marty? You did it? How? Why?"

"Great job Smarty," Derek whispered to her.

"Because he told me to," she said.

George looked at him very angrily.

"She's joking, dad," then he whispered to Marty, "Smarty, what are you doing?"

"No I'm not, he gave me the 'ingredients' and I did prank on Caisey when everybody else was sleeping."
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